Letter(s) from Ekaterina Veselova to Anders (Denmark)

Letter 1

Hello Anders, I am glad to receive your letter.
My name is Ekaterina, but you can call me Katya. I'm 25 years old. I was born on June, 4, 1979 in city of Tula there are i'm living now. I like my city very much, it's very beautiful city. There are a lot of sights, a lot of squares and parks. My city is famous in Russia and in all the world manufacturing samovars and gingerbreads.

I'm living with my parents and younger brother. His name is Zhenya. My parents the best and dear people for me. I am very grateful to them for my education. I would like to have my family like family of my parents because relations between my parents are constructed on love and mutual understanding. I spend a lot of time with my brother, I am engaged with him different things, I'm playing with him in different games. I love children very much. I help my parents in education of my brother because I see in it my responsibility.

I work as seller - adviser in shop of sportswear. I like my work very much because I think, I can understand much in sportswear style. Also I can advise to person a wear which he likes. I prefer a sports style because these clothes very convenient and comfortable. I like sport very much. I like to do a fitness, but also I like play in tennis, football and I like swimming very much. I like to play billiard very much because it is very interesting and unpredictable game, and I think can do it very well.

In week end I like to meet my friends. I have many friends, maybe because I 'm active and sympathetic person. With friends we are going on shops to do shopping together, we are going to cafe to discuss some affairs or sharing with each other interest story. I simply like to walk on streets of my city because it's really beautifully especially in the evening. .now we are having winter and I want to go on a skiing lodge to go on a ski with my friends. I spend my free time with my friends very well !!!!

In Internet I would like to find soulmate with whom I can feel myself full person. I'm not try to find a superman, I want to find a simple person who will love me and will protect and respect me and of course i will try to do everything for him for our happy.

I hope this is letter is beginning our correspond and I will be glad to receive your next letter to know each other more better, if you are not against of course.
Yours faithfully Katya!

Letter 2

Hello Anders, I'm glad to receive your letter and your pics!
I want to tell you something more about my family. I live with mum, daddy and my young brother. My mum calls Galina, she is 45 years old. Daddy calls Victor, he is 47 years old. My young brother calls Zhenya, he is 13 years old. My parents are very good people and decent people ..they are living together 26 years. They are very happy together and they are like each other as well as earlier. They are love me and my brother very much. They had brought up us the same decent like they are. My parents are for me an idea pair, and an ideal of family, i think and that's why I will be glad to have the same family. My mum is working at school. She is a teacher of Russian language. Daddy works as driver at a factory which makes samovars and frequently leaves for business trips in other cities of Russia. When daddy leaves us for work, i become main the main person in family, because my mum comeback from work later. I prepare supper and I am engaged with my brother. He is studying at school where our mum works. He is studying in 8th class. he is studying very well like me :). he is very good boy and i have with him very good relation and i love my brother very much.

Often we have a family supper and we are deciding family question and speaking different story. We often visit to grandmother and grandfather. They are living in 40 kms from Tula, in the village. We are go there more often in summer because there is possible to have a good rest. There are a good nature and fresh air in village. And also I like to go there with my friend to have a good time in week-end!

Sometimes, all our family go to walk in our city park or go to a cinema to see interest movie. I like to spend my free time with my family. There are many sights, park and squares in our city . Tula is glorified by the Russian samovars and " the Tula gingerbreads " . Each house of our country have a samovars from Tula. Many people have old tradition to drink tea from samovars on holidays. And i forgot to tell you that in our city situation the largest factory of the weapon and it is a history of Russia also.

In end of my letter I want to tell you that I am very happy that I have such good parents. I am very glad that I was born in such beautiful and famous city as Tula. I hope it was interesting to know me more better in this letter and I with impatience wait for your next letter.
Your faithfully, Katya!

Letter 3

Hello Andres!
Tomorrow I have a work! Therefore I can not write much!

I want to tell to you about my job! I work as the seller - adviser in shop of sportswear. I like my job very much! Much to like me in it, dialogue with people, selection of clothes for them! My shop rather big and consequently to me to have it is a lot of to be in movement because we have many visitors. And to evening I get tired very much. But it happens not each day, my operating schedule 2 through 2. That is 2 days I work and 2 days, I have a rest. My working day of begins that I rise at 7 o’clock. In general I like to have a sleep very much, and I happen to rise very difficultly in the morning. But it is job and it cannot be shirked. For work I go on public transport. It not so conveniently is especial in the morning, but sometimes it happens cheerfully. I arrive in shop at 8.30, to have time to change clothes and put itself in the order. The working day at 9.00 begins. When there are many visitors, time pass quickly. Because you communicate with people, you show them our collections of clothes. It is especially pleasant to see happy persons of buyers for new purchase. And when visitors are not present, day goes as eternity. My working day comes to an end at 19.00. After it I usually go home but if there is a free time I like to take a walk on my favourite city!!!

