Letter(s) from Ekaterina Solovyeva to C. C. (Canada)

Letter 1

My name is Katerina, I ` m 26 years old. I search the person who can be externally not so beautiful but which can appreciate not only my beauty, but also my private world. I want write a little about myself, i live in Russia, in city Nignyvartovsk. I have finished institute on a speciality the economist but work on a speciality was not and consequently I was arranged in shop as the manager on sales.
If you interested me write on mine e-mail: kiss4you@ok.kz
With impatience I wait for the answer.
Please, sorry for my english. :)))

Letter 2

It was so nice to hear from you so soon! You know what spurred me to start my search through the net? I know a woman. She is 54. She is my Mother's colleague. She is widow. She thought that her life ended when her husband died. No children, no life partner, no reason to be satisfied with life. You know, there isn't much hope to find a man of her age here, in Russia. Most them either married, or convinced bachelors, or alcoholics. Do you know, that average life of Russian man is 63 years, so not quite wide choice. In the Internet she met a man who turned out to be perfect for her. He is from Sweden. They are going to marry soon. They both have awful English, but it seems to me that they read each other's minds. They romp like children. I thought, if Internet gives much wider choice, why not? One my friend told me a theory about love and couples. She said that each one of us in this world may have a perfect match, maybe more than one, maybe say a hundred perfect matches with whom life could be happy. The problem is that probably we will never meet any of these perfect matches because chances are that they all live in places or countries where we will never go and then we all do the easy thing: to marry somebody from the same town, university etc even if it is not a perfect match. Internet is a good system to find that perfect match. Not only because we are a click away but also because you can say things that maybe you would not say in a direct contact. It allows us to be more open and express deep thoughts and feelings maybe because it is easier to write than to speak. It is a pleasure for me to be the object of your interest.
In my free time I like to go to gym, disco. I prefer active rest. But when I have already had enough of it I like read books, mostly historical novels, watch TV, or just speak to my friends. When I meet a men I pay attention to his attitude to people. I like honest, just and attentive. I can stand even understand when it is justified. I like when men have firm opinions about different points. I like experienced people. And I've noticed that it is not necessarily depends on age. When men can take care of himself, of his women, he will be able to take care of his children.
I guess, I am going to stop here. I am saying 'good bye' to you.
Your Kate.

Letter 3

Thank you very much for your replay! I was very glad to receive it and to find out more about you, your interests and your intentions. I would like to know you much better and, of course, to keep in touch with you. I am looking for a man to share my life with, sensitive, frank and open-hearted who could be a gentle loving husband to me in the future, be able to be my support and protector, upon whom I would be able to rely and with whom I'd enjoy this life and all the experiences in love. When I meet such a person I am ready to go with him wherever he would like. Someone who can give love and whom I can give love back too. Love gives so much pleasures but sometimes unfortunately it may hurt. If two people have the right feeling to each other, all these feelings can grow to the wish to create a family. I realize that it needs a lot of time to make such a serious decision. This is the most important step in the life. I think that at first we'll be in the process of learning about each other. I hope it would be interesting for both of us. And during our future correspondence we'll find out if we're right for each other, which qualities we value in our partner, what we like to do in our free time, what makes us happy and what hurts us. I'd like to know about you as much as possible. It looks like reading an interesting book, and I hope with every page it'll be more and more interesting. I guess you are waiting to find out more about me. I am 27 years old and I live in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia. I finished the University and now I am working as the manager in shop. My greatest passions are cats and candies! I wonder how I still managed to be in form?! May, be because I also like sports very much. In the childhood I went in for gymnastic and volley-ball and liked active games too. By the way, now I do like it too. I can play guitar a little. I adore nature and many other things about which I'll tell you in the next letters if you wish. And about my dreams, desires and views on life as well.....
I am waiting for your answer! Your Kate.

Letter 4

Thank that were written to me by I is very glad.
I think that the most important that people understand each other and respected. People who understand each other can overcome any distances. I like to travel but last time I went for rest 3 years ago, when my father was alive, but now he is not with me he died and my mum and I do not earn a lot and we have no facilities for rest.
As for me the death of my father was a great shock I could not put myself in order after death of my father except for that I helped my mum to overcome such a big tragedy for us. But I think vital tests temper the person. Because the death of the close person changed my points of view for life. They became more serious after death of my daddy. My daddy was the builder and he fall down from one of the buildings he built. He was not afraid of death I know also he would do everything to provide the family. He climb to the roof to save a life of one of the friends which has broken a leg and has remained to lay at edge of a roof. My daddy unique who has gone to rescue him because anybody another did not want to risk the life. He saved the life of his friend but lost his one. I think that the world can not exist without people which are capable to offer the life for the save of the blessing ones.
It's an unpleasant theme for me, so please let's do not speak about it. Now my life was adjusted I learned to do myself a lot. I became stronger. And now I only need to find the love and to spend the whole life with him because it is my dream - live with the loved person!
Tell that you think of it?
I wait for the answer from you With impatience!!!
Your Katerina.

