Letter(s) from Ekaterina to Tim (Finland)

Letter 1

I love you, darling Matti! Yes I, really, love you! I just thought about you. I think love don't die away, it always near, you may hide your feelings, try to forget. Two peoples tied with each other forever, nothing can break it, it exists and one can't explain it, it's something eternal, that will not disappear, won't die. It hasn't a form, and everything that has it may disappear without any track. It constantly near: in air, in words, in looks. Everything that compares with this become very tiny, insignificant and constantly one ask the question, for what all this, if a feeling appears and then everything loses its weight, sense, wise. I constantly think about it. What peoples mean when they say, "I love you"? It's a world where I live for you. In which I permit to come ONLY YOU, devote myself to you, all my words, thoughts. This is an air I breathe, ground I go on. When I see your letter, sun rises, shines with its rays, heat me. I feel that the most treasure is next to me, won't disappear anywhere, won't evaporate. Soon I can take your arm, kiss. To tie your soul with mine, to become closer, to cuddle, tell everything what I was late to say. You are my part, the most important, the main. I can't imagine myself without you. I become lonely and sad then, you fulfill my life with sense, give me peace, and help to forget about everything, give me only pleasant minutes of happiness. My honey, I'd love to be your girlfriend very much! I feel you are the very man I need, I was looking for all my life, I always dreamed about you!
Dear, I don't know where we'll meet. I want to meet with you, to see your eyes, to look into them, to speak to you, to touch you, to hold and to kiss your sweet lips! I'd like to make love to you, I think it'll be great when we meet! I feel you are so tender and careful man. I'll do everything you feel happy with me! And you what do you think about our meeting? I'll be the happiest when we'll meet. I think the most pleasant thing for me will be to meet you, to spend time with you, to kiss you, to see you! I dream about this day!
Also, I have a very big imagination and I am always thinking about things.... show affection.....many things. If you can imagine maybe I being in the kitchen preparing lunch for us. And I think you are busy working outside somewhere......but.......you are thinking of me and how you want to surprise me......so, you carefully go inside without my knowledge......and then come from behind me and put your body against me putting your arms around me, then your face in my hair and your lips kissing the back of my neck. Then your hands feeling the front of my body, caressing my breasts and you rubbing against my back....and can feel your hard passion for me. I don't notice you have already turned off the stove as we will be very busy and you don't want my lunch to burn.....and at the same time, you are removing my dress and kissing my back and then down to my ass. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. As you massage my legs, you remove my panties and then turn me around and begin kissing my stomach. Matti......I love to be so intimate....you would look up into my eyes as you are kissing my stomach and then pull me down onto the kitchen floor and lay me back on the floor and continue kissing my chest and then my breasts while your hands are massaging all of my body. Then going back down my stomach, your hands would slowly spread my legs and you would kiss down between them, looking up into my eyes to watch my pleasure and feel it with me.....as it would make you excited to see my enjoyment....to feel my pussy warm and wet in your mouth is a very nice feeling for you......and then when I am ready, you would come back up to kiss my mouth and get inside me and begin making love to me...........ummmmmmmmmm. Such a close and deep feeling for us. And then to continue until both of us were satisfied with feelings of uncontrolled joy and ecstasy. Ummmmmm My honey, after reading your letter, I can't sit calm! I feel so loneliness without you! I can't live without you! Can't wait to be next to you!!!!
As for my friends, I sent you picture with my friends at work. They work with me. One girl works as a book-keeper and another one a secretary. I know them for a long time. They are a year older than me.
I don't go out often. I work and when I come home, I'm very tired and I haven't forces to go out. Most of my time now I spend at home, knitting, sewing, reading. At the weekend I clean our flat, go shopping to buy some food.
As for your asking about my dreams, it seemed I told you about it in my third letter..
As for my family, everything is good. All of us are healthy. As for when we may meet, I'll have my vocation from 30th of January till 28th of February. I think we could meet during this time. What do you think about it?
I found out about the trip to St. Petersburg. The whole trip there cost about 250$. In this amount included the price of to and from tickets, insurance, air duties. I asked them about train tickets but they told me that there were no available tickets for train. They explained it that many people go there and they book tickets beforehand. So they suggested me to use plane. They said that to book tickets for plane easier. But they said that it would be better if we also book them beforehand.
I'll think about you constantly! I'll be with you, my love!!!
Be with me, I kiss you and let my kiss stay on your lips for a long time!!!