Kiss you!!! :-)

Letter 4

Hello my dear Anders!

Today I have rest-day! I am glad to this very much, that my rest-day drops out on a great holiday! Today Christians in Russia have the right holiday Kresh'enie (Christening)! Today there was a christening JESUS CHRIST!!! Therefore on tradition many people go on the river to be expiated in water and again to find the spent forces and " again to be born "! Exactly in midnight from church be leaves the priest and goes to the river. Then split ice on the river and do an ice-hole, that it was possible to bathe. When christened Jesus, I hope that you know about it, it came into the river. And consequently consider that water in this night in all rivers to become sacred ! And people by turns start to dive into this ice water. It is necessary to plunge in water completely 3 times and to make not the big pray. Under the legend speak that it is possible you will recover from many illnesses and to find strength again!!!

Unfortunately I did not go to the river and did not bathe, because I am very tired after work, but I have taken contrast souls! And today I feel myself perfectly!

Still today at my grandmother anniversary, today he was executed 75 years! We shall go to her tonight to congratulate her!!!

How your day today? I know, that you is excellent!!!

Yours Katya

Letter 5

Hello my dear Anders!

I am happy that you so respectful to me!!!
Your plans on are great so much that you want that I have arrived to you in the near future. I'm not against it and I would be glad to meet you very much!
Because it is the best way to find out each other more! When approximately you want that I have arrived to you?

If you want, I can try to help you with your business! I have many familiar people which have the business in our city.
You may tell me about it more, in detail that you are going to make here in Tula. There may be some people come interested this offer!
Tell me, what you think about it? I really want to help you!

Certainly thank for your care to me, I am grateful to you very much! Certainly I would like to work in modelling agency!
Yes I would like to have romantic supper with you, it will be possible soon!!!

You have excellent legs!!!:-)

With love from Russia, Katya!

Letter 6

Hello my dear Anders!

I am very grateful to you in that you pay to me such attention! I would like to visit you very much! I understand that we should be carefully! You really want that I have arrived to you? Because it is very serious step for me!!! To leave for the country where there is for me nothing familiar! And when you would like that I have arrived ? If you want this, that I can go in travel company find out what documents are necessary for me that I could arrive.

Thank you for your care to me, for that you try to find for me the work in Denmark. Excuse me that I not above than 172 cm, it creates difficulties for you in searches of work for me.

In turn I shall try to find out as I can help you in your business! I necessarily shall try to find people which will become interested in it!

Your honey Katya!:-)

Letter 7

Hello my darling Anders!!!

I am glad that you to try to find out about trip!!! I shall try to find out too, that I should make! Probably that in ours travel company it is possible to make all easier!!? I was necessary to descend and find out it today!!! I shall find out how much money need to trip! I shall write to you later!

Yours sweetie Katya!

Letter 8

Hello Anders!!!

I want to tell, thank you for that you want to help me. But for me will be not convenient to ask to you money, and I awkwardly feel myself in this situation!

Travel company in which I have addressed very good company!!! They have many communications in many embassies. They can address in the Danish embassy as soon as possible to receive the visa for me. You can not experience about it, they have told that can make all package of documents for 15 days.

You spoke that have found hotel in Tula. Yes, I certainly know this hotel! I heard that not so long ago there was not a big failure with heating and they yet have not removed it! I do not think that there is possible to live now!!!

I shall try to call to you!!!


Letter 9

Hello my dear Anders!!!

I was call to you but could not phone on yours mobil phone. On your home telephone number there was an answering machine, but I have left the message on it. I think that you heard it!!?

You asked how many time I can arrive at you. I can arrive at you in current 1 month, I think that it enough on first time!!?
I want to tell, thank you for that you want to help me. But for me will be not convenient to ask to you money, and I awkwardly feel myself in this situation! Are you really want to help me?

I went in travel company also will find out that it to cost for me 815 EURO. In it is included the visa, the passport, the insurance and flight.

Letter 10

Hello my lovely Anders!!!

I'm understand that tickets of airline cost 312 EURO. I know it, but I have written to you full cost of trip. It includes the visa, the passport to travel, the insurance and tickets of airline + into this sum enters cost services travel company!!! Yes, this travel company knows about changes of a rule of immigration. All of them have provided!!! Certainly I teke measures about that I could return money if I can not receive the visa!!! But I think that I can receive the visa!!!

I understand that it is expensive trip for you and is grateful to you very much, that you want to help me!!! I each day think of you. I'm happy that I can see you soon!!!

