Scam letter(s) from Marina to Eliel (Finland)

Letter 1

Hello Eliel!!
How are you?
Thank you very much for your letters, i liked it realy a lot and feel great emotionw to you!
I'd like to meet with you of course and i consider that Lithuania would be very good place to meet us. For me would be great if we could realy meet with you until 15 of january. And from 7 till 15 january is super date! It is very convenient!
I have a foreign passport and could travel!
I'd be thankful to you if you could support me to meet us, becouse i work as a model and my income is only 0,5 dollar for one hour.
You could see me in a fashion show easy. i'll organize it to you.
I wish you nice day and wait news from you.
Marina. P.S. I could send you a peactures next time, becouse now i have no disk wit it.
Letter 2

Hello dear Eliel!!
Thank yuo very much for your pleasant letter!
I want to see you very much and this morning i visit tourist travel company rather meeting with you. As you know it is very difficult to get a visa in embassi becouse i could not offer them a gurantee that i will back home, becouse i have not children, family, stable job and nothing doesn't takes me here. If i will go to embassi and ask a visa and embassi will decide to give me a failure i could not in this reason leave for ukraine during next 5 years.
But in travel company when i buy a tourist travel permit i pay for a visa, tickets, hotel, ensuarance, transfer, ets. And this ensuarance includes all this guranteeis wich company offers to the embassi that i'll back to Ukraine. Such permit as i was informed today costs 965 euro and preparing during 1 week.
So if it is ok for you i would be very very glad to meet you there. I'd like to speak with you also very much and asked from my girl friend mobile fone for a 3 days, so Bo call this next 3 days i will wait.
Tel: +380662805834.
I will wait news from you and send you warm greetings from Kiev, Marina.
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