Scam letter(s) from Elmira Zamaleeva to Herbert (USA)

Letter 1

I want to thank you for writing dear Herb.
It is very glad to our first acquaintance and a mutual exchange of letters. I have chosen you from many because you seem interesting to me. Please let me to help to you to understand me better. An explanation, That who does Elmira, I. I had not a difficult life, I grew with mine mum, And she in every possible way preserved me. My father of us has stopped when to me there were seven years. And since then, my mum to not marry. When I was small we lived in Small city about border about Kazakhstan, there were no many things to . In this city there, where many hooligans. And rather frequently I was the center Attention for them. Why that of me did not love. Then on distribution my mum have directed to city, as small, under the name - Ershov. I have gone to the first class of high school already in city new to me. My coevals appeared very friendly and to this day at me many friends whom to remain from school. I shall send you a photo of my friends as if certainly you wish to see it. I live in Russia and always a vein in Russia. I when was not abroad and always dreamed of it. My growth 5 " 6 " (1.68), weight 125lbs (57??), the blonde (I paint hair in light color because it is pleasant to me, the hair at me fair-haired), at me blue eyes, I cheerful, like to laugh. I work in shop of optics. On a speciality I the seller of the industrial goods. I sell glasses for people with bad sight. During free time from work I like to meet the friends. Houses I like to read the book or to watch TV. I love serials. My favourite color - white. I do not love night, I am afraid the closed premise. I do not love loneliness. I love music of modern Russian executors: Alla Pugacheva, Filip Kirkorov. Very much it is pleasant Madonna, Sherr. I badly know on names what I love music, but they are the basic singers whom I love. I like pool and a sauna. At mine girlfriends are a hot sauna, is not far from our city and we always go there on the days off. I work five days in a week. And in revival we go in village what to breathe fresh air and to be washed in a hot sauna. I love bathing in the river and to walk in park. Well while it is enough about me, answer me some questions: I would like to see a lot of pictures of you. You are simple and silent? You ski, skate, sometimes play a guitar for to have a good time. You enjoy classical music and songs? You read books? You also find horses charming, we have one person who arranges driving on horses on holidays. On it I to stop today, I shall write tomorrow. Also I wait from you the letter. I hope, that I interest for you. My photo, for you! Elmira.
Letter 2

