Scam letter(s) from Natalia Yablokova to Robert (USA)


Hello my loved Robert! I am sorry, that did not write to you some time. My e-mail did not work and consequently I had no opportunity to you to write. I hope that you did not worry at this time. I am very glad to receive your new letter. When I read him, it fills in my soul and attracts. We are very strong, to you were pulled together, and it is fine, that we are each other. I do not present more life without you and your letters. I love you very much! I have found that searched in this life. And it you - my loved and unique person. There is nothing better than to love you for other part of my life and to divide all worlds with you. It was my dream, a fairy tale, that we fall in love so deeply, and now our dream is the validity and I am glad to this, that our two souls have incorporated. And I wait for that happy moment when our bodies can incorporate. When we can feel touches each other. Late evening, I only session and dreaming with you. I dream about time then all of us shall be together, I dream, how we might at session in the Beach and addressing to sunrise or sitting in the winter about a fireplace. The reflection about each other also understands each other without words. We - only all parts of one big family and we - together. We conversation as it are wonderful to be together for ever. We trying to remember that time when we live not together, and these memoirs in a deep fog were. It - seems for us, that we always were together. That our dreams came true to us it is necessary to work persistently above it. We should pass many difficulties. I already began to save money for our meeting, I hope that you too already have started to do it because many expenses is required and we should be ready to this. One it will be difficult for me to pay all and I very much hope that you as will simply not sit at home and to wait when I shall come to you, but also show the participation in it. We already became uniform family and should make common cause. At me it does not turn out to call yet to you, but probably I shall do it in this week-end. I as shall try to learn about more about that as we can meet. Your future wife Natalia. P.S. I hope a photo which have sent to you, see only you.
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