Scam Letter(s) from Valentina Domracheva to Alan (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend Alan.
I am very glad so soon to receive your letter.
I have written to you because want to meet in the life good the man. It is very pleasant, that you have not left my letter without the answer.
I shall be glad to see your new photos. I as shall send you the pictures.
I like, that you to understand my not so good English language. I learned (taught) it (him) at school, and then at university. My name Valya. To me 29 years. My birthday 16.12.1974 I was born in Russia in city Tver, where I now and live.
The birthday is a very happy holiday for me.
This day I receive many gifts from my family and friends.
When your birthday?
My growth of 168 centimeters, weight 54 Kg.
I have the blonde hair and brown eyes.
I send you my photo. I hope, that she (it) is pleasant to you.
I have higher education and I work as the manager in one of private concerns.
Our firm is engaged in sale of soft toys.
What work you have? Where you work now?
I live in the Tver area in city Tver, it approximately in 190 km from Moscow.
In what city you live?
I the Russian woman. How you concern to the Russian women?
I was never married and I do not have children.
I possessed experience of dialogue with the men at myself in Russia, But they were not adjusted seriously to the family attitudes (relations) and we had to part.
The Russian men very much frequently use alcohol in a plenty, it not so is pleasant to me.
I think, that you have no such habit.
I want to tell, that I do not smoke and I do not use strong spirits drinks, but sometimes I can slightly have a drink in the good company, but it happens very seldom.
I have the mum and daddy, and as younger brother, which studies in institute.
They live separately from me in an apartment.
Now I live one in a small apartment in city centre, which I pay independently.
I have many enthusiasmes. I very much love to sew, to knit, to prepare, to read the books various? ia.
I like to go in cinema and to listen to different music.
I love to travel, but I never left for limits of Russia.
I want to have the serious attitudes (relations) with you, to find love and to create happy family.
I shall be very glad, if you as will want it as well as I.
I want to inform you, that I write the letters from the Internet of the centre.
Unfortunately I have no a house of the computer and telephone.
I hope, what it will not be by a problem for our attitudes (relations)?
I want more to learn (find out) about you, your family, your enthusiasmes.
I think, that you can answer to me soon.
I shall wait for your letter.

Letter 2

Hello my lovely Alan.
I have received your money and am madly happy that I have such as you angel - keeper!!!!
I have paid money for services of Internet - cafe and now we again can correspond with you, I want to tell you many thanks, now I can not write I much am going to go to my mum in hospital, to her it becomes better, once again thank you.. I of it never shall forget...
I shall write to you soon!
Yours Valya.

Letter 3

Hello my dear.
How you? How at you an affair? Weather not so good, it is cold and neieucei. How at you weather? Soon a holiday, the International female day March, 8!!! At us it very much love and celebrate especially superb, this day to women give gifts and flowers, and do not force to work on the house!
Yesterday at me in family happened to mountain, my mum has received intimate impact and now lays in hospital, I have spent to it for medicines all personal money and now can not pay for services of Internet - cafe, I do not know that to me now to do! I do not want to waste I with you correspondence on long time, the truth it is not convenient for me to ask you about the help to me, but I hope for your understanding.
To pay for using Internet - cafe to me the big sum, 60 $ is required, it is very a pity to me to speak you it, but I do not have other opportunity to find this money, I hope for your understanding, I want to tell you that I do not force to do to you......
If you respond to my invocations about the help in the address of the western union:
TVER, 170000
Western Union.
Valya Domracheva
Yours faithfully yours Valya.