Letter 2

Hi, my darling Matti! Thank you for your lovely letter! Every minute my thoughts only about you! I go to sleep with the thought about you. With these thoughts I wake up. I love you at night, I love you in the day. I love you very much, only you are in my heart. If I said you something wrong or bad, please forgive me. I live due to your love. Believe, my little baby, soon everything will be good. You are my best friend, my future husband, you are everything for me. Your smile will be a sign that you are happy! And if my man will be happy, I need not other happiness! I love you very much, miss and wait for our meeting.
Dear, it's no matter if you rich or not, I love you such as you are! I like you such as you are! I like you all! And I think we'll be happy together! As for our future life with you, dear, I want to meet with you before! I so long to meet you, to see you, to look into your eyes, to touch you with my fingers, to hold you, to caress your skin to kiss you! I desire to speak to you, to hear your voice! If I'd have a phone right now... I dream about to buy it! Maybe some day my dream will realize! I think we'll have a happy future! Two people who love each other are happy to love each other! They need not any other gladness and happiness if they love each other! they need be together!
I long to stroke you, my darling!!!! When I read your lines I become so excited and my panties is getting wet. I haven't received anything sweeter than this letter you sent me!!!! I have never felt like this before. Nobody has taken me so far, except you, my prince from the clouds. You can't even imagine how I want to see you in real life, to make love with you. When I think about it my heart begins to beat faster and faster. I can't stop dreaming about you and about our future sex. Close your eyes and imagine me beside you.
You look at me and your excitement is up to a point that you cannot control yourself any more.
You unzip your trousers and your erected, swollen, hard prick jumps up like a spring.
You move to my side and you feel my hand grabbing it. It is big and throbbing. I pull you by it towards myself and you feel my hot and greedy mouth close on your pulsating head. You feel like in heaven. You cannot stand still and move. Your hard rod in my mouth in and out, in and out.
I grab it with both hands and start sucking and stroking it. One hand I move down to caress your balls.
Then while keeping one hand on your penis I move my other hand to my pussy and start tickling and teasing it with my own fingers.
You want to help me but you cannot reach me, beside you are too much taken by my sucking and stroking your hard rod. After a while you cannot bear it any more.
You take your dick out of my mouth with a "pop" sound. You move back between my legs and spread them even more far apart. You hit my clitoris with your prick head as if it were a hammer, then you slid it up and down against my pussy to make it open, sliding the small lips apart and make me feel the hard and silky touch of it.
I throw my head back and wait for you to penetrate me. I want it and I want it now.
You apply force to my hips and you feel your rod slid slowly and smoothly inside me. I am very wet and perfectly lubricated for your hard shaft to penetrate me deeply.
You can feel the hot wet inside of my body close around your dick and you push and thrust it as deeply as you can. You lay on top of me and start moving inside me slowly but deeply until you feel I react to the same rhythm.
I push back and make you enter me as deeply as possible at each stroke you give to me.
You start pounding me harder and harder and I push back at you harder and harder.
I start shouting.
I am wild and I hit you hard. You feel my nipples against your chest as hard as your prick inside me.
The explosion of another orgasm shakes and shatters me. I shout and scream and cum in wonderful bliss and pleasure. You cannot bear it any longer too.
You feel myself explode inside me. You pump me crazily and push me hard against the back of the sofa. You lift one of my legs over to your shoulder across your chest and you feel your penetration even deeper inside me.
You cum inside me. Your seed is injected inside me at the rhythm of your crazy heartbeat.
You hit me hard and hard until you lay on top of me and I breath convulsively on your neck.
You cannot move any more. You lay there on top of me, your still hard prick inside me in a lake of seed, hormones and juices. I hug you tight.
We stay there for a while. We cannot move, we cannot talk. After a long time we start coming back to life again, back to reality.
Baby, when we meet, I will be ready to make every your dream come true.
My darling, I wrote you that it's very difficult to get tickets to St. Petersburg. My dear, I explained you. You don't believe me? My honey, I haven't such rich friends who could borrow me funds for my trip to you. If you don't want to meet with me, write me about it. But don't cheat me, don't broke my heart!
My dear, what I'll do at home if you are not with me!!! I long to be with you, next to you, I dream to be always next to you in bad times and good!!!! I need you very very much!!!! My dear, I feel an intense desire to be next to my beloved man!!! How will I live far from you???!!! I'll do everything to be with you, for the sake of you!!!! My dear, I'd like to meet with you as soon as possible! I can't wait to see you in reality! To touch you! My dear, for me it's no matter for how long time you can come! Will it be a day or a month! The main thing that I'll see you in real life!
I hold you and kiss the whole thousands times!