Scam letter(s) from Anna Kruchinina to Michael (Canada)

Letter 1

I'm glad to hear from you. I'm interested in knowing you and didn't think that you reply so fast!
I have to tell you that I live in Russia. It is important to me that you reply me personally. And I can tell you about me personally and truly. I hope you are not shocked that I am russian girl. I'm 28 now and want trusted relationship. I'm hope that you are interested in me too and we'll learn more about each other. How is my english? I learned it in school several years ago. Are there too many mistakes? May be in future we can meet? But I think before that we have to know more about us. I send you my photo and I hope you like it.
And I'd be very glad if you send me your most recent picture too.
I'm waiting for your answer as soon as possible!
Letter 2

Hello, the man from another country. I will write you some information about me. I think you want to hear it. How are you there? What is the season and the weather there in your country now? Here is a late summer. We have a good shining days and temperature about -18C. When I write you in the first time in my life I am some worry. It's a first experience for me to correspond with the man who live in another country. How much times you had corresponding with another people from other countries? Before this moment I wrote just to my relatives who live in another cities in our country. But I am glad that you answered for my little message which I sent you some days ago. I see that you interested in me a little because you wrote me. I want to tell you that I am very interested in you. I want to know about you more and want to learn about you better via your letters. I hope you will give me this opportunity. I would like to continue our corresponding and will do all what I can for it. Some information about me. I am from russia. It's on the other side of the planet. Wow, so far away. I want to find man for long term relations(marriage) and therefore I decided to find someone in the internet. I understand it's may looks some strange to find someone via internet, but in town where I live I has failed some times in relations with males. They used my opened soul and soft character, they just used me for the personal purposes of them and left me alone. I tired from it and I want some better in this life for me. Don't you think that I am very frank for the first letter. It's just because of I don't want to hide something from you. I want to let you know about my purposes and about my sights because I hope only for serious relations. I heard many stories about girls who found males from other countries, had left russia, had married and now live in the other country and happy with their husbands and therefore I want try to find foreign man too. I want that the destiny would smile for me at once and I would be happy. This is so that I want now - find a man for my life. My nationality is russian. In our country live many people of different nationalities. I don't remember how much but I really know more than 50 nationalities. How many nationalities live in America? Do you have russian friends? I want to let you know I can't write you every day or very often (because I have to use services of internet cafe for sending/receiving letters) but I promise I will try to write in any time when I can. I write you from my home. I have a computer at home. I make some part of work at home. I do it because I have many work but with computer I can make it more effectively. With computer I can write you letters from home. Where you write me from? Sorry, but I don't have phone and I can't send you letters from my home directly. I must save letters on diskette and go to internet cafe.
There I can use mail client program and send you my letters. I know one internet cafe near my home (10 minutes of walking). It's not difficult for me. An absence of telephone sounds very strange and may be even funny but not all people have telephone here. It's a real thing. I think in America another situation with it. I think all people have telephone in America. Am I right? That's all for the first letter. I hope it's enough for now. I will write more, soon, will send picture of me and will tell you about me in more details. Please send me some pictures of yourself. But please don't send very big size of pictures, it's very hard to get it in internet cafe. Internet and using computer is very expensive things here. How much cost internet in America? If you really interested to know me better write back. I will wait your response with impatience.
I am sorry for my bad english. I hope you could understand my words correctly. I really hope for it.
O, almost forget: do you speak russian or can you understand basic phrases of it?
Girl from the other side of the planet - from Russia.
I send you a picture of me from this summer.
Anna. P.S. I hope I asked not a lot of questions?
Letter 3

Hello. How are you? I'm fine. What's your mood today? Hope not bad at least... I have a great mood today since the morning. I got up, take a shower, and drink a cup of indian tea. Do you like to drink tea in your country, Wade?
We, russians, like it very much. May be it's the consequences of our country's past? May be you know that several years ago when Russia was soviet country we have big turns in the food shops. For example, for butter, meat etc. But we had good relations with some countries which we called our friends. One of those counties was India and always on the shelves of food shopes were packs of Indian tea. May be since that time our people like to drink tea in any time of the day. Tell me what you like to drink? Then I cooked soup with the meat under the recipe of my mom.