Hello dear Herb.
Many thanks for your good e-mail-message which I have received in Good condition. I have accepted some time to write down almost Everything, that probably required to know concerning me. I used It is a little chapters for each subject and you should be typed patiences, What to read it.
I the Christian I do not visit church. I am not religious and not fanatical.
I respect religion of other people.
Character / on open air:
I like to be on open air, even in a rain, a greeting, a snow or a wind With you I can even probably address with a cold without any problems.
The huge country about some millions or even billions inhabitants. I can Warrant you, it rather impresses, in comparison with other countries. The nature at us amazing, alive and very beautiful. Birchwoods involve Itself of people for rest and gathering of berries and mushrooms. My city "Ershov" is Small city, some kilometers from Saratov. I live on the external party of mine Cities Ershov. At us near to city the river - Mal. Uzeny proceeds. My city It is located in a southeast of the European part of Russia. A climate continental.
Average temperature of January-18?, July +20?. At us is present some hills. The nature around really fascinating.
I love animals, but what live in free to the nature. Mine The girlfriend teaches at school a subject on the basis of the nature and considers the some people Parts of Russia for different animals. From time to time I go with it for Researches and the help. I do not have cat or a dog of a house, because I - too much from a house. I to be Houses only in revival, for cleaning and others domestic has put. In the evening I certainly As at home to prepare to eat and different work on the house, I very much love it To do. But my work borrows a lot of time. My working day makes with 9:00 mornings, up to 18:00 evenings.
The foodstuffs:
I love all and to eat in plenties. I to not eat a plenty of meat, But I - not the vegetarian. On Saturday my mother prepares for evening a pizza or another Batch that is with me and with my friends whom frequently to visit Me on a visit. It more or less tradition. On Sunday I to eat, fries In the house of my girlfriend meat or vegetables, in village is not far from our city, also More or less tradition. Then we go in a hot sauna, I as to write to you About it in the previous letter. I do not leave for a dinner very much frequently, I Require the company. I take for work I peep, what to not spend money on Dining room or other institutions. During lunch time we close shop, we cover Table for meal and to eat. At us in shop two sellers, one of them I. And medical The worker (girl) which checks sight at visitors and can prescribe medicine For eyes or to write out glasses.
I do not drink alcohol, I never did, and I never shall be.
I do not smoke, I never did, and I never shall be. However, I allow anothers in My company who ask me to smoke, if they want to.
I love a cabaret and I rise comedians. I do many jokes, Which are based at game with words and language. You possible could To find from when you study Russian independently once.
I am interested in a history, but only the facts, people, etc. not all Kinds of historical theories.
Music is important for me. In my youth I was enough the fan of a rap music (mum speaks), but now I love almost everything, especially pop. As my radio plays all the day on work. I am a person, who sometimes dances in Working hours. Rather strange!?!?!?!? If a song sad I can be Very sentimental.
I - not much of the reader. The newspaper, comics, the classical literature or poems. In the evenings the truth I read art novels.
I observe the TV. I have the TV, but at us display only three channels TV. But I and have enough, because on it of the channel there are those programs, Which I like to look. I do not love cinema of horror. Comedies and serials - my favorites. I do not go to cinema very much frequently, it is possible to me the company is necessary.
Sports are very important for me. Without any realization exercise I shall become Languid. I hope to die when I - 100 years of age. Since the morning, before the worker In the afternoon time for a breakfast, physical exercises and water procedures suffices me. I to not sleep for a long time in lodge. I very active.
Health is very important. I to watch over the health. And constantly I visit doctors for Analyses and the most basic I love dentists! Very much many are afraid of the dentist, And I am not afraid. My teeth strong and healthy.
I care much concerning fabrics, what they are pure and in comprehensible a condition. The pure and tidy kind is necessary for my work for me. Our shop one of the first on To quality of service and the European standards. And me and my girlfriends on the worker Place it is required to look beautifully.
Some bases:
Full name Zamaleeva Elmira.
Name: Elmira? (it is named in honour of a name of my grandmother from the party of my father. Unfortunately mine Father of me has stopped, for that name remained.
Surname Zamaleeva, is a surname of my father.
Date of a birth: on November, 27, 1967. On a horoscope I arrow.
City: Ershov, Saratovskoy areas.
The country: Russia.
Send by e-mail:
high school ?4, technical school, on a speciality the seller.
I have holiday, but 3 or 4 weeks every year not in general any problem. I love active holiday: walking, driving on a bicycle, a camping. I can sit on a beach. Unfortunately I could not visit other cities or even the countries for travel. But I I hope, that at me still all ahead.
In this moment I work as the seller in shop of optics for visually impaired people. But I likely am repeated and wrote about it.
The house:
I live about mine mum since as we to move to this city. At us small With mum an apartment. But I have room. I was married and then I lived In the house of the husband. And now I have returned to mum and I do not regret that has left the former husband. Housekeeping - my majority of favourite activity. When you live One you frequently simply lack to do it. I like to be the housewife.
Floor / the novel:
In attitudes it is very important, that you hold each other informed be relative Your wishes and desires be relative *** / the novel. Only then there is an opportunity To have good relations without anyone frustration concerning a floor / the novel (which can To be fatal, I think). I think, that *** is important for me as it is fine and romantic Walk on coast with same the man to which you trust also which you you like. Mine The former husband was the egoist, all over again it was romanticism and he had beautiful carings for me. But behind all it I did not notice, that it the future alcohol - dependent. It many saws also did not want and did not love children. When I began to beat the pregnant woman it me and I Has lost the child. Now I cannot have children. But for five years while I live already one With mine mum, I have got used that I can not have children. And if you have children or You do not want to have children probably we with you can adjust our attitudes and we shall be Are happy in two.
Mine mother Karina, was born 17???? 1949. In post-war years. Mum has given birth to me Early. But we with mum look very well because we do not want, that of us would think, That we old and to whom not the necessary women. In fact we live in proud loneliness. Only My friends love us and do not give us to miss. My father was bad. My former husband was Bad. Many women are tormented from men who abuse alcohol. I have Do not contact any more them.
Money / the property:
My family has no any property. We is not rich, and I probably never shall To grow rich also. I personally have no any duties. I - and I have not many requirement There is enough money to pay my current life. We to not have the automobile and I I am not able to drive the automobile. I use the bus if to me where that is required to go. Earlier at me the bicycle was, but it has been stolen. And more I could not buy it.
As I look at me:
I am various, but not in the negative way. I not the most beautiful person in the world, but I not **** also. I - womanly. I cheerful, with sense of humour. I am active and I like active people. I have opinion concerning everything, but I shall always respect Opinion concerning other people. Though I am the adult, there is still something of the child In me. I love flowers of a rose and all beautiful. I love ornaments, but I have no that gold. Now it is a lot of on sale of inexpensive costume jewellery and beautiful ornaments which replace Gold. And I to use it.
I hope, that you have not fallen asleep at reading my message! I - very much Worrying to receive your following message for which I speak.
Yours it is sincere, Elmira.
Letter 3

