Scam letter(s) from Olesya Belourykova to Rudie (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Dear Rudie, I like your letters! I like your pics! I like your questions and I hope that you will enjoy reading my letters and looking at my pics.I liked your words when you said that your feelings for me are getting stronger and stronger, in spite that you never saw me.It is interesting but we symposize with one another even we did not meet.I was so impressed by your offer to spend the New Year and the X-smam together.It will be so romantic.I have been to the travel agency and they told me that they could organize everything.There is no direct flight from Omsk to your country.It means that first of all I must fly to Moscow and then to your country.They siad that a return ticket from Omsk to Moscow costs about 200$ and from Moscow to your country is about 250$. I need to apply for a visa and it costs 40$.The eaisiest way to get a visa is to pay for the tourist package that includes a hotel,tickets,insurance and transfer. You can buy this tourist package at your country and then send to me.The tourist package is a quarantee that I will obtain a visa and I will not stay at your country longer that's why the embassy opens visas easily.Just think about it and tell me your opinion because if we want to celebrate the winter holidays together we must work on it now.If you deciede to send me a tourist package you need a copy of my international passport.If I live at your house a hotel will give our money back. I can take 2 weeks off and fly to you. By the way I liked your comments on money! You are so bright and mature. I need your honesty, trust and especially your eternal love... This week is quite ordinary! work and a lot of work at the flat, very cold weather..... and of course I thought of you and sent you warm, tender,sweet virtual kisses, hugs ...did you feel them??? I believe that we will become closer in reality as soon as possible... Life is a miracle and our meeting too and we must try being you think so??? Are you ready????? I am so tired of loneleness...and the cold bed... I need you beside to give all my love that is in my heart...probbaly my thoughts are very open but I want to share my dreams with you. Yesterday evening I watched one movie.It was " Story about us" .It was a very conflicting film...and it made me think about faith..and marriage relation.A couple that loves and has children suddenly realise that they have nothing in love and no passion...and the story tells how they fight for their love and hapiness.It shows that marriage is not a fairy-tale and people must compomise and repsect one another and sometimes " refresh" their feelings. And now your questions....I am so sorry that I hav enot asked them before. You told me that you are a manager? But which company are you working for? What kind of goods?-the company specializes on selling cloths. - Did you ever visit Irkutsk? -No. and why did you ask about Irkutsk? - What kind of vacations do you like what are your interests? - Most of vacations are connected with travelling or warm summer evenings sitting near our river Irtysh or sailing. -How can I surprise you? How do you see a wonderful evening with me? -We will sit in the warm room, keep us warm together, look at the stars............. probably we walk and eat a homemade meal with candle-light. Or you will take me in the nice restaurant ....or we will go to the cinema...just kissing... There are a lot of things I would do with you, just we both together and ther are a lot things I will do together with you in public, so visit galleries,museums,exhibitions! -Do you like tickling? -YES -What do you hate? -lie,betrayl! -What kind of animals you like the most? -cats,dogs. -Will you help me with the Christmas tree? -I like decorating a Christmas tree. When you are wake up do you have a bad mood or are you jumping out of your bed and smiling, do you speak much in the morning or do you like rest, and should nobody talk to you....-I am very active and ebergy in the morning! -Do you like watch movies? And do you have a favourite? -I adore watching movies.I like " Basic Instinct" and many others. -Do you sport? -I like going to the gym. -Do you have hobbies and do you have time for it? -I adore cooking and baking. I hope that I have answered your questions. Just remember that I think of you and dream about our meeting. with warm thoughts.
Olesya. ps. your football team is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 2