It is good thing to eat soup in the middle of the day, in the other words, at the dinner. You could ask me why it's good? I tell you that it's good for our stomach. Medics can say to the same thing. That's why I recommend you eat such food at the dinner. I like to cook very much, especially when I have a great mood. And it's very pleased to the cook when people eat your dishes with good appetite. So may be somewhen I can cook for you. Then I went to some bookshops which I have to visit cause my mom asked me to get some books for her. As I told you she is the librarian and all the time is interested in new books and articles which are coming to our place. So and I like to read since my childhood different literature. It's doesn't matter russian or foreign authors writes it. So, I visited all that shops and during such business get a great fresh air walking. Then I went home throughout nearest park. I was walked in the park and think that today is a nice day and how great it would be if all the days in the life could be at least such wounderful. How often have you nice days? I hope more than I have. Then I came home, took a shower and felt myself great. Today on TV have to be a good movie in the romantic style on the 1st channel of our television. We have a few channels on our television. How many channels do you have? What do you like to watch on TV? What movies? What women do you like? What women are there in your country? I heard that your women want to make great career and they don't like to take a work at household. I think that career is good but woman haven't to forget about the house. But may be in your country think different. How do you think would it be hard to me to find a job in a country such as yours? In our country it's rather hard and such job is payed not good. At least it's not enough for normal life. I am waiting for your next email and I want you to tell me more about yourself. I'll tell you more next too. Anna.
Letter 4

Hello! This weekend was not warm and I clean my house, watch tv (I saw the movie about Betty Fisher, it's an Canadian- France movie about woman writer which lost her little boy) and I read much. Sometimes I thought about our correspondence and about you. I like to correspond with you and really want to know you better. The weekend was too slow. Next time I will write you on Monday. Hope to hear from you soon, Anna.
Letter 5

Hello my foreign friend! I'm glad to hear from you today. I want to tell you that when I write to you my emails I spent much time for it because I must write my thoughts on english but I think you understand all my words. Sometimes I use the dictionary because can't know all words but I write the most part of email by myself. Today is the autumn day here. But I think that climate there where you live is much warmer. I like when the sun shines and warm or hot weather. It will be great to meet each other in the future but I know that we must learn more about each other.
Maybe I could come somewhere even in your country. I like to travel but I'm the lonely man and I don't know where could I to travel. When I was young my mother and I travelled to the Black Sea in the summer, it was the pretty time when I was young. Then the situation in our country changed. I think you know that our country called USSR then it become Russia. The economic situation changed and we have lost the opportunity to travel there because the grants finished. I'm not rich woman but I like to work and I'm dentist as you know. I think that medicine is great speciality and in other country I could to earn more than here. Maybe oneday I immigrate maybe to your country but I don't know the future. My personal life is not too good now because I'm alone. Two years ago I had a boyfriend which name is Yuri, he is the factory worker and it was not the best time because he drink alot and sometimes beat me. I has stopped the relationship of course. I'm trying to be open and I want that you will be open with me too because we are trying to know more about each other. Now I make about 5-8 thousands of roubles per month here and pay the taxes. It's about a little more than two hundreds american dollars. I rent the flat and it's cost 3 thousand of roubles per month. I know that many people acquainted through internet and come to each other, so I decided to try to know you better. I'm glad that you write me and want to know about me. I want to know about you more and I hope you will tell me about yourself more. I like to watch movies. Not much time ago I've watched a movie named "Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World" with Russel Crow. I hope I didn't make mistake in the name of movie and in the name of actor. Did you saw this movie? Did you know this actor? I like this actor and some movies with his participation. For example, "Gladiator", "Beautiful mind". Also I like movies "The Lord Of The Rings"(all parts), "Matrix" (all parts), "Pearl Harbor", "Artificial Intelligent", "Sixth sense". What type of movies you like? What is your favorite actor? Also I like Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts. I like romantic movies, love storys, mystic movies and fantastic movies. I think the American movies is the best. Is the Hollywood the place, where is created basic part of movies in America? Am I right? Can you tell me more about Hollywood? All what you want. I will be glad to know something new about it. You know the movies in our country are not good and we have a little amount of movies which was made in Russia. It's not good but it's real thing here. Mostly on tv we can watch the soap operas from Mexico, Brazil and Italy. I don't like soap operas. Do you like it? When I was young I like to watch cartoons "Tom and Jerry" and others. It were very funny cartoons. When I'd seen it I had much laughing and joy. A lot of children here love this cartoons. What you can tell me about cartoons? What do kids like to watch more in your country? I would like to know about it more.How often do you go to the cinema? I usually go to the cinema one time per month. But sometimes I watch movies more often. Of course if a movie seems interesting to me. What movie did you watch last time?