Hello dear Herb. It is very interesting to me to learn you. And as very much it would be desirable to speak about itself. I hope, that each letter and my photos will do you little bit happy and also to trust me little bit more. I feel something very special and probably is at last our turn to be happy. I spent hours what to start my photos in a correct format. I had to address in a photographic studio, that my photos could be looked and transferred on a computer. I did not think, that it is such complex technology, but now all is good, and I can send you the pictures constantly. On the previous photo, I am not far from railway station of the area. My house is as not far and on that, at night when we sleep, we to hear taking place trains. Other person, could wake up under noise of a passing train, and we with mum have got used and at us quiet dream. I have made some pictures, at a time, I was going to go for work and asked the girlfriend to photograph me. And so we have reached work and a picture from the right, I at shop where I work. At the left two photos, I at the house where I live with mum. In the winter at us it is very cold, but my fur coat warm, she is tailored from artificial fur, but all the same warm. Today since morning a saw of coffee, I love coffee, and still I love toasts. When bread will be roasted I to put on him cheese and when cheese will thaw, and bread will cool down, I with pleasure of it to eat. How you think of me? Your friends and native know about me? I am interesting to you as the woman? I ******? It is important for me to know your opinion on me, that I could plan concerning you. I can well read English and understand conversation, but I unfortunately was bad to speak, I need experience. But I as use the compiler for translation because in the Internet of cafe on a computer there is no English keyboard. Expectation is impatient for your answer, Elmira.
Letter 4

Hello dear Herb. For me have just copied your letters and henceforth I shall collect your letters and I shall sometimes re-read them. It would be desirable as to have your photos available. I am always very much excited, when I see your letter in my electronic box. It so is amusing, to correspond, when we are in thousand miles from each other. In this letter you have found out a photo, on which I and my mum. At us in Russia speak so: if you want the wife at you in an old age it is necessary to look on its mum will see what. And on that me interests, as you concern to mine mum. You like our small family??? I very much love the mum, she at me beautiful, most gold, The cleverest, the most favourite. I very much love her. She for me has much made in a life, support of mum the most important for me. If not she I would not be in this world. She has brought up me polite, I was good to study due to that mum to help me to study, force me to diligence, to learn me to prepare to eat and many other affairs on the house. Education mum for me always an example for imitation. Probably you want to see me without a coat? But it is new photos, and I now such and have not changed nearly. Further I shall send you other my photos. Also I assure you, that if you will not hurry up, you will see a lot of interesting. I would like to describe myself under the order whatever that to not miss. Today I to rise a little before usual and for this purpose to get an alarm clock since evening. I wanted to descend in shops before work what to look a gift for our worker. The bookkeeper next week birthday and it it is necessary to buy a gift from ours. I have expressed desire to be run on shops before work. But that has not found suitable. Can in the day off we descend in a place with girlfriends. And by the way at me birthday was, and we went with girlfriends to cafe. I have invited them, and paid everyone for myself. Unfortunately I cannot cover a table in cafe, it is expensive. And houses to celebrate have not wanted. I as shall send you a photo. Only I cannot send at once many photo because they are difficult for transferring on a computer and it is necessary to address in the specialized photo-center. Usually I to carry a hairdress - kare. It it is a little long up to shoulders. I like my hairdress and I paint hair a paint. My hair half EI?cO?Y in blonde, and half native fair-haired. I do not know when you receive my letter, but it seems to me, that when we sleep, you are awake. And when at you day we sleep. So, good night. If I am not right to correct me. Certainly I would like to meet you in the present, but it will be after when we can learn each other better. On the account of money I to not be offended, but I while have savings for the Internet, thanks, that you worry for me. I wait the answer, Elmira.
Letter 5

Hello dear Herb.
I think of you all the day long and all the night long.
Your letters Have made me the happy person. I began to forget that it was when to have the man. I will run into debt my happiness to you and only you. I wish us to be the only thing the whole as you do. I I wish to know all concerning mine. I can speak with Men who face to me and do not feel anything. But when I Read letters from mine the man half of way, all over the world I cannot To force a smile to leave my person. I like to wake up early in the morning, Hoping, that mine the man, probably, has sent the letter to me. I wish to spend my life, doing you happy. And in replacements it is required to me only small - reciprocity! Me when to not kiss from from fingers of legs up to mine a nose. Me neither when to not love gently and sincerely. I nor when to not test myself on the present the woman. To me when did not bring coffee in a pastel. My ****** experience very modest. Though to me 37 years. No!, I do not want to receive huge ****** experience, I only want to be the beloved! I want, that you correctly would understand me. I wish to spend my life, with you, and I shall try to help to forget to you all pain and loneliness which is in your heart. I wish to grow old and divide many happy memoirs together. In fact we have met, what to find the love? I wish to know, how your heart sees us becoming one. We continue to write back and forth during long time? I want to learn with each letter you all better and better. It is need for it, that we could learn and not be mistaken. You agree with me? Our hearts should speak with us and allow to us some answers. I do not know a way about your way of life and rules, that you should live. You should understand, that I want, that we were as one with all my heart. You love cologne? For me the smell proceeding from men is important. I use spirits of the Russian manufacture and his name: " Lily of the valley silvery ". This smell slightly sharp, but only all over again, and then it becomes more gentle and sweet. You love a sweet smell? It is possible, if you to me will tell the favourite smell I could pick up for you, that be from the Russian cologne. I have just received your letter and at once tried the answer to him. With impatience I wait for the answer, for you Elmira.
Letter 6