Letter 5

Thank, that has answered my letter. It is very pleasant for me. I would like that this the man understand me, made a concession but also I'll do them, that was clever and always knew what to do that I could feel myself as behind a wall.
We in Russia have different people both bad and good. But more often meet bad ones. I do not simply speak there are more bad people in our country I speak it because I see each day basically of bad people someone pulls out a purse at the pregnant woman, someone offends old people. Do you have such situations? I think that is because always there are people which can not live in a normal civilized society. It seems to me everyone should struggle everyone. If everybody will do something to change the situation, the situation will change, but if we stay without doing nothing everything will stay at each places. I always help older persons to cross the roads. I always give some money to a beggar in spite of the fact I'm not so rich. But who can tell what will we have in the future. Everything may happen with everybody and may be I have to ask for money in the future. So I always think of it and try to help them. It's very difficult to find a good job here. But I think it's important to help people.
I also think it's very important to find your soul mate. That's why I decide to find my man via the internet. I want to find such a person with whom dialogue will be very pleasant for me and for him. I want trust and mutual understanding therefore because all relations should be under construction on mutual understanding and the most important on trust. I do not know what do the relations basically build on, but the trust is the main thing here. I think that you understand me.
Tell that you think of it?
I wait for the answer from you with impatience!!!
Your Katerina.

Letter 6

Thanks, that has answered my letter. It is very pleasant for me. I like to cook very much specially for others. In the kitchen I frequently experiment and everything turns to be very tasty. I hope that sometime you can try my cuisine. By the way have you ever eaten Russian dishes? I like to cook pel'menis and a borshch. I think that the woman should be able to cook and make a comfort at home. I think it will be very pleasant for you if you come from work and there is your loving wife which has prepared you tasty supper. But I as think each man should be able to cook for himself because there are different vital situations. By the way can you cook?
I always will be cooking for my loving person. I'd like to take care of somebody else except my mom. I always want to see my house cosy and comfortable.
I dream to sit in my favourite sofa and watching TV with my loving person. My favourite Russian film is "Moscow does not trust tears". It's tell us about a woman who lives with her husband very happily but once she saw him with another woman everything changed in one day. Everything became worse in her life, she even want to die, but she found a strength in herself and she could overcome it and make her life happy, fining another man whom she loved a lot. I told only about my favourite film but I like to watch different films depending on mood. And not only at home but also in a cinema. I seldom go to a cinema. I do not like to go to the cinema alone, but it happened my friends to be busy often. I hope that we sometime can go to the cinema and watch interesting film. And after we'll be walking home holding each other hands and discussing past day.
It seems to be naive but at present it all I want it. But now it's only in my dreams. I hope that it'll turn in a reality very soon! I wait for the answer from you with impatience!!!
Your Katerina.

Letter 7

Hello my dear!
How are you? I hope you are better than me.
Today I had one unpleasant case when I came back from the work in the evening.
You do not imagine!!!!! When I have gone to the house I saw that there are a lot of police near house next door. I at once have not understood in what is matter but when I have approached closer I have seen that somebody was killed. Murderers killed him. It was a young man. He had his own business. It seems that he was engaged in criminal business therefore he was killed.
It was a great shock for me because I did not remember such cases in my district during my life.
My district was always quit. Even more my city is not large and that's why very quit. I think it is a shock not only for me but also for all citizens. This murder remembered me a proverb that "Still waters run deep".
Except this case my day was normal. My minds are filled with melancholy because we are so far from each other. I miss you very much and I want to be with you because you are my sunshine, my happiness and my gladness.
My tender kisses for you,
Yours Kate.

PS your song and picture was good!
I want to meet you.Do you want the same!

Letter 8

Hello lovely!
Lovely I yesterday has gone to bed very much early. I do not know why to me so it wanted to sleep. Usually I lie down to sleep where that about 11 pm. But yesterday I have lain in 9 pm. Today I have come for work on a floor of hour earlier! Even before the chief.
My chief very much was surprised when I have seen that already on work.
It has told to me that it likes and encourages punctual workers. Also has told that I can leave today from work ii?aiuoa.
I have taken advantage of it and almost right after a dinner have gone to hang my aunt which lives on the other end of city. The aunt was very glad when has seen me. Business ao an ohm that we with it basically see only on holidays. We with it drank tea and spoke about all. She very much likes and always is interested in my private life. She has been very much surprised when has heard about that that I communicate with the man on the Internet. She was surprised even more when has heard that you very much like me. She has told that in days of its youth she not could even present herself that is possible to communicate with the person from other country. She to me as has told that it is a good opportunity to find the necessary person.
I with it completely agrees and very glad that I have you!!!
Kiss for you!
Your Kate!

