Letter(s) from Yana Maistrenko to Klaus (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello Klaus!
Thank you very much for writing me and for the nice photos. Who knows may be our communication will grow into something special. And sure I would like to know you better!
And, now about me.
I graduated university this year and now work as a secretary. For me that is not a very interesting work, but though I like it is there I have a lot of friends. But I would like to work as a modeler! My friends say that I really good at this, I can paint and sew rather good. So may be one day my dream will come true!
I consider myself to be a creative person as I like arts and have some skills it them. As I’ve already said I can paint, I also write essays and poems, and like to sing. I like music very much and also I am an animal lover. I adore nature and hope that if we will be together we will often go to nature. May be just walk… What do you think about it?
I also like to read very much! I like fantasy books and esoteric most of all.
So what else to say?… May be you have questions to me, o please feel free to ask!

Oh my family! Now I live with my parents: father Sergey 48 y.o. he is a policeman, and mother Klara 45 y.o. she is a hairdresser. I also have a cat, her name is Pushinka! I love her very much and she is like a member of our family. We all are very friendly and hospitable, our family has a lot of friends!

And sure about my dreams for future. First of all now I want to find my second half. I want to create a loving family and to save the magic feeling of love during all the life as I don’t believe in divorces. I know that finally I will succeed and we will fulfill all our dreams together. As I know you also have a lot of dreams.
So, that is all for today, and I’m looking forward your letter.
A hard kiss in return ;)

Letter 2

Hello my dear Klaus!
Thank you very much for the letter :) You know I've found that it's so exciting to know more about you with each letter I like the way that you wrote and I can see that you are a very romantic and passionate person, I like it! I like that you are frank with me and please feel free to tell everything you want, either sad of funny, as if we want to create serious relationships we must be able to trust each other and to be able to listen to each others feelings and thoughts. We have a lot of in common and I think that it's a good sign. You I will open one secret to you. I can easily fall in love, as I am a very romantic and sensitive person. I can't control myself if person cares about me, supports and spoils me; you know I become mad from such attention... And I appreciate very much that you've told me a compliment, really it's very pleasant!
As you I am a very passionate person and I believe that sex (love making) is one of the most important things in the family life! I like to make love often and I can say that I am a person that needs a lot of attention in sex. I like to make sex not ordinary, I like to play different love games, to share fantasies and I like when my beloved make me different surprises imagining something new too… You say that you like my photos, but I hope that if we are to meet some day you will like me personally even more, as you will see my body not at the picture, but in real life, and will be able to touch me… Do you know where I like to be touched most of all? Try to guess, Honey! ;) I like to touch too… So I think that I was carried away by my fantasies and may be you don’t like it.
I see that you are serious. As for me I want to be a wife, a best friend and a lover at the same time, I believe that that creates harmony in the family life and I also believe that if partners live in harmony, trust and love they will never be false to each other. You know I think that I will not be able to forgive a man who will betray me as I've already had a bad experience with it... I had a boyfriend and he said me that he will never betray me, and as I am a trustful person I believed him. And then one day he betrayed me with one girl who hated me... But my boyfriend didn't say me about that, I knew about it from that girl, she laughed... I didn't believe her, but asked my boyfriend about it and he confessed that it was really so. I'm sorry that I've told you that all, but I just want you to know that if are to be together I will never betray you as I know how it hurts!
So about the place I was born and live in. I was born in Alchevsk - that is a little town not far from Lugansk. That is the miner's town and now this town is very small and there live not a lot of people. The nearest big city is Lugansk. And I live here, as in my city there are no University and work... I have a flat here, but it's not mine and our family just pays for it. Lugansk is rather beautiful, but it's not my native town and though Alchevsk is dieing slowly I love it with all my heart as it's the town of my childhood... So you see, I'm a bit old fashioned :)
I hope to receive your next letter soon.
Hug you and kiss you