Hello my dear Herb. Thanks for the next letter to me. Has come it is time to acquaint you with my friends! In given which I have sent a photo today my girlfriends since the childhood. In yellow vest Alla. In a white vest from right Lena. Well and at the left you have learned me! This photo has been accepted in the beginning of summer of the last year. Now all of us have a little changed and on became more senior. At me it is a lot of friends and at us many the general interests and friends. I have friends with which I in the childhood went to school. I have friends with which I to study in school. I have friends with whom I work. Even my heads on work my friends. We when do not quarrel, though there are disagreements, but they how to not be reflected in our friendship. I always try to settle words any conflict and to me always follow advice. Though I and not the grown-up in our company, but I am considered as authority. A little I bragged now, but it is valid so. Lena and Alla know about you. I him have told about you. And they approve my choice. Their support for me very important. In fact from the party it is visible. Probably I am in love with you and I can not notice that it is possible to notice from the party other eyes. But girlfriends of me have supported and spoke about you as about the positive person. Well certainly about mine of words. I to whom shall not allow your letters. But there will be a story about you. Because as all have learned, that I have you, now to begin constant questions to me about you. But to me attracts to tell about you. In fact I think you mine the man. Also I hope, that you think me the woman. From my girlfriends I transfer you warm greetings and they wish to get acquainted with you. It is very a pity, that you not here. Though I am jealous you to everything, even to the checked up friends. My name that does not mean. It is simple a name. I would like to go there, that you have suggested me. The list very big and, what all to pass all life is required. And I am ready to go all life and that a number you would be. Thanks for a photo I very much love them. I wait the answer, yours Elmira.
Letter 7

Hello my dear Herb. I am happy also my happiness huge. I am pleased, that you write to me Constantly and I to be warmed by that and my heart hot. And you know, that I Last night has made??? I only yesterday have dressed up a fur-tree of a house. At Some my familiar the fur-tree costs some days. Well and I only Has now put. She at us small, 90 centimeters and Artificial. I to apply still a photo from the date of my birthday. In One of a photo I to develop a gift and as you think, that there Was??? And there there was a small souvenir toy the elephant. To me have told If I shall collect 7 elephants I shall be happy. The first elephant at me Is present. I am seted by a question, I shall read what words from yours Hearts in your following letter. Your last letters were very much Are pleasant to read and others are various from all. I can hear and To feel true pleasure in your words. It does me very much Happy to think, that I - a part of that pleasure. I truly believe, that it - The beginning of a beautiful life which we have started to divide as one. I want, That you knew, that I shall never be disappointed in you, us, or Our dreams. Unique in the way it will ever happen - that, If you to inform me, that you do not want me in your life, is longer and You wish me to leave you one. Why you do not remember my birthday, I wrote to you in the second letter. My birthday already was on November, 27. As I put my address. It in Russian and the English language. I know English, and I can read and listen, but unfortunately I bad speak. But nevertheless I think that it will not be a problem. In fact small skill at me is present. Expectation of your following letter and Words from heart, Elmira.
Letter 8

Hello mine Herb.
Thanks for the letter. Day my heart sings each, when I read to your mail. Clearly, that we have the small disorder in our translations. I try to use accessible words and sometimes I should guess for your words. Our words can be not clear, but we of sympathy the friend the friend are completely clear. I am sure that you agree with me. I shall hold these letters for ever. I truly trusted in us since your first letter. My heart began to sing. I meet the men facing to me and I do not feel anything. To me very important your presence, me it is very important to know, that you are had at me, let while you are far, but your letters do so, that you seem absolutely beside. I put my next photo, this my girl the partner on work. We in a place work as the seller. And completely each other we trust. I think, that you as love also this photo! I put other file and I hope, that you can see it. I am not able to use a computer and I hope, that you understand my position. I want what once to wake up and me who be has brought coffee while I still sleep, it so is romantic! Yours Elmira.
Letter 9

My Dearest Herb.
I would want that you saw me on my workplace. This photo has been accepted on December, 20. We have just dressed up a fur-tree on work and us director has made a photo. As soon as it has given me my photos, I at once have run to send you and to write to you the answer to the letter on which I am sure was in my electronic box. Our shop is considered one of the best in city. It the most beautiful and the advanced. You likely can notice it, looking at a photo. Our working day came to an end also people in shop absolutely is not present. I in fact already wrote, that our shop refers to "Optics" and we serve people with the weakened sight. In our city the population about 40000 person and at me such sensation, that at us is more than half of people with the weakened sight. Every day there come new people and basically buy glasses for the first time. I when to not think of it earlier. And how your sight? My eyes see well and I do not complain yet of sight. If that that happen, I work just there where it is necessary. It is strange, that has not received my address, I sent two times to you and I send once again:
Zamaleeva Elmira
Russia, zipcod: 413500
Saratovskaya area,
Ershovskiy area,
City Ershov,
Ubileynaya str. 22-3
Unfortunately I have no phone and there is no opportunity to communicate with me, only on electronic or by constant mail. Now that you will receive my address and can write to me the hand-written letter.
I wait the answer, yours Elmira.
Letter 10

