Scam Letter(s) from Ksenia Pilechuk to Peter (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello,Peter! Thank you very much for your letter and I hope we will get to know each other better in future! How are you? I'm fine and now I pay most of my attention to the education. I study at Pedagogical University. I'm the last year of student and soon I will be getting the diploma. The final month of my education is November. I think that I'm a lucky person as I'm going to have the job which I like very much. I love children with all of my heart and for me it is interesting to work with them. I have already had much teaching practice at school. Speaking more about myself I want to tell you that I'm cheerful person and those people who know me they always say that I can make anyone cheerful and that I bring an excellent mood. My friends say that I'm too kind,romantic and careful person . And probably because of this I can't find my second half here. Most of Ukrainian men don't like to create a family and to take care about children. They just want one night relationships. And I don't like it.I look for my only one . The person whom I will love with all of my heart. I want to care of my husband and my children. I want to have a happy family.To be honest I don't have much experience in dating. I don't want to look for my second half here. I do hope that we will correspond often and will get closer. But at first we should communicate as much as possible and to know more facts of each other. Tell me what would you like to know about me and I will answer with pleasure. I'm a very open person and I don't like to hide something. You can feel absolutely free with me. As for my details...I'm 20 y.o. and my birthday is the 12th of April. I live with my parents and I have an older brother. His name is Vadim and he is a photographer. He is not married yet. My mother's name is Valentina and my father's name is Sasha. My mother works as a doctor. And my father works at our local air lines. I love my family very much and we all get on very well together. I have also a cousin Marina. She is 23 y.o. Well, I think this would be enough for the first time. I wish you to have a good day and I will look forward to get your reply again! You should not be worry about my English. I can speak it and I'm sure we will not have problems with the communication in future.Write be back!I will wait...all the best! Ksusha ps I forgot to let you know that I'm not in any kind of agency. I will write you my letter by myself .I don't know how the site works . But I give you my personal e.mail address and you can send me your letter here without any problem. My address is

Letter 2

I'm surprised to get your letter again and to be honest I looked forward to get your reply after I sent you mine. I think you are a very interesting man and I want to know you better! Please don't forget that you can always send me your letter to this e.mail address without any trouble. I'm going to scan more recent photos of myself and will be sending them to you. Also you please send me more of yours! I'm doing ok and today I have a good mood! I was at my best friend's party. Her name is Nataly and we have been friends since 5 y.o. We know each other good and I think I'm lucky to have such a good friend in my life! I can trust her. It was a lot of fun on the party. I liked it and I danced a lot. I wanted to tell you that I like to dance very much and when I was a child I attended dance classes. I can dance latin, ball and contemporary. Sport plays a great role in my life. Every day I do gym and 4 times a week I go to the swimming-pool. It brings me much energy. I run during summer. I care about my figure and I'm in a good shape. Some of my friends say that I could do some modeling but I have never been interested in it. I'm a very active person and I like everything I do in my life! I study a lot and I'm glad to get the diploma soon. I will be a teacher of Russian and Ukrainian languages. I can teach different age of pupils. I wanted to tell you more about the city I live in. Lugansk is a beautiful place. It is not big but looks great! The population is 500.000 There are many museums and theatres here. Also here is a big circus. Do you like it? As for me I enjoy being there and I find it very interesting! I was born in Lugansk and most of my relatives live here. Telling you more about my character I wanted to say what likes and dislikes are there in my life. I like to cook very much and I do it every day for me , for my brother and my parents. My mother also cooks. My favourite dish is our national one which is called Borsh. This is like soup but red color. It can be with meat. Some day I will cook it for you if you would like to try it?! I can also make tasty pies! I don't drink and I 've never smoked. I can drink only some vine during a holiday. I also like to read and to listen to the music. I like romantic songs and instrumental music. I like Madonna , Britney Spears and some classical melodies too. My favourite writers are Pushkin and Agatha Cristy. As for my's hard to say ..I can say that I don't like violence and dishonesty.
Now I'm finishing my letter but I will look forward to get yours!
Have a good day!
Yours Ksusha

Letter 3

Hello, Peter!
How are you doing? I appreciate you write me often. I wait for your letters! If you wouldn't mind I will tell my parents about you. What do you think? They are very good people and we get on very well with each other. They know that I have started the correspondence by internet and I'd like to tell them about you! I see that you have much great man's qualities which I like very much. I feel it from your letters. Of course we need some time to get to know each other better but I see that letter by letter we know some new facts of our life. You can write me everything even some small details of your daily activity. This is interesting for me. In man I look for the open character. I want my second half to be loving,tender,careful and intelligent. Age doesn't matter for me. I think if two people love each other and they want to live together age difference will never push them. I'm sure of it! I wanted to let you know that I write you my letters from the internet cafe and I hope it is ok with you? This cafe is near my house and I can check your letters always without any problem. This is my first time when I put my profile on internet. I saw an advertisement and I thought what if I try my chance too?! I'm glad we have met each other and that we go on further with our good correspondence. I hope some day soon we will talk by phone! This is also great in order to make one more step in our communication! Unfortunately I don't have the telephone number at home yet as this appartment is new. But I will have it and then will write you my number,ok? But I can also ask my friend about the mobile phone and we will be able to talk! I will let you know about it.
Ok,now I need to go but I'm sending you my kiss !
I will look forward to get your letter!
Yours Ksusha

