Scam letter(s) from Natalia to I. T. (Greece)

Letter 1

Hello my honey!
How are you?
I'm glad that you decided to answer me:)
I'm **** young woman and though you say i'm beautiful and i should have lots of men who want to be near i can't find my only one and that's the problem for me:(
I'll tell you a bit about myself:
I live in Donetsk and rent a flat here.I know that you for sure would say that i must be working as a model but i don't.I was proposed several times but i decided that i don't want to connect my life with this business. My parents live in Krasnodon,it's small city and you should understand that there are no opportunities at all and that's why i've moved.My parents still live there.I've finished Medical University and i'm a school nurse.It's really funny to work at school:)I love children so much!
I don't know English but i'm going to learn it very soon,well,as soon as i find money for it:)And meanwhile i use the services of the translation firm:)
I kiss you,
Yours Natasha
Letter 2

Hello my darling,
It's nice to see the letter from you today:)
I'm really glad to get acquainted with you and i hope that through this correspondence we will be able to know more about each other.
I want to know more about you,your desires and interests,you likes and dislikes. As for my i just want you to know what traits of character i like and what i dislike the most of all.Well,i like when the person is kind-hearted,devoted and caring.Sure i answer the same:)
I hate lie and betray because i had to deal with it already:(
Well,i hope to hear from you very soon:)
Send you my hot kisses,
Yours Natasha
Letter 3

Hi my sweet Yannis,
It's such a pleasure to get your letter today:)
I want my man to be loving,caring,tender,devoted and just for me:) And i think the most important is that he should be devoted.And how do you think? As for the behaiour i don't like,it lie and betray:(
I'd like to tell you that i'm very open person and that i'm ready to share with my beloved everything,just everything...
I know that friends it is very good but still though i have friends i feel very lonely because i don't have my beloved by my side. If you are ready to become the man of my dreams then you are welcome and i want you to know that if you become him you will never feel lonely and i'll be always ready to help you in any moments of your life,i'll be just for you.I'll be yours entirely...
I'm waiting for your letter impatiently and if you have any questions you are welcome to ask them because i'm always ready to answer them:))
Yours Natasha
Letter 4

My sweetheart,
Today i should tell you that when i came to the translation firm i use they told me that my acount is over and i can write the last letter.I'm very sorry to say this but i should tell that i want to continue our correspondence.I have the only suggestion for you, it is to help me to pay them.Sure i'll understand if you won't agree but i think i should tell it to you.I'm very much interested in you and i want our acquaintence to cotninue and grow in soemthing ******.
Still if you agree to help me,here is the address of the translation firm and they will answer any of your questions :
I send you my kisses and i already miss you,
Yours Natasha
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