Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia to Scott (USA)
Letter 1

Hello dear Scott Thank you for interest in me and for your message, it is really nice to meet you and I really would like to know you better.
But for the beginning let me tell you more about myself.
As you know my name is Natali from Ukraine. My age is 25 and my brithday is on 22 of jenuary. I am from a big family as it is considered in my country. I live together with my parents and they are a very happy married couple that have lived together for more than 30 years and have three children, so I have one sister, her name is Anya and she is a little bit older than me, she is 29 y.o. and she is married and have two children who are my nephew and niece. I love them very much and I like to visit her and to play with her kids a lot. And I have a younger brother, his name is Victor and he is 24 y.o. He is still single and I think he has time to find his love yet.
I love my parents very much and I am very happy to be their child because they are really nice and happy couple and they dedicated whole their lives to their children and I would like to find a man like my father who is able to devote himself for his wife and children. My mother's name is Nina and my father's name is Alex. They are simple workers and tought us to live a simple life and to be honest and fair with people and to love this life but also to do our best to reach our aims.
My my education I am a master of pedicur and manicur and I am working in a salon of beauty and I do enjoy my work. During the working day I have a lot of clients and I am very glad to see when ladies go away from me satisfied and better than they came to me.
I have a lot of interests and hobbies and I would liek to tell you a little bit more about it. I like to listen to the music and I do like different kind of it, I like best of all pop music and very melodic sogns. I do like to change my hair style and to create something new. I like to make something with my own hands and to make me different form others.
Whom I am looking for? I am looking for a man who can be a real gentleman and knight in his heart and who can be a nice, caring, loving and understanding one and who is dreaming to have family and loving wife and children in future. I would expect form his confidence in me and being faithful as I am going to be. Well, I am finishing my letter and I hope to hear from you soon and if you have any questions to me I would be pleased to answer all of them.
Take care and write me soon.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Scott!
Thank you for writing me more about yourself and after your self-discription I see that we do have something in common and this let me to think that if we communicate more we will find out more common things between us and reach understanding of each other that will be great when we will meet because it will make our meeting unforgettible and easy because it will be a meeting of two lonely people who have managed to become good friends and so in persons it is easier to speak to each other and to feel comfortable with each other, what do you think? Am I right? As I have told you I have seen a lot of bad experience but still beleive in people and love and I am sure that one day I will find him and maybe this man I am thinking of is YOU!!!
Well, I have to tell you that I am very careful about relations with a man because I am searching not only for a husband for me but also for a future father for our children. I am worried about their future and I would like that they would have a nice example of a real man of their father to copy and become a real gentleman with good behaviour and manners if it will be a boy and to love her father deeply and to search for a real man as her father is if it will be a girl. You see it is quite difficult to bring up a child because I see example of my sister and I see how it is diffcult to bring a child alone by exmaples of some of my friends and especially when it is a boy, because it is easier to tell and to advise to a girl but something can tell to a boy only a man and I would like to be with a nice and simple man who is dreaming to have a nice family and who can accept all responsibilities on his shoulders for his own family and children and I don't want my future children to pass through divorce of their parents and to see how it is easy to break a family. I feel that I am full of love and I would like to share it with someone dear for me and to warm someone's heart and to complete life of man with whom we will live as a family and friendly and happy one, I hope!
Seeing love stories of my friends who have got married with rich men, I am a little suspicious about being with a rich one but I am sure that I need a simple and nice man with a big heart who needs understanding and warmth of his wife and I am ready to do my best to become a good wife for him.
I love to be with people who appreciate and understand me. I like just to be with my friends, be relaxed and have a laugh. I also think it's great to be enthusiastic about things instead of being pessimistic.
As you can see I am optimist and I believe in love. I hope that we can go on with our letters and let's see where it can lead us, right? But let's hope that both of us will find our happiness soon!
Well, I am finishing my letter to you and I am awaiting for your soon reply. Take care and write me soon,
Letter 3

Dear Scott, We are an Agency of interpreters and our firm's name is "L'Angel". Thank you for your interest in one of our client, Natali, we will be glad to help you with translations of your letters and letters from your lady as she can't speak it and don't have a computer,that's why she has applied to our firm for a help. For more info, please, contact us. With best wishes,
Yana Kupriyanova
Manager "L'Angel"
Letter 4

Dear Scott, Thank you for your letter and for your questions by your ask we send you all details about price and way of payment.
Cost of services: -translation and printing of one letter - $5
-scanning of each photo- $2; -telephone conversations (10 min) -$5
We can offer to you unlimited service as well: you pay certain amount of money and you are sure that during the whole month you will get unlimited number of letter and unlimited (!) number of free (!)
phone calls to your letter with help of our interpreters, the prices is:
- one month translation and printing letters - $200; two month costs - $350
- phone call translation and scanning photos - FREE of CHARGE (only for unlimited number of letters!)
Transfer your money via the Western Union system in USA dollars.
Transfer of money should be done to our manager.
We would like to suggest you the new way of transferring money through the Internet via Western Union using your credit card. This way will be more comfortable for you and save your energy and time. The transfer number will be send to you in 1 hour. Here is Western Union e-mail address:
The amount of money depends on your decision. We are always happy to help you. With best wishes,
Manager "L'Angel"
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