PS lovely I want to meet you very much I feel what I felt in love with you!

Lovely I forgot to ask you!
What is the exact name of you city and the nearest airport to you!
I live in Russia I told you about this!

Letter 9

Hello lovely!
Lovely I'm fine. I'm very glad that you too want to meet with me. But i want arrive to you. And i don't want you to come to me. For this is one reason wich i don't want to tell you! And please don't ask what is the reason!!!
I already for myself have decided that I shall come to you. And hardly somebody will overpersuade me!
At me will be holiday of 3 weeks.
And so, my dear, I as well as promised was in agency that all is exact to find out.
I spoke with the manager of agency who will be engaged in registration of all my documents. I was once again convinced, that it will be better and more convenient to order all tourist package in agency.
To me have advised to do a tourist package to go as the tourist.
It much more facilitates a problem, i.e. will be faster, easier and cheaper.
If they make to me all together (tickets, the passport and the visa) it is favourable to them, and for us. Registration occupies no more than 2-3 weeks according to the manager.
In agency I have named day of my arrival to Saskatoon. All of them have written down it, all have overlooked and have told me, that if all to do quickly and now any problems will not be, I can be in Saskatoon in the middle-end november.
We should have enough time that all to make. I am sure.
Also I have found out about the prices.

There are some variants. I write you the most suitable:
Moscow - Saskatoon
Air Canada - 1257 euro
+ gathering of the airport from 50 euro
My dear, I write you flights from Moscow because unfortunately there are no direct flights from Nizhnevartovsk to Saskatoon. I at first should reach Moscow, and then from Moscow up to Saskatoon.
The ticket Nizhnevartovsk - Moscow costs 350 euro. Flight of company Siberian Airlines.
Registration of the passport - 120 euro.
I don't need to have visa 110 euro.
Lovely as soon as I have found out how many there is a trip to Saskatoonto me even it became bad. Because I can save up such money only in 2-3 years. I have felt that I anybody in this life and that I can not meet the person which at all to me is very dear. Lovely I do not know what to do our meeting was such close and now it is not held!!! Lovely tell that to me to do make???
very much I wait for your answer.
Your Kate

PS I don't why on cite i was from Uk. I order registration in the special agency i think that they made a mistake!

Letter 10

Hello my dear!

How are you? I'm fine and I want to tell you that I think about you most of the day but when I lie down to go to sleep I can't get my mind off the most wonderful man that I have met. I think of you until I fall asleep and yesterday I had a dream about you. A very good and stable dream!!! You and I were together and had just met in person for the first time but it seemed as if we knew each other for ever and we had a tremendous amount of love for each other filling the air and all the people around us. And it seemed like we were the only ones happy, as if everyone was looking at us in jealously because they did not have true love in their arms, but we did!!! It was a great dream and I did not want it to end....
I hope you feel the same as me? I think about you all the time and I want to be with you. I will go home now and will look at the stars and will found the brightest one and will think about you! That has become an every thing that I do. I try to find you everywhere.
I hope that we will be together soon and we can look at the same star together!!!
I miss you very much.
My sweet and tender kisses for you,
Yours Kate

Letter 11

Hello lovely!
I hope that you are well!
At me all is good! I has just come from work. But I should leave soon because my girlfriend moves to other apartment and she has asked me to help her. She lives one and it does not have person to which she piers to address for the help.
Because of it she always speaks me that I'm lucky. She speaks that in a life sometimes is important not only material aid. She speaks that even more important encouragement.
I understand it. Therefore because your letters also are necessary for me it for me is an encouragement!
I certainly always help her because to her very difficultly to be one. Sometimes when I know that it does not have money for example when to her did not give the salary in time I help her in the financial plan. She certainly does not ask me about it because she very constraining. But I know that help is necessary for her.
So now I shall go to help her.
On the weekend I shall stay in city and I shall help her to unpack things.
I hope that you will answer me soon! Because I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Kiss to you!
Your kate!

PS I don't have home telephone but if you will give me your telephone number I will try to phone you tommorow!
I hope that we will meet soon!