Rudie, It was lovely to receive your letter this morning. Your letter made me happy .Thank you for your nice picture!!!Today is Sunday and it is cold in Omsk. The wind is blowing.You wrote that your mother and sister would visit you on Saturday.How did you spend the time? Dear, you ask me if I got a parcle( post?) from you. No,I did not!But I hope that I will get it soon.It is so pleasant to realize that you think of me even when you were with your friends.I need your attention !!! I hear that you can really get a tourist package there and you just need a copy of my passport!!!!! I will try to find some money but you are right that I do not have much money but I will try to buy a ticket from Omsk-Moscow.Honey, I will try but I can not promise.I plan to be there around 20th of December is it ok for you??? It would be nice to spend evenings with you? I am so happy that you understood me and my openness is very important for you as well. We will sleep together and we will be very happy waking up in the mornings and feeling one another. You are so romantic.We would decorate a X-tree together .And I dream about a romantic evening when I come to you! I know that it will be very exciting! You asked me about my weekend...ok...When I have got up todayI have cooked myself steak and chips . I do not enjoy cooking for myself . I do not enjoy eating alone either . I like cooking for somebody....I need to confess that I like complimenst! If you tasted my pastries or chiken with pine-apples you would like it.My mother visited our relatives yesterday and my female friend came up to me and offered to go out.First of all we went to the Cloryon office for the presentation and then to Patio-Pizza. I liked the presentation and the most important is that all herbs that they used in the production of the cosmetics and food additive are grown in the Altai region.( Siberia). It is known that it is a very ecological and clear region. The prices of the company is from 10-50$.And I think that I will buy some items. Their products help to prevent many disease and there are special formulae for men and women. So if you want I can send some items for you. And then we went to Patio-Pizza. My friend works in the school.Her work is very tiring and she likes to go out and chat with me when she is free. So we shared a taxi into the centre of Omsk and had a quiet night talking and people watching. Today I do not feel energetic. I have made morning exercised and I had two cups of coffee hoping it would give me the stimulus to clean an appartment.But it failed. I am not full of energy now. And then I decieded to go shopping.It is a freat therapy. Just remember that I think of you and dream about our meeting!
I kiss you.
Letter 3

Dear Rudie, I read your letter and I understood that it is cold there as well!Today is the 2nd of November...autumn...there is snow on the ground and it is cold in the street...I wear warm boots and a coat...brrr...It is Tuesday and quite an ordinary day...I have a day -off today and I woke up and had breakfast and then I cleaned my flat, whashed cloths and prepared dinner...I think that my female friends will visit me tonight and we will chat and discuss one question ( as usually women do) relation between men and women...what do you usually talk to you friends about when you sit at the cafe and drink coffee????? Am I too curious???? I am sitting here and writing letter to you.. I am very happy that your relation with your mother and sister is perfect.It is so necessary to have a family that helps you and understands you.It would be nice to see your mother and sister one day. Honey, Eric is right! Postmen check all parsles and envelopes because they think that there are $$$ there.Honey, speaking about a tourist package. I hear that you can buy it at any travel agency and send it to me. If you want I can send you a phone number of the travel agency in Omsk and you will call there. They can speak English so you can ask any questions.The easiest way to get a visa is to buy a tourist package! You can call the embassy and they will promise you much and then they will just refuse me.So ,please call the 7-3812 -41-21-46 They work from 11 pm our local time. We are 3 houres ahead of Moscow. Honey, a day of my arrival will depend when we apply for a visa. I think that we must hurry up because winter holidays are coming and most people plan their trips and embassy will work hard because most people will apply for visas.I hear that all european embassies will work till the 20th of December. Honey, you letter was so tender and sweet! I feel that you really want our meeting. I want to be with you and love and take care of you! I want to cook for you and help you in everything! I am so honoured that you are in my life! I like when you dream of me! love,
Letter 4

My darling Rudie, How are you???You wrote if I forgot about you for 3 days!!!I will never forget you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need you in my life and I am sure you feel it. When I open my eyes in the morning I think of you...where are you???What are you doing??? What are you thinking about...and guess that you are sleeping because our time difference is 5 hours..and if I wake still sleep/////but I want to be with you!!!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for the agency...did they write you????I have been to other agencies and compare the prices...and think that this agency's price where you called is the cheapest one.You are right about information that the embassy gave you. -A copy of your passport/ identity card -An official invitation from you for me. -Copy's of your salary overview of the last three month You ask me ,'Can you do that together with the travelling agency." What do you mean?? I think that you should prepare the documents and then you will send them to me. st.Gaseka 24-73
Olesya Belorykova. I told my parents that they must sign that by receiving from the postmen. Honey, did you call municipality house? When I was at the travel agency I asked them about money ( euro or $) and they advised me to get money in euros.I do not know why...I am not good at it but they told me. Our banks work till 6 pm. Rudie, I am sure that this X-smas will be very special for us!!!! I want to be with you and look at the first star together! I kiss you and I think that we will talk this weekend...ok???any plans for the weekend? love,
Letter 5

