Letter(s) from Marina Nikolaeva to Jim (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love, James!!!
I am happy and to thank our God that he to help us and and to meet you in my life. I am happy that I can to speak it to you. I shall be the happiest girl when we can meet in the future. You a beam of light in my heart.
You mine supermen and I of you so to Like!!! I have understood that you are necessary for me as air and that I want To be with you beside. While I to be sick I frequently to think of you. I represented as you enter into my room and I feel your aroma.You cautiously put me on a sofa to unbutton to me a dress and your soft hands begin to caress my breast softly.
And our bodies merge in the whole and you compress me so urgently, that we hear as our hearts begin to beat in one rhythm. Then we begin to be borrowed love. About as I to want that this dream was carried out! But I test some difficulties with money to the visa. I very much to want to be with you, but I to not know what to do. I to learn that it is necessary for me to make that I could arrive to you and always to be near to you in your embrace. I would like to arrive to you under the visa of bride K-1, but it is very difficult for receiving. To receive visa K-1 it is necessary to make out very many documents and on its registration a lot of time, almost a floor of year is necessary. I to not want to wait so long. Therefore I to want to arrive to you under the visa of tourist B-2. The visa of category B-2 is given out to tourists, people leaving in USA for rest, visitings of friends or relatives. For reception of visa B-2 it is necessary for me to fill in the questionnaire - application on reception of the not immigration visa, form OF-156. Term of stay under visa B-2 is determined in limits from 3 about 6 months.
If necessary it, it is possible to prolong a maximum till one year. Legally being on territory of USA, I having the not immigration visa can request in further sanctions of Service of immigration and naturalization on: Change of the status with not immigration on immigration and to receive the visa of bride K-1. Having received the visa of bride K-1 we can get married and I for ever can remain near to you. I would like to leave for you in marriage and to begin your wife. We would have fine loving family and we would be very happy together. You to want that I became your wife? On registration of the visa, all information, documents it is necessary for me about 350 dollars. But I to not have such big sum of money as at me not the big wages and I was not capable will pay the visa. I very much ask you that you have helped me to pay cost of the visa and registration of all necessary documents that I could receive the visa and arrive to you. Your help is very necessary for me. I am very strong to love you and can not live without you any more and one day. I think that you to want that I could arrive to you more soon and we could meet. I learnthat you may to send money through the Western Union and I can receive money to the visa. I to write to you the address of bank of the Western Union where you should send money:

Omsk city
TARSKAYA street, 6
Marina Nikolaeva

Then you to send me money please inform me of ten figures hich should give you on the Western Union (MTCN).Also inform me the data: your post address and your full name. All this to me to tell in bank, but I might forget something, therefore ask the employee of bank that else you should inform me that I to receive your money. Please write to me the name of the international airport closest to you where I should fly.If you to send, I to fly in Moscow and to go in embassy to begin to make out the visa. I to remain there at my cousines. She is always glad to me. Lovely mine, I so miss on you and very much I wait when we shall be together.I with huge impatience shall wait for your letter. For ever loving you Marina.

Letter 2

Greetings my lovely, James!!!
I am glad that you to write to me again. I very much waited for your letter for Me. I yesterday had conversation with my mum and I I to tell to her that Whether it is possible to construct ours with you relations without a meeting. She has told that people if love each other that they should be together. I also to consider. I am glad that you to trust me my lovely. I missed on you all This time. I to try to write to you each day. I to not want to miss any your word, any letter for me. Each letter or the message on you to bring to me it is a lot of pleasure and happiness in my heart what it would not be. I think that we should construct ours relations on trust and understanding. Without it it is impossible to build anyone relations. I to want that you me to understand correctly and to trust me. I to trust you completely because I am sure in the feelings and in Your relation to me. And you how to consider my love? I think that you Not against such words. We should trust to trust each other. Mine Mum to transfer you huge greetings and the best regards. She To trust that you to not leave me one. I am in love with you my lovely and To want with you serious relations. Thanks for the name of the airport where I should fly. My lovely I is happy that you to help me with money for registration of the visa and all necessary documents and to send 500 $ through the Western Union. I am very grateful to you. I am happy that our dreams are executed and be very fast we can together. I love you. My lovely at reception of money it is necessary for me know ten figures MTCN which to you should were to give in bank at sending money. These figures serve as though as the password that I could receive this money only. I to hope that you tomorrow to send the information for reception of money and I can go very soon in bank and receive money. From January, 1 till January, 9 in Russia are declared by the day off and banks will be closed. I can go in bank on January, 10 and receive money. As soon as I to receive money that I at once to take off for Moscow to go in embassy and to start to make out the visa. On registration of the visa it is required to me about 2-3 weeks. We can already be together at the end of January. I shall try to write on a regular basis to you and on all to inform you my lovely. I like you and I with impatience to wait for day of our meeting with you. I shall wait for your letter tomorrow My love. Write to me soon. I with huge impatience shall wait Your answer. For ever your Marina.