Scam letter(s) from Marta Turgeneva to Terry (USA)

Letter 1

Hello! I went today to look your answer with greater impatience and I so is glad that I see it! Terry I am very glad to your answer to your words!
At us now stand fine weather, probably you heard that we had colds,
and now the sun and is a little felt spring! What season at you favourite? I for example very much like spring and summer. Today so perfectly heats and the sun both your letters and this weather,
Terry at me such good mood shines.
I do not want that you have thought that I have seldom good mood (smile), but is simple when in a life something occurs new, unusual,
joyful always it you feel! Terry I wish to tell it about your letters, it does me joyful.
Terry I today worked only half of day in children's to a garden,
and here have come to write to you what I silly, I in fact have not told at all to you where I work?! Terry forgive me, I even sometimes simply forget to answer all your questions, forgive please!
As I have told to you I simply very much I worry, I wish to tell much and I pass sometimes important!
I shall tell to you about work, I work in children's to a garden, the tutor, I look after and I work with children, I prepare them for school, I learn to write, consider, I learn that necessarily is required to the small schoolboy! Terry I like my work, sometimes happens difficultly, difficultly because get tired, get tired physically because in fact for children the attention that they have not made something is necessary constantly, for example have not ****** a finger in the socket --- That them has not struck a current (smile)
, or easier to remind to go to a toilet and that have not made it directly in trousers (smile).
Terry I still also wish to tell to you about how I have decided to write to you. In fact for me for example, here so to get acquainted through the Internet it it is very unusual, at me in fact and the computer of the house is not present, I and did not know that probably here so gets acquainted with the person, it to me my daddy has told,
at it the friend - uncle Sasha has got acquainted with the girl from abroad, with àâñòðàëèéêîé, have got acquainted they here, then wrote each other, and have then met and he has remained there to live! He has left to it half a year back and here sometimes it writes letters in an envelope, speaks that at them with Betty (so call his the girl,
now they the husband and the wife) all is good!
Here therefore my daddy also has told, can be to me also try to get acquainted, is simple he sees as there passes my life, and I more increasing and I think that here, men, I do not know in what the reason, in a life or in people more, here people do not see sense in a life, I then shall try to explain to you it more, simply people do not understand because of what live.
Here the daddy works for me in a bus fleet, repairs buses, and he tells that constantly, almost every day, after its work more familiarly friends remain to drink **** or other spirits, and now at us everywhere so! My daddy also half a year back about one month remained with them, saws, but here now never uses it. And he speaks that now almost everywhere and everyone do so!
And I also wished to tell to you that at me the native person ---is the daddy.
At us a two-room apartment. My daddy the remarkable person, and all as I have, work, formation ---he to all this has given me, has learned all to it. Terry it is certainly unusual, that I speak, but it was not simple at me mum since three years. She has left from us, to another, and has left with it. I shall not speak much about it, to recollect all this not so pleasantly for me, it is simple as me it seems and as I consider (the daddy to me never spoke nothing about her, he does not wish to speak about it) she was the bad person. I do not know as it is possible to throw here so family, and also the child.
WOW. Many thanks for your photo, you very beautiful in a photo,
you very much like me also I is very glad to our acquaintance.
Terry, I do not wish to tell much to you about mum, is simple at me about it not so good ideas, she have acted badly!
Terry I write all of you my words sincerely and with all my heart.
I hope that you also write to me sincerely, and it is fair.
Terry I shall wait for your letters, tell to me about your parents,
about your friends, I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Letter 2

Terry hello! After the letter which I have written to you, I thought of all much! Terry I wish to tell to you thanks for all your fine words, for all that you have told to me, to me it is really pleasant! And your words very much help!
I simply not shall recollect it more!
I with everyone yours the new letter learn all of you more and more,
earlier I and did not think that it is possible to learn the person under letters, and now I have understood that it is possible! I know that you very remarkable person (smile), I hope that you think of me also!
Terry write to me about your day, it is more about music, hobbies which like you. I now shall try to tell also about all this, well?
Terry it is pleasant to me a lot of prophetic, in fact in this world a lot of fine, that it is necessary to know. For example, music,
beautiful painting, pictures, books, films …. All this can be listed indefinitely. Now I shall tell it in more detail.
It is pleasant to me of the book of such writer (from foreign), as Ernest Hemengiuej, his fine stories as “ the old man and the sea ”,
the Mexican! You read it?
Jack London is pleasant, I think to list his stories there will be no time. It and “ a white canine ”, his stories about love, about fidelity, still I also have remembered well the story “ gifts Âîëõâîâ ” (about gifts for Christmas of two people loving each other).
Terry from music I like all directions, in fact I think that to each direction there is something good and beautiful. Even the fate sometimes helps will calm down, I very much like group metallic and their song “ Nothing Else Matters ” ---this just fine! And group Rolling Stones! About 40 years they sing! And to them listen, and they have such fine melodies! A song from film "Armageddon". It is a lot of a lot of fine music!
And you like classical music? I very much like Beethoven “ a lunar sonata ”, Mozart, Verdi! To Me the daddy in the childhood bought a plate and we with it even went on concerts to musical school! At mine the daddy is not present music education, but he is able to play on a bayan.
Terry write to me also about everything, I shall look forward to hearing from you, and I hope, that you also will like that that is pleasant to me!
Terry I wished to give also to you the address if you want to write to me the letter, or is simple that you knew mine a full name. And also I would like that you have written to me the !
Terry it is simple when Sasha (the friend to the daddy) has got acquainted with Betty, he often spoke by phone with her! It he did on a cellular telephone, but I think that we also can speak,
unfortunately at me are not present cellular, but I can call to you from post office, there there is a public telephone booth and speak with you, I hope that you will be glad (smile).
Here my full name: Marta Turgeneva
And here my address:
st. Karl Libkneht 83. user box 22. index 424 040
I very much look forward to hearing from you, I wish to ask also for you a pardon for that what not always at once I answer you, you,
please understand me, in fact at my place there is no computer and I therefore need time to write to you.
And, please, if to you my words are not clear, and my English ask me,
I shall necessarily speak and explain all again.
P.S. YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL, I JUST KEEP LOOKING AT YOUR PHOTO ALL THE TIME.I send you a photo with colors, it I was presented by my daddy at date of a birth! I do not know spoke or not, but my birthday was on January, 25th! I hope to you it is pleasant, as well as all my photos
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