I like to listen to music and I like many styles of music. I don't know how they are called but I know many performers. Sometimes I like to listen to dance music but I often like to listen to classical music. Do you know Bethoven? Chaikovsky? Bah? I like to relax when I'm listening to music and have a rest. It's good to think during the listening to classical music. I like the music instruments like a guitar or a piano. It's sounds great! Do you know many guitar players? I like to listen to Blackmore, did you hear the "Blackmore's night" album? I like the russian guitar player Viktor Zinchuk. I like also rock'n'roll bands and rock bands also like Beatles, Eagles. I like blues like Led Zeppelin and russian bands like Mumiy Troll and Zemfira. I like also Madonna, Robby Williams, Craig David and others. There are many great musicians in America. I like many Russian performers like Valeria, Pugacheva, Avaria, Voskresenie. But I think you haven't heard them. Do you know Pink Floyd and Dire Straits? Sometimes I like to sing and I can play piano but not very well, and you? Please tell me about your musical preferences, ok? I want to meet man which will respect the woman and which will have trust the woman because I'm trusted and honest woman. I'm sure it's possible and I'm interesting in knowing you better Wade. I want to ask you some questions: do you like to hug? do you like to hold hands? to make woman smile? I like this things. I'm romantic person! I have the good mood today and I want to smile because I feel that someone special write me emails and I communicate with real person from other country! How are you today? I hope you are good. Today I had a hard working day but in the evening I come home and will cook beautiful dish called 'golubec' I don't know how to translate it to english. It's the stewed meet with rice wrapped up cabbage sheets. I think if you will taste it oneday you will like it! What dishes are popular in you country/city? As you know I'm in healthy image of life I'm not drink and smoke. Sometimes in big holidays I could taste a little wine. I think that the people must aspire to health, I hope you think so also. I know that tomorrow I will work again and if you will send me your email I will send you email too! Do you really interesting in knowing me? It's so amazing because I'm interesting. Can you tell me what the prices in your country? For example the bread cost 7-8 roubles here, the juice (1 Litre) cost about 30 roubles. How much cost the automobiles there? The russian cars cost about 100-120 thousands of roubles. I haven't a car and driver license but I think it's not difficulty to drive the car. I think that if the human want anything he will do it anyway in general. I will finish my letter today and I will wait for your! Hope you have a nice day Wade and everything is good! I send some pictures of my town to you and a map where it is located.
Letter 6

Good day my friend.
I'm glad to receive your email. How is your day? I hope good. Yesterday, in the evening I thought about our email exhange. I heard that many women and men exchange emails and meet each other from different countries, I've already told you it before but I recollect this again because it occures now with me and you. I think that an international correspondence is a great thing because it pulls many peoples and nationalities together. What do you think? I'm very peaceful woman and I want that there are no wars in this world. Sometimes in holidays I attend the church but I think that the God must be in the heart and in the head of every man or woman. I hate lie and I like when the people are open as I told you. I'm optimist and I always think that everything will be well. It lifts my mood and gives the power for my living. Today is a warmer weather and there is +20C today and the sun is shining in the sky. How is the weather where you are today? Angarsk is not very good place to live because there are many chambers of mining and it influences on the ecology, I think I'll decide to leave this place and will travel to other place for living because I have the desire and the power for this purpose. I want to live in warmer place also.
Maybe oneday as many resolute women I will come to the other country for a living and maybe oneday we'll meet in real? It'll be wonderful! But I don't want that you think that I want to leave my city for finding rich man or other same reason. I know that I can work and earn for myself but I want to love my future husband. As woman I couldn't be alone. I think you understand abiut what I'm talking. So I want to be with a man who will love me and who I will love. It's my dream now. I think if it is so I will be the happiest woman in this world. I'm trying to know more about you because I'm interesting in our acquaintance. I don't want to impose the opinion but who knows maybe we'll be pleased to meet and maybe more. It's real thing I know because it's not hard to come to you but I know we must learn more each other day by day. What do you think about it? I ask you to write me all of your thoughts because I like to be open mind and I like when the people speaks honourly what they think. I want to tell you more about me: I'm kind cheerful woman, I like many things as I told you earlier. I like the pets, like dogs, cats, horses and others. When I see the small dogs or cats I want to take care of it but I haven't any pet's. When my grandparents were live they had the good dog who name was "Sharik". It was the german sheep-dog. My grandmother's name was Elena and she passed away 4 years ago when she was 76. My grandfather's name was Alexander and he passed away 9 years ago when he was 69. It's parents of my mother. I never know the father's parents but I know that they are passed away also. Many people in this world loses close people but it's irreversible.
