Letter(s) from Valentina Obelchenko to Tony (England)

Letter 1

Hello Dear Tony!
Thank you very much for your letter. I'm glad to get it and it's very pleasant for me you're interested exactly in me. I haven't used the internet before. It's new for me and if honestly I don't know what to write.
I will tell some more about me. I'm 26. Height 172sm.
Weight 53kg. I have higher pedagogical education. I was born and live in Ukraine. I grow a little daughter alone. Liza is 2,8 years old. I hope that I 'll meet the person who'll love me and will take care about me, and my daughter. We miss love so much, Tony.
It is very sad when day by day you can't meet a person to be happy with. It seems that traditional family relations came to past. But I believe that there is a man in this world who keeps family values, who understands that family is the most important thing in life, who wants to have reliable, loving, frank person beside.
What makes me sad is insincere people who are not true to there loved ones. Appearance is many times from the heart and when your beautiful inside and out it is wonderful.
I do not ever want to be lonely again or sad or broken hearted again my Nice.
Darling, if you have the same point of view about life, and if you like my letter, I will wait for your letter. Please tell me about your life, your hobbies and dreams- I would like to ask you, Tony, to send me your photo though appearance is not important for me. The most important for me it's what man have inside, I mean kind soul and clever heart.
The main thing is his inner life and his soul.
I will wait for your letter with hope for something good.
I wish you to have a good day and all nice.
Elena and Liza

My real e-mail address is: blue_moon@bk.ru. Please, use this one for writing.
I live in Ukraine and You know I'm afraid it will make you upset.
I have never visited other places pin my life. This some mistake in my ad.
But I like your country very much!
I hear about your country much good things.
And I want be with my future Beloved man in such pleace where hem want!
I will be sincere happy if you will write me !!!