Hello my dear Herb. Almost two weeks I receive yours - beautiful letters. I never would condemn you for division of your close secrets with me. I want, that you have divided all your secrets with me. And I shall divide mine with you. You have answered all my questions, showing your dream to me. I am very happy, that I have woken these feelings within the limits of you. For you these sleeping desires in me also have woken. I felt from your first letter, that we had special communication. It is a pity to me, that I not with you now. I did not sleep all the night long again. As I could not stop to think of you and your letters. In my opinion we investigated each other all the night long for a long time. Then we put exhausted in everyone other hands, observing increase of the sun. It - how our lives will be will be, when we- those. Hold your desires burning for me. Enough this conversation while. And you - while are far. I am sure, that you liked my photo which I have sent you today. This photo has been accepted this summer on a country site of my girlfriend. On a photo at the left I was ready for photographing, and on a photo on the right I was not ready, but nevertheless the photo were successful. On me my favourite and unique bathing suit. All girls when do not hesitate to undress to such condition in the summer and on a beach. I as, can go in a bathing suit, and to other season when I shall not allow itself to undress in the summer. I hope, what this photo has delivered you the greatest satisfaction from seen? I have still photo and I shall try to send you tomorrow. I could fill up you with my photos, but I do not have technical opportunity for this purpose. I fall in love with you and it is your merit. " Me when to not kiss from from fingers of legs up to mine > a nose. Me neither when to not love gently and sincerely. I nor when > to not test myself on the present the woman. To me when did not bring > coffee in a pastel. "-I wanted to tell it, that me when did not like on the present and I want to test it on the present, I would want what to kiss my body. I when do not go at night to Internet - cafe. I go during the working day and when it is still bright. I wish you happy birthday and I wish you happiness and success in all your affairs. Excuse, can to you was not pleasant, that I to write about glasses, but I looked at your photos earlier and believe, I did not notice glasses. Just now I have noticed glasses on your person. And by the way on one photo which you have sent, you without glasses. I wish you happy Christmas! I studied in school and I had many photo but when we to leave the husband it many my photos to tear and at me there were only more modern my photos. I very much to be angry with him because of it, but in fact a photo will not stick together. I wait the answer, yours Elmira.
Letter 11

Hello my dear Herb. It is very nice to hear from you and learn things about you and your way of life. I do look forward to seeing your email's you seem like a very warm and caring person. And you have the qualities that every man would want to share. And so on, as you can see, that I think, that is present so much to do in the summer. I like a hot sauna as it is submitted on a photo. I at the girlfriend in village, I already wrote, that we on the days off go in a bath what to be washed and not only. It is very good to jump during a snow and a snow in the winter will thaw from a hot body, and I receive from it pleasure and a charge of energy and huge health. You could jump during a snow after a hot rural sauna? These photos too have been accepted this summer. My girlfriend Lena, she on a photo with me, always a vein in village after she has moved to city we with it friends and I am constant with it to go to it in village. I love village, there a smell of pair milk, a smell of hay. Very beautifully in the summer and especially becomes covered by a golden crust, very beautifully in the autumn when the foliage turns yellow also all ground. Since January, first we will have 10 days the days off. I do not understand why at us under the new law want to make so much the days off, but nevertheless we shall work likely. Yes I also do not want so much days to have a rest. If it is so much days of rest I would lead them in village in the summer. Now at us the end of year also is necessary to me to be engaged in reports. But I shall take it for holidays and to do at home. I love paper work and sometimes I reflect what to study on rates of accounts department and to be the bookkeeper. But all this plans. You have compared me to the goddess and it has raised me to you, thanks you for it. I want to kiss as. Our Internet - cafe is not closed, I wrote to you that we do not celebrate Christmas. But in new year, it is possible will be closed. I wait from you new news and I wish you happy new year. I wait the answer, Elmira.
Letter 12

