Letter(s) from Marina Grechanovskaya to Peter (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Peter! Thank you for your letter. It was really nice to read it and to understand that something made you take interest in me, that you have chosen exactly me from this huge world. Please tell me more in your next letter, OK?! I'm very interested to learn something about your native land from you as well.

It's just wonderful that such a great distance doesn't prevent us from communicating, and the main thing, we can look for each other for something unique, for something we've failed to find in people around us. As it seems to me, this distance even helps us to speak out all our desires towards one another, to tell more about our good and bad sides, to learn more about each other, not to hide anything and to be attracted to each other first of all within our nature and not just attractive looks.

Now let me introduce myself. My name is Marina. I am 28 . I was born on October 29, 1976 in the city of Odessa, Ukraine.I have a very nice family: my mother, my father, my younger brother and I. We love each other dearly.

I love my family, my relatives, my friends and the city I live in. The nature is wonderful here and we've got remarkable places. My favourite season is summer. I like when the sun shines brightly, the water in the Black Sea is warm and people are happy. I like to spend my free time near the sea. I go to the beach with my friends: we get suntan, swim, and have fun, chat. But sometimes I go there on my own, take some interesting book and spend there the whole day. Even in winter, autumn or spring, when it's so cold, I go for a walk along the sea, listen to the tide, breathe in its fresh air and feel as if I got charged with some very positive energy that gives me a great feeling. I like everything connected with nature: forest, mountains, and sea. I like the water: sea, river, rain, shower, fountain, and pool. I like summer torrents. When I was a small girl and it started to rain, I asked my parents to let me dance under it and jump in puddles, though everybody was in search o!
f shelter from rain. My Mom would laugh and let me do it.

I like traveling very much for unfortunately, I've not traveled much. When I arrive at a new town, city or country, I first of all pay attention to people. I wonder how they live, where they go , how they differ from me. I like to observe architecture, parks, museums and churches. Besides, I like to go to local cafes.

Ukrainian cuisine is very popular nowadays. Before, it was very popular to visit some restaurants with different exotic cuisines, but now people tend to concentrate on Ukrainian food for it's healthier and very tasty. I like to cook very much, but I don't do it often.

I love dancing. I've been doing it for long, mainly I went for ball dances, but also folk and pop. This is the best sport for me. So when I go out, I prefer going to disco where I can dance. Qualitative cinema is one more thing, which brings me lots of pleasure. That's great when one can laugh and cry watching something. Movies make me think and leave their impact on me.

It's very important to me that a person is interesting. I value people with who I can laugh and a good sense of humor is always a great plus for a man. Sense of humor is God's gift; such people will never bore me. Even when they talk about something unpleasant, they don't sound boring. My brother is very witty and I adore him for thatJ He can tell me anything and I burst out laughing.

It's not at all difficult for me to get on with people and to find the common language with them. I have many friends, but I have very few who I am really close with. These are mainly the people I've been friends with for ages, I am even scared to count for how many yearsJ

I graduated from Odessa Technological Institute. Actually I just followed my parents. My Mom is a chemist-technologist at the champagne producing enterprise and my father works as the head of manufacturing at the winery. So it's a kind of dynasty. In my family, as I've already mentioned, everybody loves each other and we are very close. I appreciate this very much and I want to create such a family. I know that despite anything, I'll always be listened to, backed, given a piece of advice. They'll always be happy for me if I am happy. But I'll always be there for them if they need me.

My close people say that I am sincere, kind, friendly, loyal, responsible and very serious. And also shy. You know, I am a newcomer in this world-wide web and it scares me a bit. I've never tried it but I have heard about many positive results, so I told myself why not? I am a very vulnerable person so I never play with other's feelings and I never let anyone play with my feelings. I am straightforward, I understand that there should always be found a compromise and that communication is very important. I'll be very happy to come to know you better, but if only you are serious. Please, don't ask me what I'd like to know about you, for I'd like to know everything. I am pretty curious as you may guess.

As I prefer to be honest and open, I'd like to let you know that my English skills are rather limited, I can speak it a bit, for there are no opportunities here to practice it. I understand that there is a rather great distance between us and in order to create something special we should avoid any misunderstanding, that's why I am using the services of translation.

Hoping to hear from you in the nearest future,


Letter 2

Peter, I've told you in my first letter, I am using the translation services to have our letters translated. In accordance with their rules, we have an option of only 5 letters free of charge. To my mind it's very fair. I think that having exchanged 5 letters we can feel whether we wish to become closer and use the chance to find our happiness with each other or if it's better for us to drop our correspondence at this stage. I want you to know that I wish to carry our relations on. I feel that we've got attached to each other and become more than just friends. And it's worth cherishing. What do you think? After the 5th letter, I'll have to carry the entire financial burden for our correspondence translations, which will not be that easy for me. But if we share it, it'll be much more fair ,and at the same time, we'll prove to each other and that "commitment" is not just a beautiful word.


Have a great day!