Dear Rudie, How are you??? Thank you so much for your letter!!!!Why did you laugh at my words??? I really miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is great that you think of me...when you wake up...when you go to work....It is so pleasant to realize that you need me!!!!!!!!!!! You say that your bed is cold and mine is the would be nice to light the candels and listen to soft music. You are very special for me and I need just you!!!!!!!!! I feel that you are my soulmate and my everything man!!!! You wrote that you had sent me paperworks so I wait for them.I think you are right that it will be delivered in 8-9 days....maybe more...our mail works terriably. I know that I will need the insurance and a travel agency will prepare it for me.They will help me to apply for a visa and book the tickets. When we are together we will walk and be together. We will feel the happiness and we will see another world around us. When we are happy we see everything in different ways. You wonder what my parents say....they are happy that I will meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!They want me to be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be nice if you called me tomorrow on the 16th of 9 pm our local time. I will be at my friend's place. I will wait for your call!!!! 7-913-610-09-52 I kiss you. Olesya. ps I will go to the travel agency and confirm information about the price. What is baptise?
Letter 6

Dear Rudie, How are you????????Thank you for your nice letter....very tender and open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a really heart written e-mail!!!!!!!!!!!! The picture is very nice!!!! very nice!!!!!!!!!!!! They are like little angels!!!!! I see that you are very busy but you found time to write me. Did you train yesterday? And where did you go??? Honey, you are quite right that I was nervous but more excited! I do involve in our relation and you mean much to me. Our relation means much to me. I do not doubt and do not have any concerns. I write you and I am very honest with you. I need you more and more and I dream about our meeting!!!!!!!!!!! You asked me about a letter that I had written on the 26th of September....I can say you that I do not doubt ..I am not afraid of anything.....I know that you are in my life...and I like it! I really trust you!We have been writing one another and every letter proves that we can be together and we should not miss this chance. Your friend Eric is quite right! First of all I need a visa and then we will buy the tickets.I have been to the travel agency and they have given me such information There are some airways and their prices from Moscow. Aeroflot io $299
LOT Polish io $299
SAS io $299
Alitalia io $299
KLM io $299
Malev Hungarian io $320
Czech Airlines io $395
Air France io $399
Lufthansa io $399
Austrian Airlines io $399 And we need to buy a return ticket from Omsk-Moscow.It costs about 170-200$. The prices have been raised recently.Dear, and why did Eric and her wife decieded to open Russian/Dutch dating service??? How will they work? Honey, I do understand everything that you will be very busy with the wedding.It woudl be better if I came later..ok? You are right that you are my guide and I am your guest.You will take care of me!right? I am so happy that your feelings are good about us. I trust you and believe in your experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love,
Letter 7

Dear RUDIE, How are you????I could not write you earlier because I caught cold and had to stay at home last weekend.I am sneezing and coughing now....I wanted to go to the Internet cafe but my mother did not let me go out. I think that she was right because it was cold outside. I went to the western union office and got the money. So ,please do not worry!!!!!!!!!!! When I feel better I will go to the travel agency and you know that I also need your paperworks. I wait for them. I really missed you and I thought that we would talk on the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honey, it is Monday and -3 C here....I feel so lonely without you because you know that I am very attached to you!!!!!!!!! I drink hot tea with honey and take necessary treatments..and I hope that I will feel better in a few days. I miss you and I am sure that you feel it. How did you spend last weekend?? Where did you go?? How is your weather???? Please, remember that I need you more and more...and I think of you...very are in my heart and in my mind!!!!!!!!!!!! I kiss you. Olesya.
Letter 8