Your Katya!

Letter 11

Hello my honey Anders!!!!

I am so glad that you understand me and my position. I very much thank to you that you want and can help me. I am very happy that I have found such person as you!!!!! I'm the happiest girl on a planet the Earth!!! Anders I can arrive to you later than the end of February. I shall wait when you will be released. I want to make my documents earlier that when you will be released. That I could to arrive to you without problems!!! I think that you understand me!!? I think that we erfectly shall spend time together!!! What do you think???

I want to ask you how better for you to send the money? I heard about a quickly transfer system of money! You heard about it?

This is my information for do it.
My fill address is Russia City of Tula S.Petrovskaya str. 15/85
My full name is Veselova Ekaterina

If you want to send money through the bank account, you can send them on the account travel company. I think that it will be better!!! So will be faster that I could receive my documents. I have taken to you the bank account travel company:

Correspondent bank: JP Morgan CHASE BANK, New York
Address: 4 New York Plaza, New York, NY, 10004, USA
Acc. with correspondent bank: 400927098

Beneficiary bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow
Beneficiary account: 42301840504200003832

Anders I do not believe that I can arrive to you and see you soon!!! But I know that it will be very fast!!! I do not know as I shall behave when I shall come to you??? I shall be nervous very much on arrival to you!!! I already start to be nervous for pleasure that I shall see you!!!! :-)

Your sweetie Katya!

Letter 12

Hello My lovely Anders!!!!

Today at my brother Zhenya birthday! To him is 14 years!!! He already absolutely big!!!:-) I should go behind products prepare for celebratory supper in honour of my brother, but before it, I have decided to come here in internet-cafe to write to you the letter!!!! As you have already understood I have the loaded day today!!! I must to prepare for celebratory supper for my brother and for his friends because my mum is occupied. She on work at school! You likely will think, " That it is possible to do at school on Sunday? ". She with the pupils prepares for the program in honour of Valentine's holiday! On them have imposed such responsibility for realization of this holiday at school. Therefore I itself should prepare all to evening! But certainly I not one..., with me mine brother, daddy and certainly mine loved girlfriends Anya and Olga! (you know that we always together and always we help each other in all!!!) I think that we shall perfectly be prepared to holiday together!!! And for them all to like!!! Only it is pity for me that you not can see all this yours beautiful eyes!!!;-))

I understand that you want!!! Today Sunday and travel company does not work!!! But I can go there tomorrow!!! I with impatience wait for that moment when I can see you!!!

Excuse but now I should go behind products!!!!! I very much miss on you!!!

Your honey Katya!!!! :-)

Letter 13

Hello my lovely Anders!!!

I want to congratulate you on Valentin's day!!!! I want to wish you in this day that you have found your soulmate, your love and that you were the happiest person!!!! That to you did not come across bad girls, --- only good girls !!! [Such as I am!!!:-))))] OK ' I am valid to want you the most good!!!! That you woke up in the morning and thought of that unique girl which you love very much!!! That your feelings have never died away, that they burned so long as the candle in a glass !

I so miss you, I each day think of you and even sometimes I can not fall asleep, but it pleasantly that I can not sleep thinking about you!!! I present all time that we together go on streets and we talk with you!!! If fair, I am dream of it very strongly!!!!

Today we have very nice weather!!!! I think that in it sacred Valentine has tried!!!:-) I for a long time did not see such weather, the sun shine so much, such feeling that it happy together with all people and congratulates them on this great day!!!! Today I think that we as usually we shall go to walk on our city!!! And it very a pity to me that we not can be together this day!!!!

Your Katya!;-)

Letter 14

Hello my lovely Anders!!!

I have not received your picture!!! I do not know why, but I want to see your picture very much!!! Anders can you send me this picture once again???

I have very well spend these 2 days!!! At first, as you know birthday of my brother. It was very cheerful, how we prepared for it!!! At first I go to the market behind products with my brother. I do not like go to the market because there always many people and have much to be nervous that buy something. But there is possible to find all that necessary!!! Then we came home and have started to prepare for celebratory supper. If you could see it, you have laughed!!!:-) If not my girlfriends I do not know, as I could be in time to evening!!!! All was made in time!!! Then there came friends of my brother and all of us have sat down a table. But I with my girlfriends did not sit long. To give to have a rest youth we have visited our friends. So I have carried out birthday of my brother Zhenya!!!

The Valentin's day I have carried out with my girlfriend Anya!!! We not so have well carried out this day. We came in cafe and were there all evening. We had time to talk about all that only it is possible to think up. Have a little talked about you!!! I spoke that you very good person and I like to correspond with you very much !!! That's all that I want to tell you about these 2 days!!!

With respect Katya!!!