Letter 4

Hello my dear Alan.
I am very glad to receive from you so much letters, I with pleasure shall try to answer them.
Thank you for a photo, it is very pleasant and interesting to me, you still have any photos.
I think that it is good idea that you arrived to me, you will live at me, but I want you to warn that in Russia not so love foreigners, they may select at you all valuable things, there is no I you do not frighten, I am simple speak the truth.
There is no I never played tennis, but I very much want to try.
I want to print out your photos and to place them in frameworks, it will be very beautiful, as you think, I think to hang up some on a wall in my room and others to put on a table!?....
And still I want that for me have made a special photo where you will embrace me, something like a calendar, as to you this idea...?!
To make all this to me it is required about 84 dollars, Alan, it is inconvenient for me to ask you, but I want to buy a bracelet with your name, I do not ask that it(he) was gold and even silver, something is simple for memory.... I think that it will be better if you will send to me this money real mail, I shall give you the address of mine the cousine which work on mail, I shall be sure that he will receive your letter and will transfer him to me....
its address:
zip 425430
Russian Federation
Noviy Toryal
Kultury street 26-14
Egoshin Ivan
I think you will understand me, I want to buy a bracelet here that you always were near to me...!!!
What you think of it?
Write to me soon, well, and know that I miss on you and your letters.
Yours Valya.

Letter 5

Hello my love Alan.
I am very glad to receive the letter from you!
How you? At me all is good, except for that that you do not suffice beside!
How at you weather? At us to become warmly and it is a lot of people each day go to walk on street, I dream that we with you too shall walk together along the street keeping for a hand. Of what you dream with me?
For the boy I want name Alan, this name to me very much simpl& to like! You have thought up a good name for the girl!
I think that will begin with Tolstoy. other writers better are very difficult for understanding.
Alan, very much it is not convenient for me to ask you, especially you have already helped me with payment of services of the Internet!
The matter is that my brother marries the next week, for us it there was a full unexpectedness, his bride very pleasant girl, and my brother very much loves her!!!
I very much would want to buy to a newly-married couple a gift, but at me an eternal Russian problem, I do not have money to buy him the washing machine. The good washing machine costs 300 dollars, and I very much want to give this gift, my parents have already bought to a newly-married couple a bed, and they do not have more money, and it will be very a shame to me to come on wedding, especially to the brother, without a gift!!!
Lovely Alan, I think that you understand me, it is very a shame to me to ask you about it......
Remember that I love you, my angel - keeper!!!
Write to me as soon as can!
I shall wait for letters from you!
With love Valya.

Letter 6

Hello my dear sweetheart Alan.
How are you? I am very glad to receive from you the letter!
I with the first lines I want to apologize before you, I long did not write to you because at me almost was not, a free time. We only today have finished to play wedding, we for some days went to the grandmother in a village to ask her blessing.
I hope you of me understand and forgive.
It is not convenient for me to speak about it, but you have brought me, I have come on wedding to the brother without a gift, I could borrow money from my uncle, 200 dollars and have simply given money in an envelope.
My mum thinks that it you have helped me, I have told nobody about it. Now I need to return this money to the uncle, I do not know where them to take. He has arrived on wedding from Perm, and is going to come back back on Wednesday, and it is necessary for me to return to him money up to this time. I hope for your help.........
To send me money to you it is necessary to specify only my country: Russia, and my name Valya Domracheva.
I have no place to go more, I believe in you!!!....
You know that at us in Russia May, 9 celebrate day of a victory, it is a great holiday for our country.
May, 8,9, Internet - cafe again will not work. You celebrate day of a victory in the second world war?!
I want to admit to you that I very much want you to see and every day I believe more and more that I love you!!!
My dear Alan, my mum is very glad for me, we frequently talk to it about you, and I am simply happy that you at me are.
I love you my angel - keeper Alan!!!
I with impatience shall wait for the letter from you!
With all my love to you Valya.