My darling Rudie, How are you???? How was your party???? I do not think that this letter will be very pleasant for you...I am so confused and disappointed.The thing is that I have been to the travel agency and they told me that I must declare cash.The thing is that they could not send your and my paperworks for a visa because we need to add one document assures that I have 50$ per day of my trip.I asked them what for and they explained that every embassy must be sure that every tourist has cash and it does not matter where I go.If I go abroad I must have cash for food and etc.Honey, I am so confused. I called my friends and tried to borrow money but holidays are coming and people try to save money for the gifts ot trips.The travel agent told me that 300-350$ would be enough the most important is to declare this sum.For example when you send me money I get it at the bank and I get also a document about this money.( invoice).And this invoice must be also sent to the embassy. They will not open a visa without it.I do not know whaI did not want to disappoint you and I tried to find money,and that's why I did not write you some days...but I could not solve this problem...I miss you so much and I want being with you!! We have our plans and I want meeting you!!!! I do not know what to do now/////I kiss you. Olesya.
Letter 9

My darling Rudie, How are you??? I hope you are doing well and you are nto so busy now.You said that you had thought of us.I am thinking of us and our meeting!!! We wanted to be together for the Christmas and we still want it!!!You are right that you did everything that you could!!!! Embassies just promise that they can help and then nothing...I told with the women at the dating agency and they told me that it is useless to write them. I wrote a letter to Eric and I hope that he will help us. I gave him a phone number of the agency and maybe he will call there. I can not imagine that we will not be togethet for Christmas!!!!! We have been talking about it for a long time and now??? I need you and I want being with you sooner!! I want to take care of you and feeling your tenderness.You are so special for me...very special!!!!! Honey, you offer to meet later...and how will we solve this problem.I doubt that I will be able to save this sum of money that I need to go abroad.50 $ per day.I told you that I can borrow just a little. You offere to meet in May,June or is so far away!!!!!!!!!!!! I want being with you now...I can not think that we will not be together for the Christmas.I can take time-off for Christmas and in summer.But I think that it would be better if you came here because if I had the sum that I need to go to you I would fly to you immediatly.I still believe in us !!!!!!! I liked your words!!! My parents and friends ask me when I come to you and I do not know what to answer them now...I kiss you and I will try to arrange our talk on Sunday...ok? love,
Letter 10

Dear Rudie, How are you??? Did you get any news from Eric or embassy??? Eric did not write me. I think that he is very busy. Honey, I am so sorry that we could not talk on the phone but my friend was out of the town this weekend. I have been to some other agencies and they prove the information that I need cash to go abroad. You ask me how much...according to the rules of the embassy all tourist must have 50$ per day of the trip.You are right if I spend 14 days with you I must have 700$.But the travel agent told me that 300-400 $ would be quite enough.I told you that I would try to borrow some but not too much. How did you spend Sinterklaas? Did you write a poem for your brother-in-law??? Did you buy a costume for the wedding? On Saturday my female friends and I went to the forest. We skied and mad fun. It was great!!!!!!!! The forest is so beaituful.The tress are white and the ground is white as well.I am sure you would like it. Then we had hot tea with sandwiches...and we were so happy that we could relax. Honey, you are quite right that we must hope that we will be together for Christmas!!! We both need it!!! We have been dreaming about it!!!! I want our dream come true. Do you agree that it is special time for most people when we feel so happy! Please, write me because I can not live without your letters!!!!!!!!! love,
Letter 11

My darling Rudie, How are you???? I hope you are not so tired as you were yesterday. You liked my last picture.If you want I will wear this way for the New Year.Do you want it,honey? I have got the money and I have been to the travel agency. I filled the necessary forms and I think that they will apply for a visa this week. I need some paperworks and I need to translate them and notarize them. I will try to do my best because I want being with you!!!!Honey, what is the nearest airport to you??? A travel agent wants to make reservation for the tickets. You know I watched one romantic film yesterday and then I slept good and had a pleasant dream of us , it was in the summer and we were riding in some kind of open vehicle together somewhere, it was warm with a light breeze were close to me, with your hair touching my face, the scent of your freshly washed hair was so nice......... I kissed you lightly and I was so happy , and we were so close, and you were happy....the dream was a little vague in places..........but it was so good, we were in different time just sitting on a park table, having refreshments, watching the traffic go by on the road and having nice conversation looking in each other eyes ,it just felt so dreamy and pleasantly refreshing and one of those dreams you never want to end.............I kiss you. Olesya.
Letter 12

