Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Novoselova to Del (England)

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Big hi,

How are you? Well, don't know what to tell you, but think that should let you know something about me.

Well, I am Alla, my photo is with my letter, so you can also see how I look like :-) I am a simple person with big heart and kind soul. I was born on April, 23, 1982, so, as you understand my star sign is Taurus.

I live in the city Lugansk, it's in the eastern part of Ukraine. I am not sure, if you have heard about it, but, if you want, you may look at the map of Ukraine and you'll surely find it, as it is rather big city.

I have lots of interests, and I will surely tell you about them in my next letters, if you want this. I also hope to hear about you, your way of life, your outlooks on life, your dreams, well, I'd like to hear about everything.

I think I should tell you this now, I don't speak or write any English and that is why this and our further letters will be translated, it is a translation firm that does it. I want to tell you this now because you should decide for you, if you are still interested and want to continue this correspondence. I'll understand, if you refuse, but want to tell you that as soon, as I have a possibility I'll start studying the language, as I realize the importance of this very well. You see, I am here not to play, I am here to find my beloved man, to build strong and serious relations, and maybe family in future.

So, if you are still interested and read this, I'll continue telling about me :)

What else can I tell you..??? :-)
I work at school, but not as a teacher, I'm a psychologist. I work with children from the first to the eleventh form, I'll tell you more about it later. But at the same time I study at the University, not the whole day, but part time, this means that I go there two weeks in three months, and then only pass exams.

Well, you know, it's rather difficult to tell about myself, especially if to take into account that I am not so experienced in this. I live not alone, I live together with Dad. He was a soldier and had to move all the time from one place to another. Certainly Mom and me were moving with him, but, as every woman, my Mother wanted to have cosy home. So, when my little sister Marina was born, she left Dad and me and went to live to her parents. Since that time I have never seen neither her, nor my sister. Well, to tell you honestly, I don't want to go deep into the details, as I don't want to bore you and besides, this is rather long story and I don't think it's interesting for you.

Well, I am interested in everything, I like reading, listening to music, am not against watching a good movie. Actually, I can't say that I am extraordinary person. I am simple and don't want a lot, just love and to be loved, that is why I am here. My dream is to find my beloved man and to build a strong family.

Oh, this letter appeared to be so long, hope you're not sleeping :-)
Wake up, dear, and start writing your answer :-)

Hope I gave you general imagination about me. Believe me, I am a good person, and you'll see this, I can make you happy, of course, if you want this as much as I do :-)

I'm already waiting for your response.

Be loved and smile! :)


Letter 2

Hey, my dear derrick

How are you? I really hope this letter will find you in your best mood.


Do you know what was that? It is smile, this is my smile, and I want not only my letters, but all your days start from big happy smile :-)
I want it to accompany you during the day and will shine for you even at night. I'm sending you my big wide smile :-) :-) :-)

It's great when the weather is sunny, and today it's right this day when the weather is warm and the sun shines brightly. And how's the weather like there?

You know, this is only one of not so many letters we've sent each other by today, but I like our communication very much, I can say without any hesitation that your letters bring me so much joy and pleasure. I am longing for knowing more about you, and surely will continue telling you about me.

By the way, I want to stop for the moment and to send you my big kiss:)
Look, look at the window, it's hanging there, take it, this is kiss for a nice man. Are you this nice man? :-)

You know, as I have already told, I am a simple person and like making people feel happy. For me it is great feeling to know that I can bring gladness to someone's soul. I understand that I am not perfect and, as every person, have good and not very good features of character, but I always try to be myself and not to seem better than I am. I want to find a man who won't try to change me, but will accept me who I am; it's my principle of life "don't be fake". We should always be ourselves, so if we ever meet, be sure I won't be different from Alla you see in the letters. And what about you? Do you have any principles in life?

By the way, my definition of love is also rather simple, but think full of sense. I believe that even in one word sometimes it is possible to put more sense that in hundred. My description: Love is Life! If we have love in our heard, then we live. We always love someone: parents, sisters, brothers, friends, pets, etc... No matter what or who you love, the main is that there is this wonderful feeling inside you.

Well, hope you're not sleeping here yet. I always try to make my letters not long, but every time I want to tell you so much about me, that can't stop writing :-) No, I won't tell you everything about me in on mail, I'll write you many many more. Keep intrigue :-)))

Don't forget to catch my big kiss :-)
and don't forget to get back to me soon! :-)
and don't forget to smile :-)

This is for you
:-) :-) :-)

From Alla

Letter 3

Dear Sir,

We are writing you to inform you about the problem your lady has.
You are in correspondence with one of our clients Alla. As you have already been told by Alla, she used the services of our agency for some time. Just now Alla doesn't have a possibility to pay for using our services, and that is why she can not write you letters any more, though she would very much like to continue your communication, as she is very interested in you. Alla asked us to contact you and to apologize from her name for this situation and for stopping your correspondence so suddenly.

As far, as we know the situation, her Father has great problems with his health and last night was brought to the hospital with heart attack.

Dear sir, if you are interested in Alla and would like to continue your lettering as well, we could help you. You could become our client and help your lady with the payment. If you are interested in our suggestion, please, inform us, and we will provide you the information concerning our services, the cost and methods of payment.

For further information you may contact us to the following e-mail address:

Here is a little information about our agency:

The name of our agency is 'Gnome'. First of all we should inform you that we are not a marriage agency and do not have anything in common with this. Our agency provides the services of translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English, access to Internet, printing, scanning and delivery ( special order of the client).

We are contacting you from Alla's address, because all your correspondence goes through our translators. We receive Alla's letters from you and give the translated variants to her. She writes you the answer and after the translation of the letter into English and typing it, we send you the translated variant of Alla's letter.

As Alla doesn't speak English, unfortunately, and doesn't have a computer, she uses our services to communicate with you.

If you are interested in further correspondence with Alla, please, contact us, and we will gladly help you.

If you have any questions, you may ask us, and we will certainly answer all of them immediately.

Sincerely Yours,
Administration of the agency "Gnome"

Letter 4

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter. If you don't have a credit card, you may pay without it. You don't need your credit card to make payment in our agency.

If you have any questions, please, let us know, and we will answer all of them immediately.

Faithfully Yours,
Administration of the agency "Gnome"



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