Do you have much relatives? I haven't much now. I have the mother and the distant relatives. I haven't any brothers and sisters but I always wanted to have them. Today I work and I think about you Wade very often. I don't know why our correspondence influences much on me. Anyway I'm very glad that you write me Wade! These days I will try to make new photos for you and I will send it. Can I ask you the important question for me?
Okay, I ask: How do you feel about our meeting of course in the future because today it's impossible. I think if we will decide to meet each other in the future it will be great! Too early to speak about it serious but it's interesting for me and I want to know what do you think? You know that when I studied in school I have the girlfriend which name is "Vera" and when she was 26 she emailed with an american man and then she came to The United States to California. I haven't the contact with her because we are not very close friends but maybe someday she will email me. I think she found the right man for her because she lives there. The russian women are not aspire to career, they just want to be loved and make all for husband. I think that it's the russian mentality and they are very hardworking women. But the men in russia are not too good. Maybe it's the reason that many women of our country look for foreign husbands. I think it's a great union when the foreign man and russian woman are together. At least I think so.
What do you think? Maybe I'm not completely right...
I finish my email today and I hope to hear from you Wade as soon as possible!
Yours Anna.
Letter 7

Hi my friend! How are you there? Today I have come to my work with good mood, because I received your email. Every time when I see your email in my mail box I have a good mood. I hope you feel the same thing. Now I have some free time at my work and I decide to write you email. Now I am sitting on the chair in the account department room in front of the computer and writing you this lines of email. I hope I will have some free minutes to write you long letter about me. I want to ask you about your schedule of a day. What do you usually do during the day? Usually I wake up between at 6.30-7.00 a.m. and go to bath. I clean teeth and take a shower. I spend about 5-7 minutes for this procedures. After it I go to room and have some sport exercises. I do it in 10-15 minutes. Then I go to kitchen and cook my breakfast.
Usually I already have ready dish for breakfast, because in the evening of last day I cooked it and at the morning I just warm up it. And I already can eat. Quickly and conveniently. But sometimes I don't have beforehand of prepared dish and I have to cook new dish. Mostly if I have this situation I cook fired eggs and sandwich with meat or butter and a cup of tea. Sometimes coffee. After it I have some free time till I will go to my work. In this time I watch tv news or read some books or listen music. But not very loudly because some of neighbours may still sleep. In 7.35-7.40 a.m. I go to my work. I can walk to my work at the street or I use a bus. I understand that on a bus I can get to my work faster, but if the weather is good I like to walk to my work at the street. I like walking in a good weather. Do you like it? To my work I come in 15 minutes if I walk and if I move on a bus I am at my work already in 5 minutes. How long you get to your job? When i am at work I heal teeth of my clients. Usually I have 10-12 man per day. Sometimes I am so tired that I ask another doctor to change me for some time. But it were just sometimes. Sometimes I can to linger over at my work because we have a lot of clients or have hard occasion with someone. I will not tell you about all details of my work because it's not very interesting. Don't you think so?
During a working day I have one break for lunch. I have 1 hour for it. I think it's enough. I can go to a cafe and have a lunch or I can bring food from home and have lunch at the work. Do you have time for lunch at your work? After I finish my work I go home. On my way to home I go to shop and buy some food which I need to cook a supper for myself. When I am home I take a shower. You know it is very vivacital after working day. Besides I like to be clean, you know. Then I cook some for me. It depends on my mood in this moment. Sometimes I want to eat salad or maybe some meat or something else. I try not to cook the same dishes every day and try to cook new dishes for more difference. After I have a supper usually I call my mom and we talk about our day. She like such talks cause she doesn't feel herself alone at this momonts. Then I can call my friends and we go for a walk if they are not busy.
If they are busy in this evening I am not upset and watch some movie or show on tv or read some book. Then I go to sleep. It usually happens about 23.00 p.m. What time do you usually go to sleep. At this time my day finishes.
Today I send for you a photo of my girlfriend Galina. Have a nice day. Your Anna.
