Scam letter(s) from Natalia Toisheva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my friend ! I was so glad that you have answered my letter. It makes me feeel very good and pleasent. Now I understand, that people in your country really responsible! I liked your profile. And that is the reason why I have written you a letter. I really want to know more about you. I would like to know the way you live, I really interested in the things that you like. . I am very glad to have such a friend, as you. I am very cheerful person. I have very hard work as, I work in a children's polyclinic! In the future want to become the dentist! I think that my work is pretty responsible and I compare it with my life. I mean that I can not make mistakes. I like to wear fashion clothes but unfortunatelly I can not afford myself to buy the things I want. Anyway I try to have nice clothes. I had a lot of nice and pleasent things in my life, but unfortunatelly sad events took the most part of my life. And every day I try to make sure myself that life is life and I should never give up. I have never been maried and I have no children, but I would like to have children very much I think that children are the flowers in our life, but at the same time I want and I realise that I want to have children with the man I love and who will be with me to the end of my life. I would like for my children a good future. I want them to grow in no need anything. I believe that the real love exsists and each human can have it only once in his life and I think that it is very important to understand in time that it has come. Once I thought that this real love had come to me but it was a rude mistake. The man that I loved with all my heart turned out to be a monster. He just left me alone because of some other lady. It was the lesson for all my life. Since that time I never had a boyfriend here. So I have decided to meet someone abroad. I think that the main features of human character are Sincerity, kindness, politeness, respect and truth I really think that everybody should be honest to each other. Pretty often I see young pairs, I see them happy, I really sincerely glad for them, and I believe that one day I will also have a man to share my feelings with. I just want you to understand me correctly I want you to undestand that I just tired to be alone and I think that I can love and can be loved and that is the only thing I want for now. As I told you I had a friend and it was my only close and real boyfriend, and the end of our relationsheep was pretty sad, especially for me. Maybe I will tell that sthis story in details but a little bit later. I really like nature. I like to walk in a forest alone there I stay alone with my thoughts and it makes me feel so good and easily. I also like animals very much. Here I will finish my letter, and with impatience I shall look forward to hear from you. Your new friend from Russia, Lena.
P.S. If you have any images of you please send them to me. I really want to see you. I would like to see the images at your work at your house with your friends, everywhere. Natasha!
Letter 2

Greetings , still my new friend. I am very glad that I to have acquaintance to you. With such good and the person of honour. And you are very pleasant, that for me to me to allow to find our love. To me your family is very pleasant to study more enough. It is pleasant, which you do not like to drink, it is very good. It is interesting to me to study concerning your work. I want to learn rather, that you like to eat. As I like to prepare for pies with various fillings. I as love there - ice-cream and chocolate, and you like? I want to study more concerning you because it will help us to study each other better and to find our love. I want to find with you our love, but I think, that through letters we may not find her. And on it we should have at the further personal meeting. I want to speak, that when I was small. My father to leave me and my mum because to find younger woman. I to not see it(him) is more, but I do not want to recollect this history. I want to speak, that I as the romantic woman. I very much love supper in candles, and behind of it what to dance slowly dance. I very much like to leave on walk late at night and to look behind of movement of the moon and to look at stars. I like to create opinion concerning me directly on a personal meeting. I want to spend time in further together and to learn each other better. Probably I to not answer yours questions, but I if you will set to me them still then I shall answer them soon. Now I shall finish the letter, and I wait from you for the letter, yours Natasha!
Letter 3