Hello my dear Herb.
My day today passes very briskly. At us today reception of the goods. Have delivered many different frames for glasses, it is a lot of boxes. Well certainly I as the active worker dragged these boxes one. We do not have loaders and we should drag the goods. It is a lot of clients and behind cash department it is necessary to stand. Have caused my the partner, she on cash department Stood, and I accepted the goods. This most mine not hobby. I am tired today...... Home I shall come I shall fall in a bed and I shall sleep. And to not wake up till the morning. When at us delivery of the goods at us always the shop is overflown, everyone go and choose, but buy the same as and in usual day. The proceeds do not rise. And what at you Unloved day on work? In the evening today I want to esteem from you all letters which you have sent me, I like it to do. I pray within day, I can study your eyes and speak those words. Thanks for beautiful words in your letter. I expect all your letters and the a lot to surround me, the better. I want to be in your embraces so awfully. I want and to require to know, that you are real. I should feel heat of your body against mine. I want to know your unique aroma. I want to enter into a room both to feel your aroma and to know, that you were there recently. Aroma is very important for me. Probably it - why the aromatherapy carries out much Interest for me. Aroma is more powerful than other feelings. Your nose is directly enclosed to your brain. The certain aroma can transform anyone to their past in the moment. I shall know your aroma well. It will never leave me. I hope, that I have brought a smile to your person and have added small Strengthening and comfort to your heart today. I have applied I wash a photo, I do not remember when she has been accepted, but nevertheless love it. I to think that we shall sometime meet in the person much. And we after a long correspondence, all the same shall not be strangers. We shall know everyone, others inform ideas the very first time, our eyes meet. There will be no anxiety or the clumsy moments, because we already close in our hearts. I know about you also you much received a lot of knowledge of me. I try to describe my life on a little bit and I as I know some moments of your life. And it helps us To learn each other. I liked to read your letter today my pleasant angel. I hope, that you feel very intensive more frequently, when you sit to write to me. I was a pity to me, that not there with you to extinguish your desires of burning. You are a pity to me, that not here with me to weaken my amplified condition of awakening. We shall spend the life expectancy, making fires which burn for each other. We Became beautifully relatives and completely convenient with each other. And we at all had no opportunity to meet nevertheless. But when we meet, face to face I some, it will be the most beautiful collision, we could hope to imagine. I expect feeling and readings your gentle words is again fast. Yours Elmira.
Letter 13

Hi again my sweet Herb. I want to divide all my feelings and all in my heart with you. I have opened my heart and have exposed my deepest of sympathy to you to see. Have ever allowed to know to nobody my deep feelings and wishes..., you be the first and only to one. I have more and I shall divide all mine, wants, wishes, and requires with you. If you turn your back to me, now I shall be devastated. My heart searched for you, and at last that has found. I want you, I need in you, I wish you, I love you. I am sure, that when you have me in the hands, I shall win your heart. There will be no doubts concerning love between us. Any person could not love you so much, how many I. I shall tend to your each need. I- not similarly to other people. Everything, that I ever wanted should find you. The difficult part is finished. You have found me. For this purpose, I promise to devote my life to you. Through good and bad we shall be as one. I always felt from a place. I believe, that you can know about this feeling. I shall place you first of all others. Probably in some months and is longer, we shall meet in the person. When our bodies join as one, there will be no doubts. Our actions of love guarantee our obligation for all eternity. I know spirits Chanel No. 5, she is mine not accessible dream. And if I shall sometime have it, I shall be one of the richest women of city Ershov. I speak seriously about it because I when to not dare to buy such spirits. And if you have bought them for me store them and I wish to receive them as a gift. I wait your answer, yours Elmira.
Letter 14

Hello my native Herb. I hope, that you will have fine a meeting New Year! There is not enough time before this day. To us on work promised many days of holidays, but now informed that we shall work, but to us then will give compensatory holidays in other days. And it arranges me. I have received your beautiful letter and I love that you love me. In fact I too love you. Let you while are far from me, but from it our love becomes more strong. You in fact agree with me? Today to us there came " the grandfather the Frost " (Ded Moroz), I know that at you such person refers to Santa Claus! I am right? We Ded Moroz has a Snow Maiden (Snegurochka) is a grand daughter at Ded Moroz. And for yours Santa Claus are available Elf. I am right? And so, Ded Moroz gave us gifts, to me has presented a small toy, copy Ded Moroz, and to anothers and even to visitors of our shop gave writing-books, handles, toys, etc. As there was it our director has employed Ded Moroz what to do to us and visitors a surprise. And it was possible to it. All of us very much liked a surprise and is especial gifts. I start to imagine my life with you, and I like what I see. I think, that we could have a good life in a place. It would be possible to get used difficultly all over again to us to each other, but it happens at all people and we as sensible sense people to find the compromise and we could do our life happy. In fact each person himself builds the destiny. You agree with me? We on are involved with the friend - friend so much though never to meet the friend - friend. And I am happy to that has met you. Your words in letters very much concern my heart and I now know, that at you the same way. Today early in the morning my mum sat to me on a pastel and ironed on my head a hand. And me To dream dream, that it you sit next and iron me and speak: " wake up, wake up my love! " I in dream have taken a hand of mum and have kissed her. And at once has woken up that dream was too real. Mum has laughed and has asked: " you love it? " I to be confused from such question a little and have answered: " Yes! " She feels my changes in a life, she in fact mum. She loves me and experiences, if at me that that is not got on. She at me The strong woman. And I likely same as she. I not exacting, but from you to me was important to feel heat and affinity, let you while are far from me, but it is important for me to know, that you love me and want to have the future with me. And I shall make the rest itself. I like to do work on the house and I can be the housewife. I like to do a meal, I vigorous and do not like to sit without an affair. I wait the answer, yours Elmira.
Letter 15

