Letter(s) from Li Hong Yu to Allan Mertz (USA)

Letter 1

Hello :
Very glad to can meet you at network, very happy I have, I very honoured to get your compliment and concern to think of I, I very lucky to can know each other with you. This is named in China: YUANFEN .
I think I detailed introduction some my own materials first: I am a Chinese girl, I have been single all the time now, I have not got married . I am 34 years old now. I have lived in Shenzhen all the time now. I in after graduation from university, come here, because here China most forward position of reform. I like this city, but I do not like the people here. There are not any emotions among people here, even have not at all, I dislike having no life of human feeling taste very much, I like the life freely, Care , helpful. I seem it speaks to be too much, get back to the theme , I am a graduate, Don't strange English of me, I learn inside university, two languages of us at that time. I work inside a private company now, the nature of working is to become a secretary for my manager. I dislike our manager very much, he always expects wanting to be close to me. I am very firm to refuse him that it is a blessing. Heartily! I live in Shenzhen alone now, my parents are in Xi'an, a very old city, There are many historical relics there. We have far distance very, have 2000 more than probably, I miss them very much, But I go and visit they often very, because I went, need a lot of expenses, I present life very steady still, so I to go back and watch first they one year usually. I am the only child of our family, I have no brother and have no sister . So I take notice of them very much, they take notice of me very much . I love my parents. Oh yes, I have a question to want to inquire you , hopes that you can give me a satisfactory answer , what work do you do? What is the content of the work?
All right, I have been already very tired now, hope to hear from you again.

Letter 2

Hello Allan:
Very happy hearing from you again, I do not think the first introduction of mine may be too overall, You do not have an overall understanding to me, I continue introducing myself now.
Others all praise the talent that I compare, because I am a student studying well inside the school, I height 165 probably, weight 50 probably, I have one admirable long hair( praise oneself certainly), I had many dreams while as a child, and my personality was very unbending , May eager to do well in everything reason very since childhood, little to believe firmly I own dream can realize very much now I have, I have already left my parents now, but I hope that I can reciprocate and give them a happy future . A lot dreams of mine are very beautiful too, certainly a lot have already lost the chance realized, But I have many about my own dream , I hope that I can have a happy family, Can give a lovely child and one to the husband who I treasured. I hope I can get a one that was full of friendship and cared about survive in the world, I can other unselfish help people have, other people too can unselfish help I, I hate cheat and sport with game with people, I it thinks to be I innocent too perhaps, But I think that I can unquestionably realize these ones that dream of . I have not left China , because it is a very difficult thing to get the passport in China, I have no strength to get these things, so I have no chance to leave China , But I know that the world is very large, very beautiful. I yearn for very much, I like travelling, I like the music, I like singing, I love everything of the nature. I once during school, travel a lot of place of China, but I want and can realize travel dream of whole world one day. I want find to treasure I through the website, I think I reach one while needing the family too, I need find one can love kind man of me. I wait for his arrival.
All right, my hands are a little tired today, very you discuss so many emotions, The feeling that can not really a little be accepted , I fall into the swirl of memory quickly, Feel a pain happy very much and to be very. Will introduce my other situations again next time. Looks forward to your letter.

Letter 3

Hello Allan:
What letter of you let I very much moved happy, because I very much unhappy now, But I know that you are caring about me , I feel a little warmth .
I in life to meet some difficulty in me today, cause me cherish the memory of to I family certainly, My family situation is not very good, he is in the western city of China --Shaanxi Province, the suburb of Xi'an, is the countryside, I have spent my childhood there, very happy, but remember now that it is the agony very much, The very yellow land there, on people's face is all lines way blown by the sand blown by the wind, People a apparent one very old, for let me leave parents of me this piece have place of sand blown by the wind throughout the year, They arduous work very, 0.067 field, 0.067 harvest crops of field, Savings of one year educated in the university spending for me , and took advantage of much borrowed money yet, I leave sacrifice that I make on them, I come out now, I have one dream to give parents one happy an remaining years very of me once, I have been doing all the time , no matter how I am in privation, much difficulty, I can give me parents and post living expenses, I love them, because we are the whole family. I have a very heavy attachment to the family, I love the family very much, because I have a very happy family, I will set up one's own happy family's too in the future. Certainly I will love them very much too. Why I have not fallen in love , there is not a boyfriend , must you wonder very much? I think I hope oneself can the study conscientiously when university, Obtaining a very good achievement, there can be a very good job after getting to the society, But what I have not expected is, the life situation of China is not so, so I do not have a steady job till now, There is no content of giving play to oneself to study inside the school at the same time --Accountant . I am very worried. I have ever tried to accept a certain man, but has not succeeded , because they are all like my manager, It was my feature that took a fancy to, my health and the first time of mine, I dislike such a man very much, I curse them, certainly I am true, it is good that it is beautiful not to know my one's own long one , Bad, it is one advantage to be in fact beautiful sometimes, one burdensome sometimes, It is controlled that I am very difficult, it is very difficult.
Speak with you unhappy thing more so is really very uneasy today, You are unhappy too? I am really very sorry. I think I should speak things these to you, I think I very much tired to feel the heart in today, You should pay attention to one's own health too, in any case, all of us have" YUANFEN"( still remember? ). Can exchange with you very kind , look forward to next time exchange.

