Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Domracheva to Ben (USA)

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Letter 1

Greetings my dear and loved

It is possible to ask one of for you?
Even most likely it not a question, and me would be desirable to learn your opinion. For me the love is a skill to endow. And if it occurs from two partners is a feeling sincerely. Words when the person can be understood on one sight, are not necessary for this purpose to gesture.
It seems to me that only in that case two - like each other - if everyone gives a part of to another, endow for the sake of him than that, it concerns both to the man and to the woman, and the main thing to appreciate acts of the close person for you.
We live, not reflecting on anything, we aspire to the happiness... Not reflecting, not stopping in the search.
And there can be a same happiness around of you, in that that you simply breathe, feel. It is necessary to be pleased lifes.
Eventually we have that we have and it is necessary to aspire to the best to develop ourselves. You agree with me?
I can I hurry a little, but I beforehand have learned that from my aunt, is good familiar in travel agency.
They have told me what documents to me are required for arrival to you. I will need to make the passport for travel abroad, the medical insurance and the visa which to be necessary for me for a presence in your country. But I do not have such money which to me so are necessary to reach you. And you see I so would like to you.
Still I have learned, that to me will arrive much more cheaply to you. If you will arrive to us it it will turn out more dearly.
I hope you will help me to arrive to you. I speak you about material aid. I shall tell to you directly me not that to hide from you, you see you the adult person. You should help me get the visa which costs 500 $. I hope has not frightened you such sum of money.
You see presently now not so simply to arrive to whom the one who lives abroad. I would pay all, but my small wages at all do not allow me to pay half of cost of the visa. Whether if I had salary much more. I so am afflicted with it. But I think, that you will help me with it to consult my dear and loved.
You see hope only on you, you should decide to be to us together a number or all life to correspond through Internet.
It was very hard for me to write to you about it and to ask you about the help, but the truth is the truth and I from you do not hide her.
I face the truth. I with impatience wait for your letter my loved. I love you and I shall like, even if we can not be a number, but I hope for the best.
I hope my letter will brighten up your loneliness.

you love, Kat

P.S. Ekaterina Domracheva

Letter 2

Hello my lovely Ben! How are you today? Lovely! I read your letter and was so is pleased with it. Lovely! I am ready to answer all your questions.

1) My aunt used travel agency
2)500 $ it will be expenses only on the visa and all belonging documents. Transportation to Los Angeles I yet do not know exact cost, but I shall inform it later (when I order the visa)
3) The visa is produced 1-2 weeks
4) Lovely! I am ready to be with you there, I am ready to speak with you, to communicate, kiss you.... Late at night:)!!!
5) I already with mum spoke - concerning trip to you and a life with you. She agrees, but under one condition that we shall arrive together with you for visiting her in the summer. You agree? Lovely! I understand your words, Yes we should make in this world a choice in searches of happiness. I love you very strongly and I want to be with you. Write to me soon. I love you!
Yours Ekaterina

P.S. The country - Russia
City - Kazan
Number of passport 8810027333
street - Drujbi 10-12
Ekaterina Domracheva



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