Your word once again decorates my day my native Herb. I - still in full loneliness. But I am not lonely more. You - here with me in each breath which I take. I cannot stop to think concerning you. I would want that you have put the head to me on knees and I softly to swing you and to iron you gently and whisper in your ear, that all bad times in your and my life have left for ever. I want to do all pain, and the loneliness disappears from your heart. We shall replace emptiness with love, a life, and laughter. When we shall meet in the person, we shall speak about our dreams, our future plans. I shall like to indulge you. All my attention will turn to you. I shall clean your hair, to wash up your back, massage by yours the tired legs. I want to kiss and investigate your perfect lips. I shall be taste pleasant taste of your warm, playful language. I want to observe, that your eyes react, as I inform you, how many I love you. I for a long time within day your intoxicating aroma - a familiar case in my daily life. I should write down it. I knew, that it will help to weaken my worrying condition. I - am hopeless yours. I hope, that all your family stores, you are good also also be in good health, you be a source of inspiration for me. I only pray within day when we can meet, and I want to test for a long time your lips and to operate my fingers through your hair. You are the most surprising a man with which I had pleasure and honour to speak during very long time. I feel, if you do everything, that you do for me, only writing to me, and we shall give end to what entertainment each other when we at last meet, I wait for your answer my loved. At us weather now favorable, but weather forecasters promise again a cold. Very interesting New Year's history I has read about ? Sinter Klaas ¦ and ? Santa Claus ¦. Thanks you for all! Yours Elmira.
Letter 16

Hello mine love Herb.
I want to congratulate you on the come new year. Last year has given me chance to find you and I have taken advantage of this chance, and I hope, that at us all will be good. I have met new year with mum. To us the neigbour has gone still, its husband this day was on night watch and she did not want to remain one. And we in three have met new year. First we sat and watched TV, so much many interesting transfers and musical concerts showed, many we could see known actors only at one concert. We all the day long prepared to eat, now in fact and the hen it was impossible to prepare for year of the **** for meal and we prepared for the goose. I earlier when did not try the goose and it have liked me. We to prepare for it with apples in an oven. This goose mum specially went in village and has bought, she has told as it have killed and have removed from him feathers. It is good, that I did not see it. Then we still prepared for a fish, mum bought all from me and she has bought a mackerel. This fish too very much is pleasant to me. We did years salad and in it was: cucumbers, tomatoes, yellow and red pepper, a garden radish, fennel, a parsley and all this under mayonnaise. At us the honey pie was, we drank tea. And the most important when have punched hours exactly midnight, I as the youngest tried to open champagne and as it have made. The fuse was hard and I hardly had enough forces what to open this bottle. Poorly without the man and even a bottle not to whom to open. But nevertheless I have opened her during time and we have ***** on a glass of champagne. Then we sat and still looked a celebratory concert. Then to me there came girlfriends and have taken away me to walk. We have gone on the area where we have city fur-tree and spent time there, played games, were thrown by a snow, met different people, congratulated all happy New Year. And to us it was very cheerful. Home I have come already in the sixth o'clock in the morning. I am tired and have gone to bed, I have woken up about eight o'clock in the evening. I slept more than twelve hours. I earlier when so for a long time did not sleep. At me mum even to be surprised, how I for a long time to sleep. So I have met new year, I hope, that you as have well noted this holiday. I wish you happy new year. My mum transfers congratulations and a warm kiss. She wishes us, you and me, success and to find each other in the present. We this year write the first time to the friend - friend. I cannot give to you phone in shop because it mobile and is only at director. I very much want to speak with you personally, but you understand me, that it not possible yet.
I love you and I wait
Your answer, always yours Elmira.
Letter 17

