Scam letter(s) from Ayita Osabutey to Bob (United Kingdom)


hello thank you for your mail, i hope you are doing sound so nice well my name is Ayita.A.osabutey a young lady of 26years old single, i live at ghana the city of accra,chocolate in compleion and awell shaped average body and about 5.7 feet tall . i am a secretary working with with one of the now developing companies in the country.the salary there is not enough so i have decided to continue my education to the university to continue my course which i have graduated this May .anyway i am such nice lady very lovely and caring, im christain .i really like reading,having fun and going to the movies,i also like surprises a lot.i hate lie and pretenders, i like men full of surprisese,caring and loving.i don't like men who think negative for their ladies.i really like jogging to keep me in shape and healthy.
i would like to end here with much greeting to you.i hope to hear from you soon.bye
your dear,
Letter 2

hello dear i thank you for your are you doing i hope you are doing well,i am also doing fine.
well you sound like the type of man im looking for you have all the qualities ,i like the way you are.i can see from your mails that you are willbe very caring and loving man,well i dont know the meaning is the photographer ** gave me,cos i told her i dont want my face to she gave me that to cover my face.
i did manegement under which is marketing.yeah it will help me to get better jop.but i am the monet i will like to visit some country that now i have graduated.
i will like to travel to other place to see other cultures,and i will do that with the man of my dream,the man who will tought the sort part of my heart.all this is haven fun,when we travel,and get romance,with the man of my dream.yes i do shave my puplic area.
i hope to here. from you soon|
bye with love
Letter 3

hello dear i thank you for your mail,i am sorry i was not able to mail you ealier.i was very busy.
well i am very glad to here from you,i thank you for your mail,i hope when we meet we will have great time together,well i went to the immigration ,for the information about the flight to london.and they said i should come for interview before i will be given the VISA to london,i have not been to london before i really believe when i come and meet you it will be very great for we.well they said the flight to london cost amount of $670 i think is cool.i will pay for all my expensies ,i will be going for the interview soon.i will mail you when i get it.
i hope to here from you soon
bye with love
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