Letter 7

Hello my love Alan!!!
I am very happy to see your letter again!
Thank for photos. They have very much liked me.
I am very glad that you to me come.
The agency may reserve to us a hotel accommodation.
Also may arrange excursion on Moscow. You want that all of them have made?
Only it will cost 450 American dollars.
Here excursion and three-day hotel accommodation enters.
Also it is possible to order the machine that us have taken from Moscow to Tver.
What you about it tell?
I have received from you cards(maps). Many thanks. They have liked me. It is very good for me to meet you in my life. I never before was not earlier so it is happy.
I as though a bird in heavens.
I yesterday, all day thought about our attitude(relation) and of our feelings.
I already to begin enclosed to to you. I think, that during that time, that we with you are copied, we were Very much Rallied and between us, the feeling has appeared it and there is a true love!!!
I think, that we are necessary the friend the friend. I constantly think of you, you accepted a place in my heart.
I very much grieve without here you my honey!
With impatience I wait your letter. Yours Valya.

Letter 8

Hello my love Alan.
How at you an affair?
How weather?
How the family lives?
At me all is good. With health too all is normal.
My parents live well and at them all is wonderful.
They are very glad that I have found you. They very much hope that at us all will be good.
I have received your number of the passport.
I should write to you the letter in Russian or in English?
At excursion of us will carry in the most beautiful and well-known places of Moscow.
The hotel will be good and cosy. So to me have told in agency.
Hotel which I have looked after refer to as "Leningrad".
It is necessary to pay for three day about(near) 260 $ with breakfast. I learned(found out) on the account of hotel The Congress Iris and she(it) too has liked me.
Very much it is pleasant to me of songs and I can not choose.
I think to choose hotel better to you.
What you choose in that and we shall live.
If you want to bring to me a disk, on your discretion.
I shall learn(teach) with the great pleasure you to Russian.
You heard about act of terrorism in Northern Ossetia?
When I about it have learned(found out) I might not fall asleep in first night.
I very much experienced for those people who there was.
As though I was there. I all time looked news and listened that there occurs.
I am very glad that all was finished.
Who is very a pity to me of people there was lost.
And I sympathize those at whom friends, relatives or simply familiar there were lost.
Some people offered gangsters of instead of children. Even I very strongly experienced for which people I do not know. I am proud of our employees OMON which have closed the backs of hostages Which ran from school in which them held.
Then 26 hostages have run out and not one was not lost.
But 12 employees OMON. they very brave were lost.
At school was about 1000 hostages.
Was lost about 350 persons, from them 155 children.
I can not believe that there are people which are capable to lift a hand on children.
Such people it is necessary to shoot.
Like all it would be finished and I all the same can not come in myself yet after that.
If I might help these people that I necessarily would help them. I may on this to you so much long did not write.
Because I very much experienced for those people and did not know what to write.
At me in a head of nothing came.
What you think concerning act of terrorism?
My prince Alan I very strongly love you and I miss on you.
I very much want to meet you. How soon we shall together?
On it I shall finish the letter.
I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.
Yours on always Valya.

Letter 9

Hello my honey Alan!
I am very pleased to see your letters.
When I read your letters, they at once encourage me.
You have correctly understood sense of two offers which you have not understood.
If at you has failed to reserve hotel I may shall try it to make.
Only for this purpose it will be necessary for me money which at me are not present.
Certainly we may reach to me and by train.
But it may be dangerous. By the machine may be more safe.
I learned(found out) on the account of the machine and it approximately will bypass for day in 50 dollars.
I have sent you two invitation letters.
One of them in Russian other letter in English.
In us weather has worsened.
About this day it was warm. But today I have woken up and in the street the rain was And it was cold.
Now I think in us, am warm, any more will not be. The autumn you sees in the street and then Winter.
At work over me all is good. The truth sometimes I am tired very urgently.
And when I come home, nothing hunts to do.
In these free days we with parents have dug over the basis (ground). I am very much tired. We should today also up to dig, but after the rain was nu? I and we did not do (make) Go somewhere.
Today I had rest after yesterday's.
My parents are very pleased for me, that I have found such remarkable person.
You constantly care of me and my parents. You it is very similar to them.
I also am very pleased, that you in me.
I very urgently love you, and I can not live without you.
I very much want to be with you about (near).
On it I finish the small letter.
Tomorrow I shall write to you the new letter.
Yours for ever Valya



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