Hello my beloved Herb.
I have read and have analysed all your letters and have decided that very much I want to be with you. And I want to arrive to you for visiting as the visitor or the tourist. You are constantly on my opinion and I want to be with you. It - how I assume our everyday life of love with you. I like to concern. I like to show attachment. I especially like to kiss. You and only you can take under the control of me and do with me as you wish. Your I for a capture. I want, that you have untied all latent desires on me. I assume imposing below you on a bed. You slowly make love to me. You look downwards at me with a smile on the person. You are inclined to me. Teasing me, then caressing me with your lips of love. Then the sensation becomes too much for you to operate. As you explosion in ecstasy, you close my mouth the and plums in my hands of expectation. You are unique a man on this planet which I wish. Everyday, all the day long, I dream of creation of beautiful love with you. I want to feel your warm contact on my leather. I wish to feel your warm, crude language against mine. I want to become familiar with all sighes, and beautiful sounds which overtake you at making love with me. I want to test your playful character while our ***** bodies investigate each other. I for a long time to test and become intoxicate your pleasant nectar. I shall investigate each centimeter of your silky smooth body. Any part of you will not avoid my kiss, my contact, my language, my love. I shall know, that your body is better than you do. I shall easily bring you to explosion. When you put trembling in my hands, I shall softly carry out you close to me and to kiss you softly many times. When you are ready to more, I shall bring you to explosion again. I shall know, when you can take no more. It - when I shall wrap up my hands around of you and I shall fasten you to a bed. I shall untie my desires with strongly passionate kiss, while my waist movement on your body. I shall hopelessly yours in this item. I shall not last for a long time in this position before explosion of tenderness. We shall then put exhausted in everyone other hands. When I shall catch my breath, I shall pull you close to me, softly to kiss your crude lips, to inform you, how many I love you, then I turn your attention to my perfect *******. I shall love each centimeter of you. I find, that a kiss - very close and pleasant certificate. One I hope, that we shall divide for ever. I expected with alarm to feel your perfect lips pressed to mine. For me, I truly believe, that our first close collision will be comparable to overcoming heavens on the ground. You and your body will be for ever my personal temple of worship. It - you the prevention. To be Will prepare to receive a plenty gentle, playful, and intensive love. I understand. I became very much excited at the letter of this close collision to you. I need in you here with me in it very much the moment. The person should not be one at overcoming this great pleasure. I hope, that it answers some from questions which you probably have concerning my ideas on creation of love. I am happy to inform you, that I truly like to divide it with you. I expect division and pleasure by uncountable close experiences with you. I want to be near to you and I want to arrive to you soon. I learnedfor that that I could visit you to me the passport for travel abroad and the visa is required. Cost of the passport and the visa = 200 $. I conversation with director of shop and it promised me to give holiday at any time as it is required to me. But nevertheless without your help I cannot visit you. I completely to depend on your desire, whether you want to meet me in the person? It is inconvenient for me to speak about it, and to ask you about the help, but I very much want to you. By means of the software - QuickTime, you can consider my video-file. I when earlier to not be removed on video. But so you can see me really. I shall wait your answer. I love you and I do not wish to hide it more.
Yours Elmira.
Letter 18

Hi my love Herb.
I have received your letter. But I only want to ask you as to me to prove my honesty?
If you to me will allow some items I can prove to you on them.
I wait the answer, your loved Elmira.
Letter 19

Hi my love Herb.
You should not worry concerning me. It is very pleasant for me, that you You want to give me a gift. I want to speak, that only you - mine very much Special gift from heavens. I want you available with Me very much. I try. I know, that I can provide happiness, which You search. I badly feel myself, because I cannot do all ours Dreams a reality. But together we can overcome this way. I know What is Russian girls already live happily with the Foreign men, they have found their happiness, and I have found you and I want To be happy as. I know and I feel, that you love me and You wish to be in a place with me. We should try, if we want to be Together. I can arrive to you as soon as I shall receive the sanction The governments also I can remain there during time. You in fact You want to meet me in the person? Process of reception of the visa not such Quickly, I saved all your letters, in the proof of our love. Process can be tightened if to submit documents late, so I should begin it right now. Certainly, it depends on yours Abilities also. So we should solve it together. That you Think concerning it. I to learn in passport and visa service, How to pay the visa. The visa and the passport will cost for me, 200 USD. I I shall require your help. Hope you are capable to do it for Us. They have told to me, the best way to receive money, it is Western The union ( or System MoneyGram (
Western Union Agent in my city:
Internatsionalnaya Street, 78A
Ershov, 413500
I as put my address of a house and my full name:
Zamaleeva Elmira
Russia, zipcod: 413500
Saratovskaya area,
Ershovskiy area,
City Ershov,
Ubileynaya str. 22-3
I should know the full name of the sender and the full address, I shall be To require it. Also it is necessary to know MTCN Number of the Control Transfers of Money, it will consist of 10 figures. I hope, that we shall be To cope with it. I very much want to speak by with you to phone and if you will be To send additional means I finish up to your data, that most Inexpensive phone at us, cost = 70US $.
I want to be with you so strongly. Let's do all in the best way For our dream to come true. I shall do all from my party , I promise.
I wait the answer, your loved Elmira.
Letter 20

Hello my dear Herb.I have received yours two letters and in one, your trust to me. I love you and I shall prove to you the honesty to you. I see that you have sent more than it was supposed. I can buy phone, It is very good! I can speak now with you. It is good, that it will not be necessary to search for outputs what to communicate to us with you and it will not be necessary to go to the Internet of cafe what to write. We can speak! I am very pleased with it. But communicate we with you we can only in couple of days. There are banks do not work today and tomorrow. At me has absolutely taken off from a head, yes likely I and did not know, that at us yesterday was to celebrate Christmas. Whether I on work absolutely about all began to forget, whether I am simple it did not know. The Internet of cafe today the same works till a dinner. It is good, that I have gone there earlier. And on this I have learned all. I shall do still new photos for you and I shall send you as in couple of days. The Internet - cafe tomorrow does not work, you me do not lose I shall write to you on January, 9. I shall try directly since morning. But I do not promise, as it will turn out. I love you and a kiss for you in lips. I wait for letters, Yours Elmira.
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