Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Tovashova to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1

Greetings my dear.
I so am glad to receive your letter.You are glad to our correspondence?. This grey day I have good news. I went to agency which helps to make out visas, and passports. To me have told,
that I will not have problems with reception of the visa, and the passport. It very strongly pleases me. In agency to me gave two big questionnaires. One questionnaire was in Russian, one in English. To me have helped to fill in the questionnaire for the visa.
I have submitted documents on registration of the visa of the tourist.
To me have explained all rules visas necessary for reception.
I want to tell to you all. To me without problems will give the visa because I have work and I make related in Russia. My visa will allow me to stay with you 3 months. For this time we can understand as strongly we approach each other. If we approach each other at us there are 2 variants. 1 variant: I make the repeated visa of the tourist.
This visa will allow me there are in the USA 6 months. On expiry of the term of the visa we can issue one more visa. Differences of 3 visas of the tourist will be, that the visa is termless. I can remain in the USA as the tourist for ever. If you stayed in the USA two times in third time you can always remain on. 2 variant: when I shall stay with you, we can issue the visa of the bride. This visa will allow me to leave in marriage for you. My dear I want to arrive to you. I understand, that without personal meeting we cannot find out each other. I want to find out you, I want to live with you. I think,
that at us all will be good also we shall be happy. I wait for your letter. I shall wait, that you think. It is very important for me.
Believe your letters please me very strongly.
Yours Maria
Letter 2

Greetings my dear.
How your affairs? I hope, that at you all is good. It is pleasant for me to receive your letters, they do my day light and beautiful. Your letters allow me will be weakened, and will be dipped into the world of pleasure. Today I saw an awful picture. When I approached to a stop, I have seen the man. The man laid and did not move. I very much was frightened. I have stopped car and asked the driver to call in fast. Fast has arrived in forty minutes, together with fast there has arrived militia. I witness a crime. Appeared, that the man was dead, him have killed. The militia has told, that it was made by nazis. In my country there were many nazis. I am afraid of them. I know, that the USA it is much national country. In USA it is a lot of nations and they live peacefully. It so is fine. I want to become a part of your country. It is hard for me to explain to you. But I am disappointed with people living in Russia. I understand, that so should not be, but it so. People in my country rough, and malicious. I want to you on a visit. I spoke you, that long time saved money. I want to ask to you very important question. You really want to see me. If yes that I shall start to make out the visa. I have found agency in which help to receive visas. To me have told, that will help to make to me the visa for two weeks. If it suits you, I shall make out the visa. we adult people, unfortunately every year we do not become younger. I think, that we cannot waste time. We should make all on the adult.
Young people I can allow to waste time to myself in empty. I think,
that it does not approach us. We should think on the adult. I have made the choice it you. Acquaintance to you in the person is necessary for me. Then we can understand as far as we approach. I want to be with you. I wish you good day!!!!
Yours Maria
Letter 3

Greetings my dear.
Thanks for the letter. I as always am glad to read your letters.
My last days are not similar to my life. My life was boring and silent. With the advent of you all has exchanged. My life now flows in a fast channel. My heart is beaten twice more quickly. And in it you are guilty. Also I have bought shoes on a high heel,
they very beautiful. On shops I went with my girlfriend she have advised me to buy a bra and cowards. These are very sexual things. I hope, that they will like you. I shall dress them for our first night.
You cannot present as I want to you. I so want to begin a new life. Dear tomorrow I shall receive the passport. In 5 days I can go to Moscow to receive my visa. You are glad????. I am very glad.
If I had wings I would fly to you immediately. To me so it is hard for one without the favourite person. I want to wake up near to you and to embrace you. I want to make all for you, to live for the sake of you. It seems to me, that after 3 months of our joint life we shall not want to leave. And we will have wedding, or simply we shall prolong my visa and we shall live together. I want to ask to you a question at you there is a sex of dream concerning us?. I admit to you, that I have such dreams. One of them. I want to sit next you,
simply to watch TV. Then to stretch my hand to yours a penis. You like everything, that I make with him. But you do not pay attention. You play with me, and I understand it. I give in on your game. Then I sit on yours a penis. Also I start to jump on him. You bite ruining but do not speak to me words. I force you so, that you cannot be silent any more, you bend me and take me with back. I all yours. I should shout under a pressure of your penis and your hands. You have me all more strongly and more strongly. I all on fire. You understand it and wait for the moment when I shall start to finish. You make so we would terminate together. And it is fine. I shout take me all.
You my mister. I ask you make to me well. This dream gets me. I hope, that you will not take offence also these ideas will like you. I want to tell to you, that I for a long time did not have sex and I miss about caress. I so a long time did not receive pleasure. I want to receive him with you. I think, that you will deliver me pleasure. Remained to a little time up to our first meeting. And then all my dreams become a reality. Remember, that I always think of you. And with the big alarm I shall wait for your letter.
Yours Maria
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