Scam Letter(s) from Evgenia Marahanova to Eric (USA)

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Letter 1

My dearest Eric!

You are the one, who makes me so happy to write you these letters. All your letters are so nice, and you give me the feeling, that I'm flying in the sky. I can imagine always very well, what you write me, and it gives me the feeling of warmness, happiness and power. You make me so happy, that it is not easy to be expressed in words, I cannot write it in words, but I think you feel it. You had gave me the feeling, that you are the person, which is my other half, and I know, I'll never lose my other half. I'm not surprised about the situation, that I'm so sure about you, somebody I never talked and saw. I think our relations, became something special now. How can I tell you, how much you mean to me? I never thought, I could have such feelings of love and romance for a man, I have never met! It is tempting to think we have the perfect relationship, and I know we do!

My dear Eric, about my ticket and visa. Today I was researching accessible ways how you can help me. It is Western Union. I found out that is working in America and in Russia too. You can send money to the address nearest to me bank:
name of the bank: NOMOS-BANK
Street address: STUDENAYA, 32
City, zip: NIZHNY NOVGOROD , 603000
My full name: Evgenia Marahanova.
I can receive this money and I will immediately go to the Visa Agency and will buy ticket and pay for the visa application. When it done, I will inform you about my trip to you!

My love, is necessary for me the information how to receive money!! To make all the visa arrangements properly I will need your exact address and full name because the visa agency will have to provide the American Embassy in Moscow with all the information of the kind.

I send you all my kisses, and all my love. There is a limitless supply of all the good feelings that I have from you and for you, so enjoy the kisses I send. More are yet to come! Your loving sweetheart,



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