Scam letter(s) from Elena Lapteva to U. M. (Netherlands)

Letter 1

here stood my real name) , How are you?
I am glad, that you have become interested in me. It is very pleasant for me that I am necessary for someone.
To me to like to learn about you new. I think that you the good, intellectual person. Now I want to write to you a little about the life....
My parents live in village. I too was born in village on December, 25, 1980. In village I have lead the childhood. In the same place I have left school. After school I have gone to the city of Ioshkar Ola to enter the university. I have acted and successfully it have finished. I have chosen a trade the tutor because me to like to work with children. Now I work the second year in a kindergarten. Very much it is pleasant to me, as well as to you probably your trade. In city I remove an one-room apartment as there is no opportunity of her to buy. At us in city the one-room apartment costs about 15000 $, and the salary at me only 150 $ in a month. For you it probably the ridiculous salary? But at us the majority lives on this money.
Ioshkar Ola is a small city. The population of city about 500 thousand. Sights at us any are not present. And at you that interesting in city? If you can, there were to me photos. It will be pleasant for me to see you. I shall wait very much for your letter. Best regards,
Letter 2

Hello dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks that has found time to write to me the letter. Thanks for compliments. There were to me please still photos. I want you to see.
At once I want to tell on the account of the invitation to meet. You do not think that it too quickly? Or you simply want to win me at a meeting? You have decided to turn to me a head? I shall be certainly glad to meet you. For me it will be the big happiness. But I at once want to warn you, that I needy. I cannot pay trip and charges on collecting of papers. I only start to live independently from parents. I work in a kindergarten and I earn only 200 $. To me they suffice to rent the apartment and eat only.
Now I want to answer your questions........
In the man for me the main thing care, protection, understanding. To me to like when the man cheerful, good-natured, cheerful. In bed sometimes gentle, and sometimes as an animal.
To like men which recognize the mistakes, are not able to address with the girl and egoists.
On the account of residing in other country I can tell so - I wish to live with my husband where it will want, to me to like to submit to the man, but not always.
On the account of you I think that you the good, resolute person. I think you able to deliver to the girl pleasure and you will make all for the sake of the family. I examine the person on acts, instead of by words. In words the person can tell much, and make it is not enough.
And the age for me plays small value. The main thing that I wanted to be with this person.
In attitudes for me the most important this trust, fidelity, sexuality. And for you?
Dear if you really want me to win - I for!!! And if you want to meet - I immediately should to start collect papers and to do documents. On it will leave a few time and money. If you will help me, I shall immediately start to prepare for our meeting. Only tell to me at once - I really approach to you as the wife?
I shall wait now for your letter. I shall be prays that at us all has turned out and I shall hope that you sincerely with me.
With all love Elena!!!!!! PS: which I have sent the Address true.
Thanks for phones, but I cannot call to you - I do not have so much money
Letter 3

Hello my dear!!!!!!!!
It was very glad to your letter! Your letters cheer me up. All that at us with you occurs - it seems to me a fairy tale. I feel myself very happy!!! And you?
Thanks as for a song. I hope you to me you will sing her at a meeting. Yes?
Now I want to proceed at once to business.......
I already spoke you that I can easily take the days off for 10 days. I work the second year and I yet to time did not take holiday. So I can easily take holiday. So almost all depends on you if you want a meeting with me. I only can tell that I all shall make if only to see you. I will have vacation from December, 29 till January, 10 because there will be New Year's holidays and children houses live. By the way at us Christmas on January, 7. It would be the best variant. But think itself when to you better.
But I at once want to tell that I do not have even passport. So if we want suit a meeting in - we need immediately to start to do all documents. I think that it is not necessary to play for time. You in fact itself understand that all red tape with papers very difficult. It will be necessary to buy the visa in Moscow. But I think we with you we shall pass all obstacles to meet. But I am disturbed by the financial party{side} of an affair. It is inconvenient for me to ask money for trip and for documents you. I am afraid that you will count me bad. But without your support I cannot make anything. My salary only 150 $ the USA and to visit to you and on documents it is necessary about{near} 1000 $ the USA.
So road Adrie, our meeting can take place. I think that you can win my heart and take away me to yourself. I think that you present the man. It is visible even on your acts. You are not afraid of difficulties, you overcome them.
Gently kisssssss.........!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Elena!!!
Letter 4

Hello dear!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks huge for your letter and compliments. It was very pleasant! But you know that you too very good! There was to me please still a photo I want you to see! Even while on a photo. But in the future I hope you to see in alive.
Affairs at me it is good, but it would be much better - if you were a number. And at you as? You than now are engaged?
I am glad that you called to me. To me there has arrived yesterday the cousin to pass rates of preparation for receipt in university. When I have come today from work it to me have told that someone called 2 times and threw a tube. It you mean was.
Next time when you will call - warn me that I waited for your bell. But you be not frightened that I very badly speak on English. I hope it will not be for us a problem.
I wanted to go on rates of the English language. We have remarkable school. There prepare during 2 months for colloquial English language. But when I have learned that training costs 300 $ - I at once have decided not. For me it is enormous money. It is necessary to give me two my salaries. If you disturbed strongly with my bad knowledge of the English language - I could pass small rates.
In an old photo I think that you sit on a log on the middle. If it not so - forgive me and write to me where you. It is very interesting to me! See you soon road Adrie! I with impatience shall wait for your letter and a meeting with you!
I tender kiss and embrace!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Elena!!!!!!!
Letter 5