Letter 3

Hi darling!
I was happy to receive your sweet letter and photo.
Thank you very much for all the compliments that you told me, they are charming and I feel so excited!
I appreciate your understanding very much darling and I sorry that you had a bad experience in life too, but I hope that we will be able to start a new life... We will full our lives with what we want and I can see that our desires are so common!
Oh my sweet man! I felt so excited when I read your hot words, I will reread this letter before I will go to sleep, but I will be alone and I think that I will have to... Oh darling, you make me feel so wet you write me such letters, I am ready for everything.
Sorry don't think that I am so ligh-minded, but that just your words make me feel crazy!
Sorry my Honey, today I can't write you a long letter, I am short of time as I had to go home and feed my cat, my parents went to their friends. Please say Hi to your can too :) I'm looking forward to see him, and sure you!!! I have never met such a hot man like you and I'm really excited about that.
Please sorry one more time that I can't write you a normal letter today, but be sure tomorrow I will tell you everything I want to tell!!
I wait for your reply.
Kisssss you long and soft!

Letter 4

Hello my dear Klaus!
Wow what an exciting dream you wrote!! Oh I feel like all that you wrote were in reality, and wow I want to make that all with you. Oh my passionate Klaus, I think that you are like a volcano, so hot, so expressive.
We shared only few letters and I already think about you and dream about our meeting. You will not loose my heart, Honey, you already have it and you have my body. Oh god, I feel so wet now and really it's hard without you as I want you to touch me there now.
You say that I am an angel, so may be from one side, but from the other I am a devil as I think that angels don't have such sexy fantasies as I do!
Yes I would like to make you helpless with my lips, but now you made me helpless with your fantasy. I can't sit on one place, I need you so much! What are you doing with me? I feel so lucky that I met such a passionate man!
I wish now to sit at your knees. I am at the short skirt and you put your hand to my leg, but almost under the skirt. Your fingers rich slowly the end of my stockings and you go upper and upper, but very slowly, because everyone around can see it! And when you rich my pussy you understand that I am without pants... I am so wet that your fingers very easily come inside me. Oh Honey in and out, in and out... I try not to scream, but I can't hold on a faint moan. I want you so much now that I will do everything to have you inside me, Honey! I even ready to unclasp your trousers and get on you right! Your boy is very hard too, but you notice that I am ready for everything and you take your hand away. Oh god, don't stop please, Honey!
You try to calm me down, but I can't, I want you, I want you inside me and I want kiss you everywhere, suck you tenderly... But you say no, not here! We stand up and slowly go away. We come into the lift and I can't restrain any more. We make the lift stick between the floors, and finally I take your boy into my hands and kiss you! Oh how happy I am! But we must do it all very quickly! You turn me to the wall and your huge boy comes in me! In and out, Honey, I can hear the sound when my pussy and your boy meet each other, and I cum... Oh and you not? So I take your boy into my mouth and you cum into me. Oh you have such a sweet sperm and I drink it with a great pleasure!
My dear Klaus, I am really wet now... :( And I am without you. I feel so hot! I want to see your hot photos to if you have, pleaseeeee!
Ok I must go home now, do you like when your girl is masturbating? Honey, sorry if you don't, but I have too :( I will look at your photo, my love!
Please write me soon
Your Janna!

Letter 5

HI my Love!!
Klaus, thank you very much for the letter and…. FOR THE GREAT PHOTOS! Oh they are really great! I know that in this letter there is something from what I will be very excited, but I couldn’t even imagine that it will be SO! I am so lucky to have such a man like you with such a sweet boy, oh I can’t call it little!

