Letter(s) from Zulfia to Tim (Finland)

Letter 1

Dear Tim !
My sweetest dream about us. I hope you like it: night, the stairs are in the sky we are alone in the room, we turn on the music and dance slowly. I look into your eyes, they are so deep and you look in mine, they are full of emotions. I see your lips, so soft and I want to kiss them. Our bodies merge in uniform rhythm. We love each another and the minute is an eternity. We have sex till morning . Then I cook a very tasty dinner and we are sitting at the table, you tell me the news, about your work and I am just listening to you. I don't need anything else. I just enjoy the moments I spend with you. Then we go to the living room and seat near the fire. We are sitting on the sofa, hugging and kissing. I think that this dreams will be real soon. I want to write what I clear up to the visa and passport. So today I was at the tourist agency and knew that to come to you I have to do a visa. It costs 300 dollars. To do the visa will get time. It isn't easy to get it. I was advised to do a tourist visa. It will be good for 90 days. It can be prolonged. At the agency I was said I will be helped. When I pay 300 dollars the visa will begin to do. If I want to have visa earlier it will be costs more expensive. So dear Tim! Oh! I`m very ashamed for that I have to ask you for a money, but I have now enough sources of revenue to get a visa. Well,I`m very ashamed, really, but I wantto kiss you, to hug you, to see you, your country, your life, and I don`t see another way out then to ask you Write me , please, your thoughts about it. Looking forward for your letter.
Kiss you