Scam letter(s) from Anna to Gord (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my unknown friend,
I want to get acquainted with a man who is looing for the family-oriented woman and ready to create a family.
Letter 2

Hello my unknown friend, I'm writing for you with hope to find my second half.Who can become a reliable friend, support and tender lover.
The man with whom i can feel free and comfortable. The man who will show me all the wonders of the world.My only one, intended only for me. I often think about Destiny.Does it really true that each person is a part of a whole?
Does it true that each person has to find a man with contrast features of character and to complete him?
Can you answer these questions.May be you are the one i'm looking for?!
I'm a pensive girl with broad circle of interests. When i have a free time i like to spend it with my friends.Sometimes when the drops of the rain drum on the window i dreaming that one day i will go to Venice and will swim in gondola.And while i will exploring this place, i will be falling in love with him more and more.It will be so wonderful if i have a person with whom i will share my emotions.
If you believe in Destiny and in existence of real love write me as soon as possible. Waiting with impatience,
Letter 3

Hello my only one, Thank you for the ray of light that came through my window today.
I' writing to you again and again, i'm full of hope. I become happy communicating with you.Your letter is so interesting . And i want to tell you about me and my life.
As i don't know English and i don't have a computer at home i used to use the help of the translating firm "Spark", but i think that it will not be a barrier in developing of our relations.
You already know that my name is Anna, i was born on the 28th of February, in the last day of the winter. I like this period of time most of all.Winter brings the most wonderful holidays like New Year, Christmas. These are the family holidays.This is a period of time, when everything new and clear is born.Appeares the hope for the happy future because the snow has the magic power to hide all the disadvantages of the nature.
I like to go in for skiing in the forest with my friends. I forgot about such great holiday as Maslennizha. Many years ago it was very a big holiday with funny traditions. Some of them we have now.We prepare pancakes with different stuffing.In the past it was popular to prepare pancakes with red caviar and sour cream.But now not everyone can allow to buy caviar...
I almost forgot about such beautiful holiday as St.Valentine's day. Unfortunately i spent it alone , but now it doesn't matter, because now i have you in my life.
I hope that next holiday we will celebrate together.May be in Venice:)
I live in Dnepropetrovsk with my two sisters.I study at the Medical university and hope to be a children's doctor.I love children, and want to have two of them.But it will be very difficult to live with such big family in our country, because they will feel be deprived.I know that, because i was brought up by my two elder sisters.I've never known anything about my father and my mother was sick and one day she passed away....
But i don't want to speak about it, because everytime it hurts me much.
Now i have free schedule of attendance at the university.In the morning i'm working at the Service on affairs of youth. We work with children who has problems in their families. We try to help them to find their place in life and to protect them. If i take my life in general, i can say that i like it, but sometimes i feel lonely.I have a desire to talk with someone, who will understand me without any words.
I hope that i can find a comprehension in you.
Distance is nothing if our hearts belong to each other.
Don't you think so?
Thousand miles of a distance and thousands of lonely souls and only one Destiny! Kiss you,
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Gord,
I'm glad that we continue our correspondence and was pleased to get your letter. With each time I become more and more sure that we are created for each other. Just think there so many people in this huge world but we met though we are very far from each other. It must be the gift of the god. How do you think? Because when you are already in despair and miracle happens, it's rather difficult to believe in its reality. But now I understand that it's true though it's really miracle. You know, sometimes I feel like a real princess from the fairy tale. And don't you feel like a prince? I think so because such acquaintance can happen only in the fairy tale. But as we can see, we denied such a fact. So we can say that we are really happy people cause we met each other.
Yesterday, when I came back home after work, I saw such an awful picture. A young couple was quarrelling straight in the street. Everybody passing nearby was looking at them in a shock. I saw them and thought that we'd never have such situations. If sometimes we'd have some misunderstanding, we wouldn't cry in the street, but discuss everything at home in quite calm voice. What for people raise voice on each other if everything can be decided in calm voice. It is visible on the couple that they not only can't understand each other but even don't try and don't want to hear what each of them speaks about. To my mind, the skill to listen is the main thing in communication. I hope you are not such kind of person? I'm sure that you are not. That's why I like you so much and correspond with you with pleasure.
I think I'll stop here, it'll be enough for today. I'll be waiting for soon reply. Take care of yourself,
Kindest regards,
Your Anna.
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