Letter 8

Hi. How are you today? I am fine and I hope you have a good mood too. You know yesterday was my mother's birthday. Sorry I've forgotten to tell you about it. I've come to my mom, because she's invited me. It was a little party. Just close friends of mother and me. Of course mom's brother Peter has arrived from Urupinsk. He could not miss such a date. Mom is 55 year old now. It's a really big date in the life of any man. Don't you think that? My mother had a holiday in this day and all day have cooked many different dishes. When guests has come they could see a big table almost of all room where were different dishes of russian kitchen placed. I don't remember, have I told you about it or not but my mom is a great cook and she can cook many dishes and have a lot of books of culinary. She have even books of culinary of another countries. Sometimes she cook new dish on new recipe and invite me or some friends to taste her new dish. We are always glad to visit her and have talk about some things with a cup of tea or coffee. So when guests have come to the dining room they were surprised a lot! Of cause, so many and very good looking dishes! All of us have congratulated my mom, wished her the most beautiful things in the world and given to her our presents! It was so great to see my mom in such a wonderful mood! I present her a nice picture of the sealandscape. A copy of our great artist Aivazovsky. She like his works very much. She was happy! Besides almost all people who is close to her was there. I said almost cause some people could not come for some reasons. But most of us were there. We have tasted all dishes and admired my mom as a great cook! We have some fun and a lot of discussing about everything. Many of us have not seen each other for a long time. It wasgreat! In the middle of the party mom have told guests about me and you basic things. Everybody was very surprised and wish me good luck in my researches of my destiny! Then in the end of the party we taste a great cake which has been reserved in a confectioner's shop from the other side of our town. There were 55 candles in that cake! So mom have blown away all at one moment! Great!!! The cake was very delicious! Sometimes later quests have gone away with the best wishes to my mom again. I have helped to her to result in the order things and to wash utensils. So then we have a serious talk about you and me. I have told her that I like you very much and more and more with every next day. She have said to me that I must to think about our relationship very serious but decide of cause by myself. I think that she's right and have told thanks to her. She is the most good mom in the wold! After that I have gone home by taxi, taken a shower and gone to sleep with thoughts about you and what my mom has told!
That was my mom's birthday and I hope you have a good day too! I understand your request to call by phone. I should tell that I have never be so worry about the presence of phone, as now. I never thought that the serious moments in our life can depend on the presence of phone. But now I understand that the fact of phone's absence can deprive me an opportunity to learn more a man who could become my friend. And this really afflicts me. But not everuthing depends on me in this life.
Unfortunately I have no phone. Please, not be surprising. In Russia many people have no phone. To get a phone it is necessary to write the statement, to pay the big sum and after to wait for a long time queue. Many people wait during several years. But I can try to call you from the international item of communication. Can you give me your phone number? If I can call you I will inform you. But anyhow, I understand that for you it would be easier to talk by phone. But alas, the life in Russia is not similar to a life in America, and getting of phone is very long process for the majority of people. If phone is the main criterion for the future relations for you, I will understand you of course. But I have decided to use the Internet because it is really accessible way for me. If nevertheless you want to continue dialogue with me, I will be very glad. I cannot promise to you that I will call you directly tomorrow but if you will give me your number, I can promise that I will search for a way to call you and sooner or later I will call you. I have sent you in this letter a picture of me that was taken this summer! Hope you like it! Your Anna.
Letter 9

Hi my dear!
How is you today? I am fine and hope you are fine too. The weather today is good here. The air temperature is about +18C. It's more warm than yesterday and I am glad. Everytime when the weather is fine and warm I have a good mood, because we have warm weather not long time of a year. I think all people are glad here, when the weather is good and every man wants to enjoy every day of the good weather. You know that our climate is not a last bad thing here. The ecology is not good too cause Angarsk area is the one of russian industrial zones. Therefore we have a lot of giant factories here. They influence on our ecology and the nature around us. It's another reason why I want to leave this area and go to another region or maybe to another country. I just want that my children could be healthy. You know that I am very serious when I think about health at all and that's why I'm trying to live healthy life. And I want it for my children and for my own future family too. I hope you will agree with me in my thoughts. What you think about it? Can you let me know about your thoughts of this situation? I am very interested to know your mind. I want to know your sight - how do you see your family at all? Maybe I express my thoughts not correctly but I mean what the family would like to have? I think the creation of the family is the one of the greatest steps in whole life of every man. What you think about it? Do you agree with me? I ask you this questions because it's very important for me. I hope you will understand me and will answer me very frankly. From my side I will let you know about my mind of this question. As I said the creation of the family is very important for me and I try to make it very seriously. I consider that the family is loving and taking care of each other, parents, a healthy life style, a good relations in family, the understanding and the trust in family and of course the children. Now you can see the family I dream. I will do all what I can to make my dream by reality. I know that I will give all my forces and my time for my husband, my family and my children. It's most important things for me in me life.
