Letter(s) from Marina Lazutina to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hi dear John!!!

I am very glad to your letter!

I admit fairly, you have very much interested me.

At once I shall tell, that I have taken advantage of services internet to find second half with the purpose of creation of family.

I prefer men is more senior than me, because I think, that they more skilled, more interesting. You well look, and you hardly can give your age.

And now I shall tell a little about myself: to me of 25 years, at me blue eyes, my weight of 54 kg, my growth 168sm. I keeping a healthy way of life. I do not smoke, I do not drink.

I work in flower shop. I very much love flowers. I like to create a cosiness around of myself, and I think, that flowers one of component a cosy house.

I love animals, I have wonderful cat. I send you its photo and a photo, where I on work.

I too like to travel. But I never was abroad. I have dream: to see ocean!!!

I like to leave on a nature. I like to walk in a wood. I dream to visit mountains!

I live with the grandmother and the grandfather. They bring up me since 6 years. When to me was 6 years my parents were lost in autoaccident. I badly remember that time. But in memory there was a strong rain, that day there was a downpour.

I very much love children. I have goddaughter, her name is Valery, her 4 years. I like to spend time with her.

One of my hobbies is cookery. I like to prepare. My favourite kitchen Russian. But I am able to prepare for some dishes from the Mexican and Italian kitchen. At me desserts well turn out. In weekend I the glad goddaughter different sweets.

In general in my life all is fine, except for one - I do not have person whom I would grow fond all soul and he would answer with reciprocity! Sometimes I dream, that sometime I meet that only thing, and we shall be happy. Who knows, there can be it you?

For the sake of the person whom I shall grow fond, I am ready to leave native places!

I try to care of relatives to me people to do for them everything that they were happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All good!!!


Letter 2

Hi my darling!

I am very glad to receive your letter!!!

I also am glad, that our sympathy is mutual!

I do not know why I liked you. I do not know as to explain the feelings. I do not know what exactly to me it was pleasant in you. Simply I so feel! Looking in I understand your eyes, that this person can not offend, betray, he can not make something bad at all.

I understand, that we communicated, but at me such feeling a little, that I know you many years. At us it is valid much in common!

You asked that I wait from a marriage. But it seems to me, that you hesitate to ask that I wait from our marriage with you. I all the same shall answer the second question. I wait from a marriage with you for understanding, care, mutual respect and simply pleasant dialogue.

Thank, that you have left the phone number. But in the near future I can not call you since I do not have phone.

I write you from internet-cafe. In Russia not each house has computer, and furthermore an exit in internet. It is cafe is through road from my work.

I yet do not believe, that now I have person who to me is very nice, and ideas about which will warm me in the cold winter evenings. Two more days back I also did not hope that such probably!

On one of photos the house. I think it your house. At you very big and beautiful house. Really you live there one?

By the way, cease to write, that you old!!! You completely not old! The main thing to remain young in soul!

Kiss you,


Letter 3

Hello my sweet!!!

I am happy!!!!

Now at us morning. That can be better for me, than reading of your letter!

I was born in Ioshkar Ola and I live here till today. First I went to a kindergarten, then in school, then in university. The ambassador university almost at once began to work.

I want to tell you, that I help to you shall conduct domestic affairs with pleasure. It seems to me, that your house does not have no female hand.

I do not have certain style in clothes. I like to carry both classical suits, and jeans. All depends on a place where I am going to go. If it is fair, most of all I like to go at home in domestic clothes:)

In music I too do not have certain style. I listen to that is pleasant to me, irrespective of a genre. To me can like both classical music, and fate, and a jazz.

And now I shall answer your questions:

1) You know, I badly remember my father, but I precisely know, that he was the decent and fair person, still he was very kind. You seem to me have all these qualities and it remind me my father!

2) I think, that main my talent is that I always try peacefully to resolve a problem.

3) I think, that any conflict can be resolved without fight. We civilized people and I call people to not fall up to the primitive person! I liked your answer to this question. I do not doubt, that with you I always shall be in safety!

4) Death this phenomenon which to not avoid to any person. Sooner or later all of us shall go to other world. I have learned to not be afraid of death. But I like to live!!! Also I take from life everything, that it gives me. I badly remember that time when my parents were lost. But I think unfair that they have left this world so early. I do not want to lose anybody from relatives to me people more, it is very hard.

5) Above all I am afraid to lose my favourite people is a grandmother and the grandfather, and certainly you.

6) After I have left school to me always it was necessary to rise early. First it was for me torture, but now I early have got used to rise and my day usually begins at 6:30.