My darling Rudie, How are you??? I am still in Moscow and I have been to the embassy. I had an interview . They told me that I would get results on Friday.I am so nervous!!!! I think that my answers were quite right!They asked me why I go to you!!! Where you work and where you live.If our relation is serious!!! You know it was so humiliating!!!!!!!!! I did not think that they would ask me.Honey, you are right that you are so far away and I feel so lonely in this large town.I do not want to walk around and go sightseeings.It is not interesting for me!!! I want to be with you!!!!!!!!!! You are so special for me and I dream to be next to you!!!!!!!!!! Honey, please wait for me!!!! I will write you news tomorrow!! I am so nervous!!! You can not even imagine how many people were in the embassy and they waited for the interview!!!! I am positive!!! I try to be positive!!!! And if they deny me!!!!! I do not want to think about it!!!! Please, support me!!! I need your help!!!!
I kiss you. Olesya.
Letter 13

My darling Rudie, I do not know how to tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have read your letter and I feel how you are happy and excited about our meeting!!! Honey, they denied me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They did not explain anything!!!! They just denied without any explanations!!! You can not even imagine how many people were there...about 80 people who waited for the results..I was so nervous...You can not even imagine how I am so desperate I feel...that we can not be together for the X-smas!!!! We had so many plans...and now I am here along..and you are so far away...I can not write...I can not think...I am just crying and crying...Honey, you are so special for me!!! so special!!!!!!!!! I love you and it is unbearable to realize that we can not be together now!!!!! I need just you!!!!!!!!!! You are my life!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, tell me how are you????? I asked when I can re-apply for a visa and they told me just in 6 months!!!! in 6 months!!!!.We planned to be together....we dreamt about our love, Olesya.
Letter 14

My darling Rudie, How are you??? I am in Omsk can not even imagine how it was difficult to change the plane tickets.I had to buy the train ticket and it took me 2 days to get Omsk.It was not a problem for me a long trip at all!!! The problem is that we could not meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried when I close my eyes in the night...I felt so lonely and desperate!!!!!! We palnned to meet and now I am here and you are there!!! Honey, please, listen to me !!!!! We will keep writing letters but I think it would be better if you came here!!! According to the rules I can not obtain a visa for 6 months!!! And even you will have some days in April or March...please, come here!!!! I need you so much!!! You are so special for me!!! very special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You write that your mood was sad!!!! And did you go to your parents! I know that we did not expect it and now we must be is so difficult to realize that we will meet but not soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need you and you must remember about it!!!! I have tears in my eyes when I write this letter to you!! I want to hear your voice but my friend is out of the town and I do not know when she comes back!!! I will write you when we can talk.I miss you and I love you. Olesya.
Letter 15

Dear Rudie, I have got your letter and read it!Thank you for your congratulations!!!!I wish you Happy New Year too.I know and feel that you are a very good guy.And I can assure you that I am very honest,caring and family-minded. My dream was to find my soulmate and I was very happy when I met you and we started communicating! I liked your letters and I still dream about our meeting!!! In your last letter you wrote some answers but I do not want you to give me chance because I do not need it!!!! I am honest with you and I was honest with you!!!! It is me who went to the Moscow and tried to obtain a visa.You also can come here but you preferred to stay at home and wait for me.I know that you work but I also work!!!! I do not want we to reproach one another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I do not want you to suspect me and threat me!!!I was discouraged and shoked when I did not get a visa!!!!You are right that my passport is valid till 6-06-2005 but the thing is that I can not travel abroad during 6 months till this date.I should change the passport and prolong it when I was at the travel agency they did not tell me about it and when I came there after Moscow they explained me everything!!! Honey, I decided to send you everything!!!! TICKETS,CHEQUES FROM MOSCOW,AND SOME MONEY THAT I have . You know I spent much money for the road expenses...I did not think that you would reproach me!!! I know that you have a kind heart and your intentions were very serious but I did not think that you do not trust me!!! I put everything in the envelope and sent you!!!!!! I hope that you will be happy! Yours.
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