Hi my beautiful friend. I am very glad, that you have answered my letter again. Your letters give me a charge of energy for all day! I read them with the great pleasure. In your letters you may ask me anything that interest for you about me. It is my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, and I like this way pretty much as I was answered at once the person whom I liked. I write the letters from the Internet cafe so sometimes I will have no possibility to answer your letters at once, I just know that sometime it can be some problems with it. Today I went to church, as it is a sad date for me, this day my parents died. They died in a carcrash.I believe that God exsists and being in church makes me feel better. I really wonder what is the weather like in you country now. Tell me something about the place you live in. It is summer now in Russia and I like this part of year very much. A lot of children play in the yards in the street. And I like the way they play. Children are the future of our planet and on them all our hope. My parents educated me pretty good and I am really thankfull for that. I have finished Kazan state university on a speciality of ecologist. But nevertheless I do not work on this speciality. Tell me more about yourself.What do you like to do in your free time, what is your favourite dish and favourite cuisine, what movies do you prefer, what music do you like? My favourite dish is pelmeni, this is very tasty dish from Russian kitchen which consists of forcemeat of a beef and pork with an onions and spices wrapped up in a dough and cooked. May be one day I will cook pelmeni for you... But of course this is not the only thing I like. There are a lot of tasty dishes here in Russia. Once I visited McDonalds. I realised that the food there is syntethic but I liked it very much. I would like to visit it one more time. But it is pretty expensive for me. My favourite movie is Titanic. As to the music, it depends on my mood, I like Russian classics Tchaykovskiy, Rohmaninov, Rimskiy-Korsakov as it is pleasant to me Madonna, Enya, Kylie Minogue. I like your letters very much and I hope that you will answer my letter as soon as it possible for you. Your friend from Russia.
Letter 4

hello my lovely !
I am very glad to receive your letter!
How you?? How you have spent??
I so am glad that you liked my photo!
Yes unfortunately I have lost the work! She not so liked me as I there received from 100 up to 200 $ per one month!: (and I very much got tired!
Lovely yes I want to have children I want. I want normal life!!!
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!! I want to be with you!!
To me it is now bad! At me the head to me hurts is necessary anew where that to find work! And I need to pay for training still!
JIm it will be now very difficult for me!
I was necessary need one I want to rent the apartment for one month! Also I shall communicate only with you! I not to whom did not speak that I want to marry you!
As me counted that I have betraid the native land that to me should to leave to you! And all has bothered me here! In this bad country! At us it is a lot of mafia! And very terrible country! And I want freedom want to live worthy life! Want to have children for whom I shall be sure that they will be always full dressed! I think you of me understand! If I only itself might get out abroad.. I always want to be with you!! If you will help me with money that I shall get out from here to you very much to you are grateful all life...
I have fallen in love with you mine baby!
Letter 5

Hello my lovely !! Excuse me please for the long answer to you!!!! I did not have money to pay the Internet!!!! I missed your letters... I constantly thought of you!!! You my happiness!!!! I shall inform you the information which is necessary for remittance!!! Today I went to bank and also have learned, how you can transfer money through the western union!!! My full address, a name and a surname:Russia, Kazan, 427000 street Dekabristov 58 flat 14 Natasha Toisheva Albertovna. I even shall make tomorrow a copy of the passport and I shall send her to you!!!! I hope this information there will be enough for you, my kitten !!! I also should know your full surname and a name. Also the sum of money which you are going to send me to arrive to you and never let's say goodbye!!! I am happy, that have found you all over the world!!! I love you! Also I wait with impatience of your following letter!!! Kiss!! Your forever Natasha!
Letter 6

Hello my lovely . I write you again because strongly I miss on you. When we shall together you can photograph me.. Today December, 22 and soon new year. I want to lead a new year's eve with the loved person, that is with you my kitten . If you will send me money tomorrow I shall have time to arrive to you about new year through travel agency. I there descended and have learned , that for trip to you it is not necessary for me to go in embassy behind the visa. For this purpose they to me can issue all necessary documents they in agency. For trip to you they can give out to me the tourist visa for 2 weeks. I can stay under this visa at you 2 weeks. They can give me the permit of the tourist in your country. Into which return tickets will enter already. People from agency have told me, that it is necessary for me to have only the passport for travel abroad. It at me is. The permit to you in travel agency will cost 1800 euro. Also in travel agency to me have told, that for trip to you it is necessary for me to receive the insurance in their company which costs 50 euro. I do not understand this insurance what for is necessary, but to me have told that it is necessary. All documents for my trip they will make out 3 days after I they will engage in official registration of papers. I need in you! I hope for your fast reply! Kiss!! C respect and huge love, yours Natasha!
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