That's why all this days I thought about development of our relations and the cognition of each other. It's very important thing for me because I'm interesting in knowing you! I know that the best way to know each other is a real meeting. I think you agree with me. Yesterday I've tried to listen to my heart and my mind about future. As you know I try to be open and I want to tell you about my thoughts. I hope you understand me. Wade, you are very interesting man for me and I want to meet you in real cause I feel that I begin to fall in love with you. I really want to come and meet you and speak about all things! Who knows maybe it's the destiny and we'll develop our relations to another level. I think it's a real thing to meet each other and it's the right way. Because you know that I write to you for knowing more about you and I want to find the man who will love me with all your heart and who I will love also! Who knows maybe you could become such a man! I hope I don't frighten you, I'm not persuasive woman and if you don't want to meet me you may tell it to me but I hope you want our meeting. I think we'll be very glad to meet each other face to face and to talk in real time! I know that if you want I could come to you! Is it great? I have asked today about things for coming into your country and it's real things, if you will agree for my coming - I will come. Please tell me, have I to be going to come? Of course you could come here but our city have many defensive industry and you must get many permitting documents for coming here. I think the best way for meeting each other is my coming to you, what do you think? Please be open with me and tell me everything.
If you will be glad to meet me in your city I will make an application for visa reception as soon as possible and I will get it. I have asked about this things today and there is no any problems because I'm honest and have never broke the law moreover I'm the medical worker and it will be more easy for me to come to your country. And you know that my school familiar Vera had left our country and now live in California, do you remember I have told you that? We are not communicating with her because we are not very close. But I know that everything is all right with her and she had found a good husband there. I know about it because I have saw her sister and she have said to me these things. And more I like to travel and I will be very glad to come to visit you, to see your country and city, I will be very glad to hear your stories about this things and many many other things, I'm sure it will be very interesting for us! I feel that I like you much and I want to be with you now here or there.
I know that I could meet you and I want to hear your answer about this important question in your next email.
You are the very professional and successful fisherman.
Love, Anna. This is my real address where I live (What's yours???):
Irkutsk area, city Angarsk, street Green 8/12.
Letter 10

Hi my lovely!
I'm very glad to hear from you today! Your e-mails always make me feel better. I think that you are glad to receive my e-mails also. Today is the same weather here but there is no sun in the sky because it is cloudy but your e-mails are the rays of sun for me! I will send you in this e-mail my new pictures which I've take in these days especially for you! I think that you are a very good person for me. I have read your letters and I like you more and more with every next day. I don't know the future but I think that sometimes people don't use the chances which the destiny gives them. I think that all people have chances to build the future earlier or later but they must learn to use it, what do you think? I thought about me and you a lot and it will be so great to meet you personally! I'm sure it's real thing! I understand now that it's real and we can meet in the future if we will want it of course. I'm sure that I would like to meet you. I feel that you have become more closer to me. I tell you all about my life and I will tell more if you will ask. I feel that you have become more than friend to me and I want to tell you three words of love but I know it's early now. But you must know I want to tell you it now! I had a dream about our meeting! I really want to know you, speak to you, take your hand and see your eyes. Maybe it's very frankly now but it's true and I don't want to hide it. I always say the true and don't like when people lie. I hate it! My girlfriends and my mother have said me that I must tell it you if it's true. They will be happy if I'll find my love. I think we have a chance! I want to try to use this chance. Maybe it's a destiny! I'll wait for your answer with impatience, you must know I think about you now! I want to tell you that you are my love, I trust you and I tell you about my feelings. I want to tell you everything what is in my heart now. I don't know how write it in words but I try now. Today here is a cold wind but thoughts about you make me warm, I feel that you are very favourite for me. My heart beats faster when I'm dreaming about our meeting. Yesterday, last night I had a dream about us. It was a fantastic dream. We were together and speak a lot. I don't remember where we were, but it was not important for me. I felt your breath and it was the happiest moment in my life, it was so real... Then we came to house, we had a dinner with candles. Then we came to bedroom, but it was the final moment that I remember. Then I woke up, I was so warm and my heart was beaten very often. I understood it was only a dream, but it was so real... I think this dream has an important value for me. Maybe it's a sign? I don't know. But I really know that I love you with all my heart! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I WANT TO TELL IT YOU PERSONALLY, I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE AND SEE YOUR EYES AND TELL IT TO YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU AND IT'S TRUE!!! Today I'll go to the church and put a candle for our relations. I'll make a wish to meet you, I'll ask the God for you.