Letter 4

Hello,dear Peter!
How are you?
Day by day I look forward to get your letter much stronger. I do feel that we are having a good beginning and the most important is that we have mutual wish to get to know each other better! I want to give you my address in case if something is wrong with the internet connection. Who knows how does it work sometimes good or bad? The internet service is not on the high level here.
So here is my address
house 25,flat 8
kvartal Mirnij
My full name is Ksusha Pilekchuk. I just want you to know my detailes. I see that we are getting closer letter by letter and it is good to have each other's addresses I think.
I have decided not to write other men. I would like to be in contact only with one person and this person is you. I like you very much and I appreciate you write me with the same interest! I had a good day at university and I've been thinking of you much! This is amazing...we haven't met each other but I have such a great feeling like we are very good friends already and I hope we will become more in future! For me the most important is to know that you are sincere and honest with me. My best wish and dream is to have a family with love and care. I would also like to work as a teacher as I love this job! But the family is on the first place for me. I appreciate such qualities like honesty, frankness,kindness,responsibility and sense of humor. I think if two people like each other they should be completely open. I'm open with you and I trust you. I hope you too!
I'm sending you my kiss! And I'm looking forward to get your reply!
Yours Ksusha

Letter 5

Hello ,my dear Peter!
I hope that you are starting to have serious feeling towards me as i am very serious with you and want us to move at a fast pace to be with one another in the future.. I feel we can be very good for one another and make each other very happy for ever . I feel we are ment to be with one another and that if we are truthful with our thoughts about each other we will see that light at the end of the tunnel of love and we will come together in the months to come. I hope we will get to that point in time very soon !I am sending to you this letter and I hope that when you get it you will like it and this should bring us real close and begin that life of hapiness for two of US. I hope you will get it soon and tell me all of your thoughts on it?!
I send you my kiss
Yours Ksusha

Letter 6

Hello,my dear Peter!
How are you? Are you fine?
I'm writing this letter and I'm thinking much about you. I try to imagine how you smile or how you get angry. Do you get angry often?
What things make you to feel so?
As for me ....well, I think some dishonest actions can make me feel angry. Better to say dissapointed and sad. I'm trying to imagine how you are talking or reading or just watching TV. All these things are very interesting for me. I think that understanding is one of the most important way to a happy relationships. I feel that we can understand each other very well because we are sincere with what we say and we have the same views.
That's great! Step by step and we get closer to each other! Yes? Peter,I really appreciate your frank and honest letter.Thank you very much for it. I do think we should be open with each other. I want you to have a complete trust in me because I like you with all of my heart and I will never hurt your feelings! No word can prove my atttitude I think but time. Time will show wether we are meant for each other or not. Do you agree? I want to meet you very much and to try our chance in a real life!
Just think it over one more time. I think it would be fantastic to meet each other to spend the time face to face. I have found out all the details about the trip. I could come to you? Please let me know your opinion. Will you be able to help me with the trip expences?With your support it would be much easier for me to prepare my trip in a short period of time. And also what date you think is the most preferable for our meeting??
My dear,now I'm finishing my letter as I'm going to the lessons with pupils. I will be waiting for your letter!
Hugs and kisses
Dreaming of you.....Yours Ksusha

Letter 7

How are you? My dear, concerning the tickets...yes, my father can get my tickets here with a very good double discount. So that I will be able to pay for it here. I need your help with the papers arrangements only. Tell me please will you be able to send me $800 for all my papers expences? It includes the price of the passport, getting my visa and also the service of the travel agent. I can start getting my papers as soon as possible. I'm free to go. I need only get the international passport and the visa. Please let me know what do you think about it? Also please confirm if you can call me tomorrow (Friday) at 6 pm of my time? I will wait for your call. The number is +38066 255 9403...I can't call you as the phone doesn't collect the international calls. I look forward to speak with you!
I'm kissing you and will wait for your letter
Yours Ksusha

Letter 8

How are you? My dear,I'm very very sad to read your letters. Of course I can understand that it is hard for you to trust me as we have never met each other. But please don't think I can cheat you. I will never hurt your feelings because I do like you with all of my heart. I want to meet you very much. I have checked the trip information once again. My father also helped me with this. This is the official cost for such kind of arrangements. It includes the cost of the passport ( $300), the visa ($120), the trip to the embassy to Kiev ($150) and the service of the travel agency which is $230. In total it is $800. I will need your help only with this. With your support it will be much easier for me to come soon. I do want to meet you and to spend the time together! If you could send me this amount I will start my arrangements at once. I went to the bank and I was told that you can send me the money here fast by the trunsfer system -Money Gram or Western Union. Do you have it? Concerning my tickets...I will pay for it here by myself as soon as the date will be definite. I can take it with the best double discount. So my dear,I hope you don't have any concerns about me. because I'm serious and honest with you.
I'm looking forward to meet you soon!
Waiting for your letter
Yours Ksusha



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