7) I have learned to understand people well. And as a rule I seldom am mistaken.

8) When I was the child, I always was pleasant like fugure skating. But I and have not learned to skate. I very much want to learn!

9) I easily communicate with people both with familiar, and with unfamiliar.

10) I had not to apply physical strength to somebody.

Many thanks for poems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody never read me poems!!!

With love,


Letter 4

Hello my darling!!!

I am glad to receive your letter!

You have written, that you have fireplace in the house. It is wonderful! I find romantic to lead evening with loved at a fireplace.

I am glad, that your intentions are so serious, that you speak about a marriage with me. I am ready to a marriage with you. I am ready to go side by side with you on life. I promise to love you eternally, and I do not doubt of your love!

Now we shall talk about our meeting. I would like to meet in your city. I think, that this best place. I want to become your wife and consequently I want to see where and as you live. I think, that in Russia will meet dangerously for you. You probably heard about "skin heard", they are very severe to foreigners. Italy, certainly, the good country, but I think it not better, than your house where I would like to lead life with you. However, to arrive to you to me it is necessary to work much and I think, that approximately for one year I can save up the necessary sum of money. And we can plunge into the sea of love and caress! To us to be typed patiences! But I promise, that when we shall meet I present to you all that loving woman can present!

And now I shall answer your questions.

1) I love classical music. I play on the piano. But I also love cheerful dancing music. I listen to those songs which to me like.

2) In our small city only 3 restaurants. One of them very expensive and I can not dare to visit it. Others two have not surprised me with the kitchen and it seems to me, that I prepare for some dishes better (do not think, that I brag:))

3) My favourite film " Poor Sasha "

4) I not so love alcohol. But with pleasure a bittern cup cold beer in hot day.

5) I love morning because in the morning all wakes up. I love day because it is peak of my activity. I love evening because I with pride estimate that has made for day. In general I love life!

6) I always wanted to have a dog, but since at my grandmother illness on them we have got a wonderful cat.

7) I hate snakes, frogs and rats! To other animal I treat with love.

8) First of all in you I was involved with eyes. Eyes - a mirror oppress! Under your letters I have understood, that you very gentle, kind, careful, fair person! And it also is necessary for me!

9) We are collected experience in dialogue with different people. I too like to search for new ways. And internet-acquaintance is one of my new ways. And this way appeared for me very successful since I have met you!

10) I never was abroad. And I do not have passport for travel abroad.

11) No.

12) I completely with you agree.

13) 1 month per one year - my lawful holiday.

14) If I have correctly understood, you ask as we could spend together. It can be departure a nature where it is possible to fry meat to bathe in lake (if this summer). If it is winter it is possible to go in good restaurant. Or on the contrary silent family evening at a fireplace with a bottle good fault. It is possible to list indefinitely, in life so it is a lot of things which I did not see.

15) I can not answer this question since I never flied far.

16) Is not present

17) The last summer a backpacking on lakes of republic of Maria El.

18) I think one of the major qualities it is punctuality. I do not like, when are late, and itself never I am late.

19) People close to me.

20) Yes, I regularly vote. I do not enter into structure of a party.

21) I heard about gamblings much and about that how many burning they have brought to people. Itself never played.

22) I not so am interested in a politics.

23) I too do not love the weapon.

24) I love interesting cinema, and a genre it not the main thing.

25) I prefer cultural speech.

26) Probably I am ready to struggle for the beloved, still I think, that I never shall give in insult of children.

27) Certainly, I would return a wallet to the owner or have transferred in police.

28) I think, that I do not treat neither liberals, nor to conservatives, I somewhere in middle.


30) No, I do not dare to seem at all on a kind naked.

31) You and I, What are necessary?

Dear I was glad to answer your questions!

I love you!

Your Marina.

Letter 5

Hello my Love!

How are you?

I addressed in agency and to me have told, that I can go to USA under the tourist visa on 1 Month. I want to arrive to you before to accept you in Russia. And if I have arrived to you for 1 month, we could check up our feelings, I could get acquainted with your culture.

Loved, please be little bit more patient!

I necessarily shall come to you as soon as I shall collect the necessary sum of money.

I love you and distance anything dividing us in comparison with my love.

I understand, that year it is a lot of. And I have decided to go in bank and to ask the loan. If to me will give money in bank in March at me holiday and I can arrive to you. What you think of it?

I love you!

I miss!

Your Marina.

Letter 6

Hi dear!

To what your silence is connected?

I worry for you! Be not silent...

I love...

I miss...


Letter 7

Oh, my God! John!!!

Where you? I to myself can not find two days of a place! I suffer for you!

