Scam letter(s) from Julia Gezerdeva to Eric (Canada)

Letter 1

Dear Eric,
I was pleased with your warm and cordial letter. Many thanks for your attention. I don't mind to start serious relations with you,
and to be the faithful and tender life partner for you.
But before that we need to know each other better. I have understood that you are very interesting man, and I dare to affirm that we will enjoy our correspondence.
But this letter will decide our next relations. I would like to talk to you about everything very seriously what worry me and about your desires.
I will explain,Eric, you my thoughts and I want to ask serious questions,
your answers are very important for me in the beginning of our correspondence. I would like after reading this letter you will think about our next relations very seriously and write me your thoughts. I am not interested in a long correspondence because it looks like a game "ping - pong" you -me, I-you, and in the main it is only game and many months of correspondence can be finished one day. I don't want to waste your time and mine, and I don't want to feel that you write me for the sake of amusements.
I know English,Eric, I can speak and communicate on colloquial level.
But I know bad English grammar, the correct spelling and phrases, it is very difficult to express my thoughts in English. I have to go to the Internet Cafe and pay for professional translation of our letters so that you can understand my letters right. This translation costs 2 USD ( 10 grivnas ) in order to translate our letters from Russian into English and from English into Russian. I pay for every letter and it is very serious expenses because my middle salary is 350 USD and by that I have a small child.
You must understand ,Eric,that I can't waste my time and money if I am not sure in your serious relations and intentions to me and you understand all responsibility for our relations.
We both are from different countries, far from each other. In order to be together we must overcome many difficulties. Are you ready for it?
Please, at first think about it and decide for yourself, are you ready to these difficulties and you want to overcome their in order to be together in the end? Am I important for you?
In order to meet with me you have to fly to me here to my country)
at first time,Eric, it will be expenses: air-tickets, hotel, gifts,
The first meeting costs approximately 2,000 USD. You can see me in real life, get to acquainted with my family, my friends, my work. Also it is important for me your attitudes to my son, Marik, he will never have a father. Are you ready to be a good father for him?
If we will like each other and it will be "chemistry" between us we'll understand we feel good together. The next step to get to know each other better is the trip to an other exotic country. This trip for two will be cost you approximately 2,500 USD.
After spending wonderful time together, if you put a ring on my figure and ask to marry you and I'll replay you happily: " Yes, my love". We'll be ready to the next serious step, it is a preparation of my documents for my visa that I can come to you. How much it will be cost, I can't say you exactly, your lawyer who will prepare these documents, can say you about all expenses for all these documents.
When my visa will be ready,Eric, I'll come to your country to be your wife. You must pay for all my expenses again: air tickets, trip expenses and other things. At first I have to learn your language of your country,
then I have to take designer courses in order to receive a diploma of your country and find out a job. I'll miss my native land, my relatives, family, Ukraine... It will be difficult time for me and you must understand it and help me to get accustomed to my new life in your country... I can hope only your kind heart, understanding, love and your supporting in everything...
I know if two persons love each other that any barriers will never separate them!!! Eric,but we live in real life and love can go out if not to be ready to all difficulties. We must take care of themselves and to be sincere and honest with each other and in everything. I want always to be open for you and that's why I write you about all my anxieties. I don't want that we will have disappointments from out communication.
All what I can promise you during our marriage I'll try to be your good wife what you dream about.. I study very quickly and I want to be your ideal woman for you that you will never be upset that you marry me! I'll listen to your opinion in everything, be apprenticed to you in order to understand you more. Our house will be very comfortable and cozy, you know, I am a designer and I do everything from the soul and the heart. You will always look very elegantly, I will always help you with choice of clothes and to iron your clothes in the mornings that you ,Eric,will be the most beautiful man!!! I always look very perfect and only for you: a beauty figure, subtle body, make up, **** style. All these are in our Ukrainian blood :-)) I love when everybody has high mood and I'll try that we will never quarrel with each other and shout at each other. Only smiles, laughing, happy and joy are being. If we will decide to have one more child and I'll see that you want this child and you will be a good father so that with great pleasure I'll take care of our baby and being at home. The family is on the first place for me.
My husband was lost in a car accident when I was 27 years old and I had a very difficult period in my life. But I know what good marriage is and I want to marry for keeps. I want to love and to be happy. i don't look for a possibility to move to another country because of a comfortable life. Here I have my relatives, friends, all habitual and favorite in Ukraine. Here I can speak and think in Ukrainian. The moving to other country will be very difficult decision in my life and I want to feel that I make a right choice and move to my beloved man,
with whom we will be happy together.
Think about my words,Eric, and decide if I need you or not. I need your answers and thoughts and of course the EXACTLY DATE of our first meeting. You are very interesting for me and I need to see your seriousness. I'll understand if you say: "I am not ready for it", in any case I respect your decision.
Letter 2

Dear Eric,
Thanks for your letter. How are you today? I am very glad to read your letter and to know about your friend. Dear Eric, it is very good you have such friend who has Ukrainian girl. And how long do they communicate with each other?
I'd like to meet you too in one exotic country, special in Egypt. Tell me when do you want to meet me? I need to know it, because the time is going. Tell me the exact period: this year or next year. I like to travel very much, to discover new thing. In general I think that travelling is the best experience ever. When you see how people live in other countries you can be adequate when judging what is your own life like. When you travel you pick up unconsciously so much information that no book can tell you. When you travel you **** those "cockroaches" in your head, because your broadlook becomes wider and you revalue some things. When travelling you also can feel that "sense of Motherland" and notice how important are some things for you. And do you like to travel, Eric? Where have you been? I like watching how people behave. How they react on different situations. We show such a big variety of emotions!:) I like nature, like tasty food, but I have to keep fit and eat not very delicious things:)
Dear Eric, you know my English is not good and I use services of an interpreter. I pay for our translation of our letters. I wrote you about it. But perhaps you didn't read it. Dear Eric, could you help with our correspondence?
Have a nice day!
With tender, Julia
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