Letter(s) from Galina Fesler to Gary (USA)


Hello my loved Gary !!!!
I am glad to see your letter. How are you doing?
I ask a pardon that did not write to you.
I wrote to you very seldom. I want to write to you every day but for this purpose I have no opportunity as I to save money for operation to mum.
Mum has gone to hospital of her it became hard to go and move. To mum in hospital have told that at her serious disease that that is connected to legs mum cannot to go very strongly hurt legs. The doctor has told urgent operation is necessary. I have asked how many will be there is this operation to me he has informed 650 dollars.
I for a long time thought that to me to do I asked familiar money but I could not collect the necessary sum.
I am now upset very strongly from desperate position.
I would like to cry
I think that to me to do? I not with to find this sum many. I should earn her very long time. And for this time mum can die.
I start to think of mum and on my eyes there are tears. I do not want to trust that my mum any more will not be. Mum my unique beloved. I do not know as I shall live without mum. I sincerely want that mum was healthy.
If in loans this sum I necessarily her have returned distances to me. I know that not at once but in parts I shall necessarily give.
I have one desire that mum was healthy.
My loved Gary!! Only you have remained mine unique on whom I can rely and trust. I believe that you will not throw me a difficult minute.
About love about impatience I shall wait for a prompt reply.
Your love Elvira

Letter 2

I thought that you trust me. I shall give to you the photo. My surname: Sorokina Elvira
Yours Elvira