Your letters are always so fascinating! I like that you are such a romantic person and care not only about sex, but about the soul too!
You know I am hungry now and I wish that we could have dinner together! That is great I imagine that there are only two of us and we can talk about what we want, laugh and smile to each other. I would make you a great dinner, as I am a very good cooker! I like to cook and be sure when we will be together, I will always surprise you with something new and tasty. I will cook also some our national dishes! I'm sure you will like it. Have you ever tasted borsh, or for example varenics? :)
That would be so wonderful to cook you something before you return from your job! I imagine how I make you some tasty surprise or your favorite dish and wait till you come. You enter the room and I run to you, kiss you and ask how was your day. You smile to me... Oh that is great!
Again my dreams. I want to be with you soon or I will become crazy here alone without you :( I agree with you that it would be great if I could come to you, and I want to travel to you very much Honey, but I don’t have money for the road expenses, and what is even worse I don’t have an international passport. You know it costs $200, I have some saves, but unfortunately that is only $50 and sure that is not enough Honey. I am so sad here without you, and your dream… You had such wonderful dreams darling, your fantasy is marvelous! I want to experience that all with you. Oh your photos, now I look at one of them and dream about kissing your boy, so sweet! I want you so much! I want to make such photos of my pussy for you too, but I can’t as I have only the ordinary photo camera and I don’t want someone to make and see that photos. I wish I had a digital photo camera and I that photos would see only you and me! But that is very expensive. I am so sorry that I can’t buy that passport and that camera, otherwise I could do everything I want and I would send you a lot of photos while my passport is getting ready and them I would come to you! That would be so great!

You dream made me think about the days we will be together! Oh god, I looked at your photo again! What are you doing with me, Honey? Do you want to make me crazy? I already feel crazy about you. You say that your little boy needs me, and if you only knew how my poor wet pussy needs you now! Klaus I want to touch your face gently, and I want to kiss you so soft and long, and feel like I am burning and it’s so hot between my legs. I want to take your boy into my hands and make him a gentle message, while we are kissing… With one hand and then with the other, so tenderly and softly, so that your boy would became huge and hot! I would kiss your neck then, and I want your hands to run over me… Oh I want you to kiss my breasts, oh I feel my nipples are so hard now! Oh if you only could bite them tenderly. That will not be sex, that will be a love making, so slowly and gently, but now I want you so much, Honey that I think that I would eat you! Now I thing that I would cum only if I would touch your boy for the first time… Oh poor me!

Please write me soon
Your Janna!

Letter 6

Hello my dear Klaus!
Thank you very much for the letter! Honey I’m so happy that again we can communicate as earlier. Really I’m so happy now!!! Yesterday evening after reading your letter and writing you an answer I made a little celebration to myself and my family. I bought a bottle of wine and flowers! My mother and father was so surprised, but when I’ve told them that I made it up with you. So we had a little holiday yesterday. Mother and father say hello to you. They already love you :)
So darling as for my arrival… I’ve said that $200 is the cost only for the international passport, I don’t know what as for Visa, but I know that it’s hard to get it… But… There is one way that can make it easy, my friends advised it to me. So I will tell you and you will write me what do you think about it. We can do everything through the travel agency. In the cost of the travel package will be included Visa :) So what do you think? I will be like a tourist in your country and then after that, we will make a lot of photos together and it will be more easy to get for me the fiance visa when we will be acquainted in reality!
Honey I dream about you day and night! I have all the photos you’ve sent me at home ;) and I like to look at them and to dream about you and me!
I want to make you happy too, my Klaus! I want to make happy your soul and your body, and only than I will be happy too. Oh I can imagine how you meet me from the plain and you kiss me so deep… I’m already crazy and I feel that soon my life will change for the better, you are such a wonderful men! My dreams are so wild about you! And today I have a surprise for you! My friend Lida has a digital foto camera and I asked her to make some photos of me for you... I hope you know what photos ;) So may be already looked at it, but… I will send you more if you would like… I hope that you will like that photo. You know I want you to want me, that makes me so hot and so excited! Don’t think bad about me, but I’ve told to my friend Lida (she is my best friend) that you are a very passionate man and that I am so happy with you. She wishes us happiness and agreed to make that photos for me and you. That was funny. I felt a little silly, but that was ok :)

So that is all for today, and I hope that you will tell me one of your crazy fantasies again… ;) I miss you so much, Your Janna!

PS: By the way Honey if you will decide that it’s time for us to make the passport, you can sent money to my name that is Janna Maistrenko, Ukraine, Lugansk.

