Scam letter(s) from Elena to Tommy (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello, my beloved Tommy!! Thanks for your nice letter!! I'm very glad to get every message from you!! I also want to tell you that I wait for your every letter with impatience. I enjoy every your word and every your sign!! For me you are a very intelligent and experienced man!! I thought a lot why I correspond with you. And sometimes I think that the God sent me you!!! I believe in it with all my heart!! My mother always says that it is impossible to find your other half without the God's will!! I never told you, but I believe in God!! Sometimes when I'm upset or bored, I take the Bible from my book-shelf and read the chapter from there. I think a lot about the ideas expressed in Bible. I'm sure it is the most bright book of life I have ever read!! I also need to say that after the reading of Bible, I always feel better. I don't want to say I'm a religious one!! But I take much wisdom from the Bible. It is not important for me what religion you have!! But the important thing is that I know that the Lord exists!! And He helps the people, who believes in Him without doubts, who gives everything for His glory!!!!! I believe He knows my thoughts and feelings in relation to you, my love!! I'm sure we will develop a strong and stable relationship, because we both want it, don't we?? I look forward to meeting you soon!! I want to be with you and I miss you badly, my sunshine!! I decided to give our relationship to the hands of the Lord and I think He will take care of me!!! I'm really afraid to loose you, dear!! Say that you love me and that you need me!! I will go to the church to order the candle for our happiness and to ask Him to be careful with us!!! I wish you to be in good mood, to smile and laugh a lot!! I wait for your soon reply, my darling!! I hope you are not scared by my words!!
Only your Lena
Letter 2

Hello, my love Tommy !!! Thanks for your nice letter to your Juliet!! It is always a great pleasure for me to read your letters. I feel your presence in my life very much!! I want to tell one thing which is important for me!! I can't live without you!! It is better to die for me than to loose you, my love!! I don't know why I have such feelings to you!! But you have something that the others men don't have!! I can't explain the exact features of your character that like!! But I feel it, my love!! I have the strong necessity of your presence in my life. It may seem you a bit strange. But it is true, my love!! I want to share with you all the difficulties of the life and meet the happiness together as well!! I want to have children with you!! I want to be a good mother for them, my sunshine!! I want to say them: "See you this afternoon!!", when they go to the college!! Do you want it too?? I wish all our dreams to come true!! You ask me about our meeting and about visit you in Australi a. This is a very interesting and I hope that this is really. I have not any finance for prepare my documents but if we will think about our meeting serious I think that we can use travel agency and pay for all. If this is interesting for you and you think that we ready meet each other we can speak about all things with travel agency. I can find travel agent who can help us with this. I think that I can find any money for my trip too, because do it for you alone not easy. Sorry for that the letter is too short!! I need to go now, my love!! I wait for your message with impatience!!
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