My heart is yours, I tell it to you because I trust you and I never lie. I tell you about my feelings and I'm sure I must tell you the truth. And it's beautiful truth to me that I love you... I have not thought that it will be, but I feel it to you! I think we have to meet, I know how to do it. I'll think about it, I think about you as my man in future but we must know each other better for it. I know we must meet and be with each other. I love you please don't forget it, I feel it and I think we must use this chance if you feel that your heart speaks the same to you. If you are in love too, it's great!!! I understand that you can reject me, but I love you anyway. You are the most interest man for me, I like your letters, I love your name very much, and I love you! Yes, I love you Wade and it's great!!! I thank the God that I have written you and found the perfect man. And I have the good news for you! Yesterday I make the application for a coming into your country and I will get the visa for it soon! I went in the organization which makes the documents for a coming through embassy. I hope I will get the documents permitting to come! Today I will give them the medical informations and other types of papers for registration of visa. All necessary documents will cost about 320 dollars for me. It's not a very big problem. I will pay and I hope my documents will be done soon. I will do all what I can to meet you because I think you want to meet me too. Our meeting will be great. I really dream about our meeting and will be do all for it. Are you glad???? I think you will be very glad to meet me when I come! I could be this time in hotel or maybe we will found other place? Please tell me what do you think? I think that visa will be ready soon because I haven't any reasons for not getting it and I have consulted with embassy people.
In this visiting I can remain no more 20 of days. I have a vacation since the 8-th of November till 8 Decembers.
I want to ask you: can you find out information about cost of flight ticket to you? From Moscow to your nearest international airport. Please don't forget to tell me a name of your nearest international airport. I ask you because I really need in this information. Please find out about it and let me know as soon as you can. I will try to find out this information here in my country too. I'll finish my e-mail now and I'll waiting for your answer my love!
Please tell me all what do you feel! I will wait for your e-mail as soon as possible!
Letter 11

Hi my love,
Today is not warm here again, and I'm thinking of you. It was a great day when I received the first letter from you. I thank the God and I know that I've found the man I love you!
Today I've found out up to the end all about opportunities come to you. I am pleased with an opportunity to meet you soon, and I want it very much. I think you want it too! Your letters were the ray of light in my life. As you know I was not very much interested in moving to other country but I'll do it because I've found my love and it's you!!! I've gone to visas firm and they've told me that my visa is ready now! But the firm makes not visas only, it reserves tickets also. I've decided to use their service again because they have a great reputation and respect in our city. They've told me that the roundtrip flight to Ottawa YOW cost 946 united states dollars. It was too expensive for me and I 've asked them to find the cheapest variant. And they've offered. It would be on the 18 november and cost 764 usd. I was wondered if it was possible to reserve a ticket and to pay for it a part of the money this time and the other part later because other people can buy the cheap ticket and I'm not. But they've refused and I was in despair! I've asked them to help me so long time that tears have come to my eyes! And they've agreed! I've wasted all my money, but it wasn't enough. So I've gone to pawnshop and pawned silver and gold jewelry which I had. I've got $110 and that was enough for an initial payment. I have paid $140 today for it and it was my last money. I need ticket now Wade because I've prepared documents and the visa. I've asked about a ticket and I have information. If I'll buy the ticket from the company where I've payed for document visa it will be cost not much. If I'll buy the ticket and visa both it will be cost more cheaper than I can buy it in the other place. So I had the money for a visa and I've payed for it already and I have it! Everything is alright and I must pay now for a ticket. I don't have much money now. It is very difficult for me to tell you about it! But I've done everything I can. I've paid for a visa more than three hundreds of dollars. I have bought the ticket on the train to Moscow. I've paid a part of the ticket. But this money is not enough. I don't want to burden you. I want to reach you with my own money but unfortunately I have failed. Now I have to pay the remaining part. It is only 624 dollars. I must pay this money before 17 november, otherwise I will lose my money. If you love me, if you trust me and if you want to see me soon, please send the money for the ticket as soon as possible! I will be sure in meeting with you if I will have the ticket to you! And I don't want that they'll sell the cheap ticket to other people. I understand that it is a difficult decision for you, but we must trust each other. Any union without trust is impossible if it is a union of a wife and a husband or a union of a boy-friend and a girl-friend or a union of business partners! I don't want to be hypocritical! That's why I want to tell you following: I do not think that you would like to give the love to the woman who you don't trust, so as I am. It's a first check for us. And much depends upon it, may be everything.