Letter 7

Hello my Klaus!
Thank you very much for the letter, but you are so sad today :( When you are sad, I become sad too... I don't know why you have such thoughts about us and why do you think that something bad can happen? I don't want to think about such things now, when we've found each other. I have only you now, you are my light for my life, my future!
Honey, if you could only see my eyes, you would notice how much they are full of love to you. I want to take your doubts away, but what can I do now? I have only my words... I will show you how much I love you and care about you since my first look into your eyes!
Why do you say that it's hard to believe that you can fall in love? I know that about you as you are a very tender man. I wish I could found the words that will help you to understand how much I love you! How much I dream to be yours and you to be mine... husband, lover, friend... I want to share with you everything good and bad moments, everything! I want to show you my world and want you to show me your world, and we will create our own world only for us both, where we will feel comfortable and happy!
Honey I like your flat very much :) I hope that soon I will be able to see it with my own eyes. I really care about you so much, that I can't found the words to describe that feeling. My heart belongs to you...
I'm waiting for your reply impatiently!
Your Janna!

Letter 8

So goes on and now only parts of letters

Hello my Love Klaus!
Thank you very much for the letter and for the picture that you've made :) That is funny to look at :)
I am very very sorry that I was not able to write you this weekend, but that is because I had to go to the village where my granny lives. I helped her with the garden, but my thoughts were all with you.
Honey, I have a good new to us. Do you remember that I've told you about some saves $50 that I had.. So, I've got to know that it to pay that money to some people at the firm that makes that passport, they can do it faster. And so at Saturday morning, I went and gave them that money and I will receive my international passport TOMORROW!!! I am so happy, we must not wait for two weeks, it will be ready tomorrow! Honey sure I want to marry you and I like your idea about living together not going out of bed :) That will be great!
Honey, sorry for I don't send you photos, I really don't have much, and as you know I am working and my girl friend too so I don't know when it will be possible to make some new photos, but soon we will be together! Honey very very soon!! Tomorrow when I will take the passport I will get to know what I am to do next and will tell you all the news!
I love you and want you more and more with each second. I am glad that you like the idea of me awaking you in the morning ;) I'm looking forward that morning and I'm looking forward that night!
I'm waiting for your reply dispassionately!!
Your wife Janna!

Hello my love!!!
Sorry I didn't write you yesterday, but I was busy with the papers and now I have some good news....
I have my international passport!!!!! Honey, I am so happy, I jumped and laughed when I received it as I know that now the day of our meeting will be even sooner!!! Honey, my husband Klaus, I love you so much!
Thank you for your warm letter, for your trust and for your help and for you love, passion, for that you are the most wonderful man in the world and that you are mine!!!
Honey when I received the passport, I've got to know about the obtaining of Visa. So Honey I have to go to Kiev and to go to the Embassy. They said that there must not be any problems, but I must have with me my ordinary passport, international passport, work certificate (today I took it at the work), and Medical certificate, and also the certificate from the police. So now I will just have to make that Medical certificate and to take the certificate from police. They said that there at the Embassy I will just have to fill up the questionnaire.
I think that tomorrow I will take that certificate at the police and may be even this medical certificate... I will go to the hospital and know what I will need to get it :)


I have good news for you, and hope that they will bring you happiness as I have all my papers ready, I already have all the certificates and ready to go to Kiev to obtain the Visa!! I hope that you are happy to know that.
Please my love answer me as soon as you can, don't hurt me :( I love you so much!
Your wife Janna!


Honey my aunt goes to Kiev at Monday and that would be great if you can send me money before this as I want to go there with her. He knows Kiev a little and I will feel more safely with her. I hope that is ok...
Thank you Honey!


I already asked to save a ticket for me at the station as tomorrow I will buy it. I go to Kiev at Tuesday and will try to write you before my departure. And hope that will be able to write you from Kiev also.


Hi Klaus!
My Love thank you very much for the money, I've already received :) Now I have very little time and have to go to the station.
Thank you very much for your help! And thank you very much for your sweetest photo If I will not be able to answer you from Kiev, I will write you as soon as I will come back. I kiss you! Everything I do - I do thinking about you!!!
With love your Janna!