Letter 4

Hi Allan :
Mean and speak happy thing with you today, but I experience for a few days make me very sad , I know and should speak to you really, I think I it is said here, I want to cry . Really want to cry very much. If my experience really makes you sad very much, I would think that I apologize first , I think you want and look for one think you girl to pour out suffering always originally, Is that right? You can stop writing to me , I will forgive you.
I lose the job one day already( third week), I landlord come and ask me inquire thing of rent today, I look through all over article of me, find oneself can pay living expenses for 7 days only, I really very sad at that time, I know oneself want how go life, I really getting wrong to think I, I should agree to I request of manager, perhaps not have something, People survive should have some sacrifices. My lost reason to work is like this: Manager of me ask me go he house in here evening one day, it says to be to want with I independent work of discussing, I believe I go, but he talk to me and work relevant thing, He speak life of him with me, marriage of misfortune of him, he say to me finally, He already a long time separated form wife, they are going through formalities of divorcing , He loves me, he needs me, he does not have a sexual life for a long time, He want and marry me, he want me stay come he of accompanying etc., I have not promised , I have run out. I receive notice that company discharge the next day, then I unemployment, I constant to try and look for new job one week, I can tell parents of me experience of me whether I afraid they can afraid me at the same time. I want give them one bright life, but I take they time of treatment Is again now, I will not do like this, I will love them very much, I would rather bear hardships by oneself . I hope I can provoke these heavy burdens , but I fail now, I getting desperate, I think I should listen to landlord really, night club to go here work, Because it is very easy to earn money there, and have a steady income, I scold landlord also originally, find thing what I think like that bright until now, Am I wrong? I should the giving to my husband for the first time of me? Should not I receive happy life? Should not I have a happy family? I do not know , I am not clear , I am very confused now , I am very sad, I need to keep the dream, will degenerate , Protection oneself that I should be very clean , should survive , I do not know . I have many ideas now, there are many strange ideas too, I worry injuring you, Worry injuring to my relative too. What shall I do?

Letter 5

Hi Allan :
I am while receiving your letter today, I suddenly had a strange idea, I do not think you are angry after hearing, because I do not injure you like this intentionally. Do I think that you would like to provide any help for me? Do I think that you would like to give me the living expenses of one month? Certainly I am sure while I have a new job to help me to spend a difficulty, Plan to return your help, would you like to do it in this way? Perhaps it is that my idea is too strange, but I really hope to spend this difficulty with your help very much. Tell me your idea, how about your decision?

Letter 6

I am delighted that you shared your experience with me.
I too had a $10,000 fraudulent experience with Roselihongyu.
I had been divorced for 2 years. I then decided I wanted to start my life over by posting my add on the dating services that were offered on line. In September of 200, she then responded immediately to my add. She gave me the same story about being sexually harassed and then fired. After what I thought I got to know her better, I started sending her money every month for 13 months. In the end when I asked her to send me a picture outside the American Embassy in Guangdong, she kept on giving me all these excuses. As I insisted she stopped writing to me.
As I started investigating her more on my own, I discovered that she was using photos of a famous 21 year old Chinese movie star named Huang Yi.
See for yourself. Go to us.yesasia.com top left, click onto videos, then on the next page on top left go to search go to Chinese videos and type in Huang Yi . Click on go. On the next page they will give you a number of different names, click on Huang Yi on the bottom left of were the set of names are. As you scroll down you will see a number of videos with her picture on it. She is using a movie star's photo to lure you in by her beauty.
So between the beauty of the movie star and her sad case of misfortune, she captures your heart. I lost $10,000 by transferring money from my bank to the one she was using. In the beginning I was sending money through western union. She said the government there was giving her a hard time when she tried to collect it.
Anyway, is there a chance where we can set her up and capture her? Save someone else the heartache of losing the woman he thinks he is in love with, and the money?
Please let me know what you think.
Thank you!
Sincerely, Peter J Maravelis