What happened? Please be not silent!

Remember, that I love you and you are very dear to me!!!

Letter 8

Hello dear! I am happy!!!

It is the truth, what if I shall come to you and we shall get married within 90 days I can remain with you for ever? If yes, all is fine! I can not wait more! I love you! I want to you! I want to see you to hear, feel!

Why I insist to arrive to you? Yes because I love you!!! I can not live without you! And to not spend superfluous money I at once I shall come to you, we shall get married and we shall live happily!

I tomorrow go to bank to ask the credit, to arrive to you! I shall write to you result of my visit.

I answer on your questions:

1) I like if there is not a big site of the ground about a house.

2) Anything

3) Certainly I would like to lie down together. But also as well as you I shall not be against if you will join later.

4) I do not like to vacuum. And to iron I like!

5) I always fill a bed.

6) I do not know, probably it is very good.

7) For me the pleasure to be cleaned in the house. And I try to not break the order.

8) I with pleasure would travel!

9) I love beautiful and practical clothes. But as required I buy clothes.

10) To us to city only once there came an amusement park. These are unforgettable sensations!!!

11) I like to read. Also has read there is enough.

12) I seldom watch TV because of shortage of time. But if I look, it is news or BBC wildlife.

13) I do not remember

14) I badly remember that time, but I precisely know, that my parents liked each other and me is equally strong!

15) I would not want that you had girlfriend. I am jealous.

16) All arranges me in life, especially now when there is you!

17) John, you have overlooked, that my parents have died, when to me was 6 years! I do not know. But I know one - the main thing to love and respect each other!

18) I disagree, that it is possible to ignore the friends. Yes, you married, but it only means, that now you will appear in the company with the wife. It is possible to be friends families to visit to each other etc.

19) My parents were Russian. The grandmother e grandfather too. I was brought up in Russian traditions..

20) My best girlfriend Irina. She never will betray, will not deceive. We are friends many years.

21) Private life on that it and personal. Nobody learns than it we there are engaged:)

22) Caress - the best medicine for stress.

23) It is possible, but not on public certainly.

24) It is necessary to entertain me.

25) I never nothing overlook!

26) I try

27) Yes, certainly it is necessary to inform each other the plans per day.

O, John! As to me to live up to tomorrow when I shall go to bank and to me precisely will tell will give me the credit whether or not!

I love you!

I miss...

Your gentle flower.

Letter 9

Hello my Love!

I very much love you! Also I understand, that this feeling grows every day!

I can not live without you!

Probably you are right on the account of the visa. But I so wanted to arrive to you!

I very much want to meet you. But I do not want to meet in Russia. Russia the great country with the great past, but without the future. I am proud of the country, but I do not want to live here. Even in my small city the criminality, a narcotism, and what to speak about the big cities!!! I agree to meet you worldwide, but only not in Russia!

I hope, that you understand me!

I love you!

Your gentle flower.

Letter 10

My dear!

Understand me please! I do not want to meet in Russia. It is a shame to me to accept you in such poverty! Besides at you holiday and where in Russia we shall have a rest? Dear, try to understand me. I very much love you! I want to see you, but not in Russia.

It is possible to meet on the native land of your mother - in Italy. What you think of it?

I love you...

Letter 11

Dear, how are you?

I have come in hope to receive news from you, but my letter box is empty: (

Why you again are silent?

I miss...

I love...

Letter 12

Hello my dear!

I hasten to congratulate you on the Valentine's Day!!!

It is a holiday of all loving and loved! It is our holiday!

This day I want to present you all heat of the soul and all my love!

I love you!!!

And you for some reason long do not write me! You except for me with someone else correspond whether or not?

Your gentle flower.

Letter 13

My dear!

I thought you deceived me when wrote about love to me! But there is all the matter is that you simply want to arrive to Russia. Well. I agree to meet you in Russia. But I insist to meet you in Moscow, at the airport. And then we together shall go in Joshkar Ola. I am afraid for you and consequently I want to meet you in Moscow and to accompany in my city personally.

I love you and consequently I refuse dream to see America!

Remember, I mentally always with you!

1000000 kisses for you!


Letter 14

Oh! My Love!

I began to write to you the letter and have spilled coffee on the keyboard in internet-cafe!!!

The manager has told, that I have paid 200 $ for the spoiled keyboard. I tried to explain to the manager, that I do not have money. He has allowed to write to me one letter to you. Please if to you not difficultly there came to me this money!

My full name Lazutina Marina Sergeevna

I love you!

When you will send money inform me on electronic address. The manager has told, that will check up my mail.