Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Domracheva to Anthony (USA)

Letter 1

Hello again. Thank for the letter. I never corresponded with the person from abroad. Now I have such opportunity. I hoped, that you will answer my letter when I have written to you on site. Probably you looked my structure, but there is poorly written about me. I shall try to tell about myself more. I think, that it will be interesting to you to find out about me. Excuse, that my English not so good. But I try to learn him as it is possible better. Sometimes to me to have to use the translator. There are cases, that I mix up a word. I test doubts and I take the translator. I think it will not prevent us. I was born to Russia, city Kazan (republic Tatarstan) on August, 4, 1976 After leaving school, I have arrived in university to receive formation. I studied 5 years to receive a trade of the manager. I have finished university when to me was 22 years. I at once was employed work. I work as the manager of the small company which is engaged in sale PC. I have the small salary which suffices me that I could pay for an apartment and dress myself. I lived and grew with mum. Now I live separately from mother. I live one and I rent an apartment, I was never married. I have no children. My last relation with the man was 2 years back. More I did not search to myself for anybody. I never usually correspond with people through internet. But I shall try to write to you more letters. Now I on work. I have no computer home. But I have access to a computer on work. I have found not a lot of time to write to you. I started search of the second half in internet, because I have not found the ideal here at myself in city. I never before was not abroad. My dream, sometime to visit any city abroad. Can to you it seems, that I speak too much. Strange, but I still never spoke so much about myself. My friends always describe me as the quiet and modest person. I like to go to cinema to play tennis (at leisure). I do not smoke, I try to conduct a healthy way of life. I like to drink a wine. I never drink much. My hobby: I like to knit, I attend a sports hall. I like to bathe. I do not love people which use people for the purposes. I like to prepare for food. I think, that I need to finish the letter. Because I need to work. I shall try to write to you more. I have send the photo. She like you? Also I shall wait your photos. I shall wait for your letter... I wish you to lead day well Yours faithfully Ekaterina
Letter 2

Dear mine, I am glad to receive your letter. I so waited yours for the letter. I hope I of you have not offended the last letter. I want to build with you the future. I think, that you also want it. But it will be not simple to us him to construct. You see we with you very much far apart. But you see distance not the most important. It is possible to love the person even if he at edge of light. I so would like to be near to you. I each day think only of you. My heart becomes transfixed, when I read your letters. I each evening think and I talk with mum about you. She so is glad for us with you. Mum speaks, that is very glad, that I have found to myself such fine person, as you. My girlfriends even envy me a little. And I so am glad, that you at me are. If only it was possible to arrive to you. I would arrive to you the first flight. But money are necessary for this purpose. Why for our love " silly money " prevent that. But I think, that we shall cope with it, and we shall overcome this barrier. I want to see all beauty of your city. That you to me have told his history when I would arrive to you. You would like to see me? I hope, what "Yes". I would like to call to you, but unfortunately I do not have such opportunity. I so would like to hear and see you my love. Do not overlook, that I love you, and each day I wait for your letter. Yours Ekaterina
Letter 3

I have learned that from my aunt, is good familiar in travel agency. They have told me what documents to me are required for arrival to you. I will need to make the passport for travel abroad, the medical insurance and the visa which to be necessary for me for a presence in your country. But I do not have such money which to me so are necessary to reach you. And you see I so would like to you. Still I have learned, that to me will arrive much more cheaply to you. If you will arrive to us it will turn out more dearly. I hope you will help me to arrive to you. I speak you about material aid. I shall tell to you directly me not that to hide from you, you see you the adult person. You should help to me to receive the visa, the passport for travel abroad, the insurance which costs 453 $. Also I have learned about cost of the ticket which costs 854US $. Full cost of my trip to you costs 1307US$. I hope has not frightened you such sum of money. You see presently now not so simply to arrive to whom the one who lives abroad. I would pay all, but my small wages at all do not allow me to pay half of cost of the visa. Whether if I had salary much more. I so am afflicted with it. But I think, that you will help me with it to cope my dear and love. You see hope only on you, you should decide to be to us together or all life to correspond through Internet. It was very hard for me to write to you about it and to ask you about the help, but the truth is the truth and I from you do not hide it. I face the truth. I with impatience wait for your letter my love. I love you and I shall like, even if we can not be a together, but I hope for the best.
Letter 4

To me is certainly insulting to hear, that you think of me so poorly. But I can understand you. I did not think, that you so can think of me. I have set of the photos. And simply overlooked about it. I shall not be justified before you. I know, that the visa to receive difficultly. But I have familiar which could help me. And I am sure in her. I shall be happy to continue our correspondence. And I do not want your money. Yes, it is difficult for me to live in Russia. But I do not complain to you. I have simply told to you, that I have no means for trip to you. I have written to you in the letter, that I thought. I simply aspire to meet you. And anything else. Ekaterina
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