Hello loved!!!!!!!!
I have now sent you the letter about have received from you again letters. Many thanks! I am glad that you give me a lot of time!
It is very a pity to me that you to me called to sing a song, and my cousin has taken. I do not know as you to prove that he/she is my cousin. I think that we should trust and trust each other. Without it anything good to fail. My cousin call Grisha. It knows about you. If you want - I can acquaint you with it. It will be at me about New year. Simply specially for him to rent the apartment very dearly.
So when it will take phone - you be not frightened. Ask me in the language and it at once will call me! Well!
And the photo for you were made by my best girlfriend. Her name is Lyudmila and she sends the regards to you! She has persuaded me that I for you have made a photo a little dissolutely and that very much to like you a photo. It so?
About training to the English language I want to tell that I am glad that you want to help me. I see that you with me do not play - and is valid at you about me the big plans. I now am confident that you can trust and trust. I am confident that we not simply talk about a meeting, and really her we arrange. About Western Union I know only from advertising. There to be spoken that to you it is necessary to come in bank and to know the data on me and where to send...... There to you will give a code which you should transfer me and write the sum of translation. I was more about Western Union I know nothing.
My data:
The country: Russia
City: Ioshkar-Ola
Name: Elena
Surname: Lapteva
So as soon as you will send me translation - I at once shall go to study the English language, and you will call and speak me my successes. Well!
Passionately whole also I embrace.............
With all love........ Your Elena!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 6

Hello dear!!!
Thanks for your letter! Yesterday I was glad to receive from you such plenty of letters. Today I work. We plan our representation to New Year. We discuss the plan of representation. Who whom should play and what children to take to us in support.
Well and you than are engaged?
Now I shall answer your questions.........
I understand your fears. But I wrote to you that it is my cousin Grisha. It knows about you and asks a pardon that takes a tube of phone. It{he} has simply got acquainted with the girl and when phone calls - it all thinks that it she and phone suffices. But I have warned it about your bells. So be not frightened and do not put a tube - it will call me. Well! At him 29 numbers last day preparatory employment, and then it will leave. I cannot simply give up to it in residing. In our country relatives always help than can. Us so bring up since the childhood. And to rent the apartment very dearly.
So understand also me.
And about our meeting I to you have already told that choose itself. If you want in Saint Petersburg at me will be less problems. I should not run and do documents. In Saint Petersburg speak very beautifully. But speak that there in very well summer. Fountains in Peter - I palace there open. I want that the place of a meeting was chosen by you. I want that my guy made the important decisions. In fact the man a head of family!
Today I have run in bank and have learned about Wester Union. To me have told that you should know my full name, the country, city and the address.
And me to receive translation: your address, the country, city, a name, a ten-character code which to you will give in bank and the sum of translation. That when you to me will make translation - you should send me these data that I could receive translation.
My data:
The country: Russia
City: Ioshkar Ola
Street: Mira
The house: 68
Apartment: 71
Name: Elena
Surname: Lapteva
My training will occur in firm " Verdzhiniya ". Training costs 300 $.
So if you agree - we are able to do it even tomorrow and I already would start my training from this week.
You as look at it?
I with impatience shall wait for your new letter and a meeting with you!!!!!!!
I cannot wait any more when I shall see you!!!!!
Sweet I shall kiss also strong embraces
Your girl Elena!!!!!!!!
Letter 7

Hello loved!!!!!!!!!!
Thank huge for translation!!! I with impatience wait when I shall start training to the English language! I very much want it to study that we might communicate with you. As many thanks wants to tell that you have sent me on new things! I shall buy to myself something to Birthday and I shall be photographed for you!!!
Now at us evening. So I now can not descend in bank. I shall go there tomorrow. But I still need to know the sum of translation, differently to me translation may not give. Write the sum of translation. As I shall go tomorrow in bank to you I shall write. Well!
Now I finish the letter. I shall wait from you new.
Very gentle and passionate kiss...........
With all love.........
Yours Lena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 8

Hello dear!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank for the letter!!! How Christmas?
It is very a pity to me that I was not present near to you!
I want to wish you happy Christmas!!!
Tomorrow I hope to hear your voice after 21 hours Moscow time. Till 20 I shall be at work, and my cousin while will prepare for a table for visitors.
I have received translation. Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With love Elena!!!!!!!!!!! Forgive that a little but I should prepare for birthday. It is necessary to make
Letter 9

Hello dear!!!!!!!!!!!
How at you has passed Christmas?
To me have now brought your gift. Many thanks!!!!!! It was very pleasant!!!!!!!!!
Forgive, but I have no time to write.
I regret that you are not present near to me!!! I on you miss!
With love.....
Your Elena!!!!!!!!!
Letter 10

Hello dear!!!!!!!!
Thank for the letter, song and photo!!!
How at you an affair? Than you are engaged?
We yesterday marked my Day Birth! We saw champagne which you have presented! Many thanks!
We all over again with friends sat at me at home. There I was presented with many gifts, and then we send in club. There we had fun and have danced. It was good!!! But it would be even better, if you were a number(line).
By the way as you could send me the gift?
Today I am engaged in different fine affairs of a house.
Well and you as will spend day off? Gentle and sweet kiss..........
With all love......... Elena!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 11

Hello dear!!!!!!!!
How at you an affair? How there is a preparation for new year?
I now have not enough time to write much. At me New Year's representation already will begin. I think that it will be remarkable evening!!! Tomorrow at me a small vacation will begin. They will be till January, 10. I tomorrow leave to my parents on holidays - I already spoke you. So I want to tell you that you did not lose me and did not overlook. I as shall come from a village from my parents - at once to you I shall write.
Still I want to tell you that I treat you very seriously. You are very expensive to me also I do not want you to lose. It is very pleasant for me to communicate with you and I want you to see very much!
Still I want to wish you happy new year! I wish that all your dreams have come true in 2005!!!!!!!!!!
For you on a photo a small gift for new year!!!!
It is a lot of kisses.......!!!!!!!!!!
With all my love................... Your Elena!!!!!!!!!!!!
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