Name: Irina Vlasova
Age: 25
Name: Karolina Luhtan
Age: 22
Name: Peace Martins
Age: 27
Name: Thrisha Mane
Age: 32
Name: Vanessa
Age: 33
Name: Catherine
Age: 34
Name: Nicole Chan
Age: 38
Name: Laura Meerick
Age: 36
Name: Olga Vedernikova
Age: 34
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Age: 31
Name: Aisha Jean Bikumagu
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Name: Brenda Amanda Johnson
Age: 30

Scam letter(s) from Adiza Adamu to John (Denmark)

Letter 1

hello john,
long time and i have not heard from you and i think this is the time i need you the most so please dont leave me, love my uncle is giving a night mare he is trying to give me to a friend of his since he notice that i have been talking you so please try and get me out of here my love please, i have seen a friend who says he can help me come to your contry for the a mount of 3,000$ so i want you to help me with that if truelly you meant it.
Hope to hear from you soon, okey bye for now
yours love
adiza adamu
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