Scam Letter(s) from Desi Williams to Russell (USA)

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Hi, Charming prince,like i told you in the mail that i have receive the money of $1,200,and i told you that all i need is just the $2,800 so i could add the $1,200 i have with me,but since you dont beleive me and now time has gone,you know western union and money gram does not open on sundays so i think i cannot be there on monday anymore,so i think i will just make the resavation on monday and i will be there on tuesday.
about the puters that u said you where going to buy,i dont want you to get them now,i want me and patricia to be there before we can think of getting the Computers.

You know i told you that i have receive the money put you would not beleive me,that is the info,i dont know what u want to do with it since you dont beleive me.
So Sweetheart if you really want this dreams to happen then you have to go to western on monday morning so i can go there quik and receive it so i could pay for the booking of the flight.
I'll be talking to you honey and i will call you,i want you to go to ur brothers house to that you will receive this mail and then reply me and i dont want you to send anything about MTCN to my offline cause now adays i dont receive all my offlines.
here is my info once again.

Name:-Desy Williams.

Address:-9a adebodun williams street.




So honey i'll be waiting for your reply on monday before you go to work so you could come pick me up cause i will give you a call when i am in the sc as early as posible,if you really think you want me to be there with you,you dont have to think about anything,i am all urs for this week and i will just like to make love to you like i use to say.

Bye Sweetheart have a wonderful weekend.
With love.



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