Letter 12

Hello my lovely!
How are you today!? I hope you are feeling good because I really want you to be very happy.
I have a simple day without any interesting cases. I spend all my day in the shop where I am working.
I have talked today with my friend about relations with the man. She lives alone. She told me it's very difficult to come home and to realize that there is nobody who can meet you there. I dream about hearth. I want to see the smile of my love everyday. I want to cook a breakfast for him. I want to meet him when he comes from the work. I want to close my eyes in the night and to feel that he is near me.
I know that there are two hearts in the world. One of them is my heart. And I know that my heart want to find love!!!
I'm so happy that I have you. I understand that we have a lot of common.
All of your letters brings me happiness. You know we have cold days. Sometimes I don't want go away from my home. But in these moments I recollect you.I know that your letters will warm me when I will come to internet cafe.
Thank you very much.I really want that our relations will come to a new stage.
I hope that we will meet each other.
Lovely if we want to meet we must make all faster!
Kiss for you!
Your Kate!

PS My full name is Ekaterina Solovyeva. Maybe you are right and soon i will be Mrs!!!:-)
And my address is
House 20 , Apartment 33
60 years of October Street
628606 Tyumen Area
Nizhnevartovsk , Russia
But post in Russia works bad and I don't know will you package reach me or not!

Letter 13

Hello lovely!!
Thank you for the wonderful letter. I am always very happy to hear from you. You know I was thinking about us and how I have met you. I have never thought that something like this could happen to me. I am already lost the hope to find my soulmate. I thought that this is impossible to find someone like you. I was preparing to live all my life alone. I mean that I will never be with the man that I do not love. The true feelings are very important for me. This was so hard to understand that you are alone in this world. All my friends were telling me that I have sad eyes. They were asking: "what is happening with you? Why are you not happy? You are beautiful smart - the real lady, and you are so unhappy." And all what I can do is to shrug my shoulders. And now I feel that I am the happiest woman, I am smiling and my eyes are always bright. And you are made this. I am so grateful to you. No one tell me such sweet and tender words.
I am already sure that you are for me and that we are the two half of one heart. I am ready to be with you. I want you to see my eyes in real. I want you to touch my hand and to feel the warmth of my kiss and the beating of my heart. I want to meet with you so much. This is became my everyday thought. I have no idea how can we be together. But I understand that the time has come. We both know each other for a long time and I do not know what else can we do. I think that this is necessary to see each other. I was talking much with my friends about it and they are agreeing with me. From another side I am afraid because this is easy to write what you want, to tell about my feelings and to tell you everything looking in youe eyes will be much more harder. How do you think? But truly I want you to see my smile and to understand what you feel.
Lovely about site. Lovely since I have met you I never went to the site!! Because I need only you now! I like your photos and songs very much and I like you!
Honey I will teach you how is pronunciation of name then we will speak by the phone!
Kiss for you!
Your Kate

PS lovely I will go to the travel agency and will find out how you can transfer money!

Letter 14

Hello lovely!
I'm very glad to receive your letter!
I hope that you are well!
Today strangely enough I have risen early likely it because of that I slept on the days off much. I have woken up with good mood. Also there was in a good spirit all day. Likely because I knew that you have written to me. At work all is good. The chief is pleased with my work he already some times spoke about that wants to make me the chief of a department. And I am very glad to this, it is pleasant when you appreciate on work.
But it seems to me that even more important when you appreciated with close people and friends. You know to me it seems what to understand as dearly for you the person it is possible only then when he is not beside you. At me a lot of familiar but I think that among them very few people which really understand me and like. And because of it to me it becomes sometimes very sad. But when I think of that I have you. The person with which I can divide the feelings to me it would be desirable to live further. And very much I hope that soon we become close people I even has told native to each other!!!

I was in agency. They have told that they have a bank account, so you can pay them directly from you.
I send to you the account that has given me in travel agency. I do not understand anything in it, but to me have told, that it is enough that account for realization of a transfer.
This account for euro, so please if you transfer money via this account do it in euro.

Correspondent Bank of beneficiary's bank: Deutsche Bank AG
Correspondent Bank SWIFT: DEUTDEFF
National ID: 50070010
Correspondent Bank address: 12-21 Taunusanlage, Frankfurt am Main; zip code: 60262
Account with correspondent bank: 100947525200
Beneficiary's account: 42301978615001001763
Beneficiary's name: Rybakov D. V.
Bank name: Guta Bank,
Bank address: 5 Dolgorukovskaya Str., Moscow

Payment details: Private transfer to Telebank client 733675

After you will make a transfer on this account agency at once will start to legalize papers for trip to you!
Lovely i remind yuo that we have no a lot of time!!!!
Kiss to you!
Your Kate!

PS I hope that we will meet soon!