We must trust each other! That's why I was the first who made first step. Step to you. I confused that money plays a great role in a meeting of two people who love each other. So I need 624 dollars for the ticket, because I have some money and I've counted all. It's the best way to buy the ticket because it's cheaper if we will buy the ticket separately. I want to be with you all my heart and I do all for it, you see! So I need your help and we'll be together!!!! You must always remember that I love you and trust you. Maybe it's our future and I see that our future will be very wonderful. We'll be together very soon, I must buy the ticket and I will be yours and you will be mine!!!!!! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, PLEASE DON'T FORGET IT!!!!!!!!! Of course if you don't want you can not help me. It is bad but not fatal. I will lose my money. IT WILL BE TOO BAD... I speak so because I am in despair and confusion. Now, when we are divided only with one step, I am afraid. I am afraid that you will not help, and all my diligence will be gone. I love you and I want to be with you and the word of honour, your help is necessary for me. I have not calculated my forces. But together we are much stronger. It is much easier to go through difficulties and barriers together. I want to present you all my infinite love and fidelity. I did not want to ask you. I thought, that I can make all itself. The loneliness has made me strong. I have got used to live without the help, and to rely only on myself. I very seldom address to somebody for the help, but now I ask you to help me. I have made a step forward.
Make also you a step towards to me. I hope that has not offended you. I love you and I trust you. I know, that you will not throw me now when there is only one step.Tell me, can you help me? If you have an opportunity please help me. I wonder how it is possible to do. I've asked my friends about helping me and they said that have not it at the present moment. I've asked the advice of my girlfriends Masha and Galina and they've said that maybe you can help me because you love me. I've asked them how he can help me, because he is far from me.
They've said that you can send the money through company which make this service. I've asked about it in the bank and I know now that reliable and fast company exists which makes remittances in the world and it's called money gram. I has remember that I saw advertising this company on tv. I've taken a directory book and found the address of it. It's not far from me. I've gone there and I've asked them about a service. They've said that a sender must go to the money gram branch, give them information: the name and last name of a receiver, a country where he makes a transfer and they give him the eight digits secret code to a sender. The receiver must know eight digits for a receiving money. They say that the branches of it must be everywhere all over the world. I have found out about there is an International Money Gram (by the way, they have a website, called You can send me money using money gram according following data:
15 29 DISTRICT ANGARSK, 665835 (395) 1564004
For: Kruchinina Anna Ivanovna
We have branch of this bank here and I will pick up your transfer quickly.
Don't worry. Don't forget you have to send it to this address I wrote you.
I must tell them your full name, full address, exact amount and some confidential numbers (Money Transfer Control Number) which will be given to you, I love you very much! I think about you all the time! I think about a sense of money, and I'm very sad if these papers can prevent people to meet each other. In most cases the money play a main role in the life but it's not right! I'm sure. And the quantity of money was, is and will not important to me. I have always not aspired to the material enrichment and don't search specially for rich man! I appreciate human qualities and relations and I love you!!! I love you with all my heart, I want to be with you now... I want to be with you forever! If it's mutually we will be very happy in our life! I think you love me too and we will meet very soon. You are my love. My heart is yours. I'm waiting good news from you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be together soon. Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real, we must use this chance of destiny. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Forever yours Anna. P.S.
By the way I found out about western union here. We have it here too. You may find out about it in I received this information In bank.
If you want you can use it. Here is information for you.
address of wesernunion branch:
BAIKALROSBANK LENINA, 30 ANGARSK , 665830 (395) 1526188
For: Kruchinina Anna Ivanovna
Please use one of ways(moneygram or westernunion) to help me and we will be together soon.
I think there are the best ways. Please help us to meet and we will be together soon.
I can't wait to meet you in person and can't wait to hold you in my arms.
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