Scam letter(s) from Anna Shabunina to John (USA)


Hello my dear, How are you? My name is Larisa.
I am pleased to receive your e-mail, I think, my letter to you too do not remain without the answer. I was very much interested with your profile.
I want to tell to you that I have no computer at home.
I attend Internet - cafe, therefore I cannot answer at once your letters.
First of all, I should explain, that I live in Russia in Asino, village Ksenyevka.
You know, I never was in the USA. I think, that it is the beautiful country with good traditions. I very much like to travel.
When I was small, we travelled with my parents on Russia much. And how about you?
I hope, that you are not so sad that I live in Russia. But I want to be with you honest at once and that is why I tell you that I am from Russia.
My profile shows that I am in the USA, but I never made it earlier, I do it for the first time, probably I have made something incorrectly.
Now is spring arrives and it is getting warmer. It is -1 C (celcium) today.
Winters are usually very cold. You know I hate cold weather.
And what weather is in your place?

Well, I think, that you want to learn more about me and my family.
Mum gone from us when I was the little baby. My father died a few years ago.
I have not sister and brother. I feel lonely. I am one here, therefore I want to try to find my love in other country.
I have no here any native to me people to remain in Russia.
I have decided to place my profile in Internet because I want to find the special person.
I am very lonely here in Russia. I have no my unique and favourite person, because I do not like mentality of Russian men. I heard, many Russian girls, have found the happiness and the love in your country. And I too have decided to try.
My girlfriend has found the husband in Internet.
He is from Germany, they have found each other and now they are happy together and they live in Berlin. I also want to be happy with my special person.
I want to love and I want to find the person, which will love me.
I want to be happy and to find the love.

Now there is some information on me also that I like:
- I have the Medical higher education. I have graduated from Medical Academy.
- I am surgeon.
- I am a christian;
- I do not have children and I have never been married;
- I love red roses;
- My favourite color is dark blue;
- My favourite music is Classical;
- I love animals (everything, without exception);
- I very much like to prepare (my favourite dish is an apple pie);
- I like to read books (Bulgakov, Nabokov);
- I like automobiles, but I have no the personal automobile;
- I love silent lonely places;
- I like to go to cinema, I look different films,
but especially I like comedies and melodramas;
- I do not smoke and drink socially; - I have no any tatoos or pircing.
You excuse me if, my letter has turned out big. But I hope, you have not got tired to read it! Still there are some things which I do not love: - I do not like to go on discos, there there are many people;
- I do not love winter because it to eat very coldly in Russia I would like to learn more about you. What do you like and what you do not like?
That there are your favourite things, your favourite color and everething.
I hope, that my letter is not boring for you.
Unfortunately it is time to me to go, already is very much late.
Letter 2

Hello my dear How are you today?
I am very glad to see your email.
And I would like to see all of your pictures, because it is very interesting for me.
It makes my day. I am happy to read your emails.
I see we have a lot of common thing and I like it very much.
I think we are becoming more closer to each other.
I chose your profile because I like you very much, when I read your profile I think you are very interesting person. And I think I am always looking for you.
I would like to tell to you how passed Birthday my girlfriend.
She have invited me to visit small cafe. She were with special the person.
They embraced and kissed. I looked at them and me It became a little sad.
I have no special the person, but I very much want to love.
You know, I believe, that on the ground each person is created for someone.
These two half necessarily should meet. Even if they should pass big and difficult way but if so the destiny has decided, and from destiny we cannot run away.
I want to meet the person whom I can love for ever.
Unfortunately here in Russia I cannot meet my unique person, with which I want to create family and to be happy. But I necessarily meet him, even if he will be for hundreds miles from me, we shall find a way to be together.

By the way I have something more to tell you about me. I didnt tell you that I like travel.
I have been in Moscow, I was been there some years ago with my friends.
Also I have been in St.Peterburg. It was wonderful to see good places.
My village Ksenyevka is small but beautiful, it is about 80 km from Tomsk.
But unfortunately I had no chance to visit any foreign country.
I think its very interesting to know about culture of other countries.

Some more information about me:
- I have blue eyes; - I am 5'6; - I am 53 kg;
- my size (93-61-94) in cm.

Also I would like to tell you that I work in a hospital in my town.
I am optional surgeon. But I earn not much in our country.
About 200$ in your money per month. Its very little money.
Now I would like to tell you about my last weekends.
It was +2 C digrees ( this is a teperature in Celcius), and I with my friends went to the forest for a camping. And it was very funny.
Do you like camping?

By the way, I will be 35 years old soon.
My birthday 7 of May.Can you believe it!!!.
I am very lonely in my birthday because I don't have a man who loves me.
Now I am very sad that you are so far away from me, because we could not be together on my birthday.
I have a dream to have a family, to take care about my husband.
It is all I want in my life, I just want to be happy.
And it does not matter in what kind of country my future husband is living.
I will be next to him, and I will find any job I can to help have a good style of life. Ok, there are some more questions for you:
- what do you feel about such relationship as we can have;
- what did you do for fun;
- what did you do on weekend.
Please answer these questions, because it is very important for me. I will be waiting for your reply very much.
Goodbye for now, I have to go for a work.

Yours Larisa.
P.S.XOXOXO Sorry if I not answered all your questions because my English is not very good

Your new friend from Russia Larisa.
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