Letter(s) from Julia to Gord (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Gord!
Thank you for your answer. It was very nice of you. You know your letter made me feel better. I'm dreaming of a man who will be my best friend, who wants to spend his time with me and is willing to discuss and resolve any problems we might have along the way. I want a man who I can share all my dreams and hopes with. I don't know English,but I want to learn it for so much. I don't have a computer at home, so I use the service of the firm that provides me the Internet and interpreter. I hope you will like my letter. I am writing to you what I'm thinking about, so I am honest with you and frank.
I like to do many things in my life. Life can be boring without doing anything. I try to do something in order to make my life bright and interesting. I like tennis, badminton, running and swimming. I like to go to the swimming pool. I relax there and I gain much energy when I swim.
I am crazy about dances, I love it so much. I think that I have a rest when I dance. I wish I could dance with you. I know we will have a fine time together.
I want to find the man who could understand me from the word, from the first movement. I value most of all mutual understanding in the family. My man of the dream is frank, strong physically, he should help me in the difficult situation. I think that the true love exists and who knows maybe i found it already, we can check after some correspondence with you. Who knows maybe you are my destiny and you are intended for me. I really want to know you better, what do you do at the weekend and at the weekday, what is your hobby, what do you value most of all in your life? What is very important for you in your life? I really hope that you will answer me.
I miss you.
Your Yuliya.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Gord!
What wonderful photos you sent me! Thanks.
I enjoyed looking at them!
It was a pleasure for me to get your letter today. You know yesterday when I went home I met my friend. I haven't seen her for a long time. You see we were neighbors in our childhood. We were the best friends with her. But when she was 15 years old they moved to another town,far from ours. And we haven't seen each other for very long time. Sometimes we wrote to each other,but you know it's a very long process. She moved to another town,far from ours. So when yesterday somebody called me I turned looked at the girl and thought that it's not for me. I continue to go but she repeated my name more louder I returned once more,but couldn't recognize the person. She came to me very quickly and said with a smile that it's very bad to forget good friends. And when she told me who is she,I couldn't believe my own eyes. I was so glad top meet her. It appeared that her husband came there by his work and she decided to come with him. We went to the cafe. We had a lot to tell to each other and then her husband came to us, she introduced us to each other. He is so nice person. I told her that my future husband is also a very nice person. They'll be there for several days and weekends they are going to spend there also.I'm so glad,it means that I'll be able to spend some time with them again. Tomorrow they'll come to me. I wish you to have a good rest. I'm thinking of you all the time. I'll be waiting for your next letter with impatience.
I miss you,
I kiss you,
Your Yulia.

Letter 3

Dear Mr. Gord,

Yulia used our firm as the access to the Internet and our translator. Unfortunately she can't reply to your letter because her account is over. If you're interested in the girl, we can send you information about our service and payment. We hope for our future cooperation.

Sincerely Yours
Director "Consensus"
Raisa Shevchenko