Scam letter(s) from Nelya Barilo to Miguel (France)


Hello Miguel! Thank you very much for writing to me!!! I hope that we will not stop writing to each other It is a bit difficult to write to almost unknown person Same thing with you? I feel a mystery in a slow exploring each other, letter by letter, step by step It is not easy to over come all the obstacles on the way to our future Enough for me to be so philosophical I will continue with my introducing I have already told you that my name is Nataly I like this name very much ( thought to say in this way is a bit immodest ), my friends call me Natash a In Russia and Ukraine this name is very common and not rare I wonder have you meet people with this name before I was born on 16 of August in 1976 in Ukraine Actually I have never been abroad So if you will tell me about your country I will appreciate this very much I like travelling but I did not have such a possibility to go somewhere So I am 29 years old. I live and work in Lugansk separately from my parents and brother They all live in Stanitsa Luganskay It is a big village but its population is still small to call it town My brother's name is Andrey and he is 39. I love him very much He always supports me when I need this since my childhood I am 1.70 m and 55 kg. I have blond hair and light blue eyes I have quite athletic body but this is only because of my love to sport I like being active very much That is all for now with my description I am sending you my photo to prove my words I hope that you will like it. I have many hobbies but usually the things I am doing could say about my mood I believe in such and opinion that hobbies could te ll about our inner world I hope you do not like doing something not good Sorry this a kind of joke When I am tired I try to do something which could help me to rest It could be reading or knitting I have already make sweaters to all my family and one friend her. And sometimes it happens with me that I need to burst my energy away In this case I usually go to the sport complex which has a swimming pool and gymnasium When it is not cold I like to go jogging This helps me to keep my body fit. There is a meaning that only people who like self-torture can have good results in sport and do something active methodical I would be nice to know you in this way. When I have such a possibility I just adore to spend evenings with my family I am already 29 and I want to have my own family I am looking for serious relations And playing games is not for me. I met many men who just was attracted with one or another p art of me. But I have never met people who just love me entirely Actually I can not say that I was in love with somebody I want to find person who will not be able to live without me. And I will be everything for him. Loving wife Good and impassioned *** partner Wise and attentive mother of his children Friend I hope that my letter was interesting for you. Please let me know what you want to know about me and I will try to answer with all my openness because we have started with our friendship What do yo u think about this With respect
Letter 2

Hello Miguel! Thanks I have got your answer and this delights me very much My heart is like a spring garden full of flowers and fresh breeze We have just found each other and I have really nice feelings about you. I think that I have to tell you more about myself I think that you are interested why do I use Internet to find my future husband or second part I even do not know what have made that push and I made my profile I think that you will agree that I am nic e, beautiful, so why? I always had somebody near me who s aid that like me very much, and love more than life I did not get anything good from relations I had only pain and disappointment All the men were looking for *** and they do not think that it could heart me. I am dreaming about a man who can be saver Who will be everything for me. And I will pertain to him to the rest of my life Years of disenchantment made me lost my trust in men's words All the words like a hiding cover of real aim. And this is aim is not so bright as usually said I am looking for real h onest love But I think that this kind of love could grow only from friendship I want to be honest with you I do not know English but I hope that this is not a real problem Because if two people want to be together nothing could stop them I go to the firm which translate my letters I also have an access to Internet there I will study English in future I hope to receive your answer as soon as pos sible! Please, do not heart me and tell me your honest point of view about the things I have told you. Your Natasha
Letter 3

Hello my dear Miguel! It is a real pleasure for me to receive your letters I feel that you are interested not only in my appearance and this delights me very much on thinking about you. I had a though that you will stop writing to me because I do not know your language But it is a good surprise that I found your letter today! Now my willing to study English is even stronger then before I Will do everything just tell me not to loose you. Your letters help me believe in good and in future They help me to dream And I did not a llow myself to dream for a long time You will ask me why? All dreams were broken So it was very difficult for me to believe in something good I am already tired of being heart So the way I like you scares me a little The feeling when you loose something necessary for your life could destroy me. And you already became a part of my life I hope that nothing bad will happen in future and we do not stop lettering You know if you are just playing games it is better to stop now. And not when it will too much painful for both of us. By the way what you like in me and why Ukranian girl A lot of foreigner even do not know about the existence of my country I have forgotten to tell you about my job! I am book keeper Nothing exiting really! I hope that you we not expecting something unus ual from me. Actually I have to go to work now. But I do not want to stop now. Please, do not forget that I am waiting for your letter impatiently Sincerely yours
Letter 4

Hello Miguel! You make really happy with the letters I receive from you. You help me not forget the meaning of the word Romance I am looking for person to fall in love with and to share my life with Maybe our friendship will be over in a deep and reliable relationship, and marriage I will continue to tell you about myself I am honest, respectful, caring, loving, and never upset of problems I usually derive strength from my parents who are very good and respected people When I feel that I need support of my relatives I go home This usually helps me and make stronger But the o nly thing I need in life is a beloved man to make my own family with I do not like to spoil my health with so I do not allow myself to have any perni cious habits like smoking or drinking Of cause I can allow myself to have some wine or champagne but drinking juice is more preferable I still have a hope and dreams but I do not talk about them Why? In order not to spoil them It is like destiny play tricks with me. If I tell you that I want something I will never have it. So I try to keep in secret all my desires I think that we can have only one real love during the life And I pray not to loose it or just pass through We live not to earn money, not to win in competition "who is better", but to find only person we need in life I absolutely do not care about your nationality and color because for me the most important is what kind of person you are. And I really like you, your ideas and the way you write For my family this is also absolutely normal I have told you a lot about the way I am today I hope that you are not disappointme nt in me and I will get your answer soon I wish you good luck and take care because somebody who is far thinking about you. Yours
Letter 5

Hello my dear Miguel! Thank you for very nice letter I will be the most sad answer in my life I have already mentioned that I use firm to translate my letters I did not want to play with your feelings and I am also do not feel good Just I will not be able to write you any more My account is running out and I do not have money to make it up. I do not want to loose you. And I like you. But destiny is not on my side right now. Look, I let myself to dream a little about you and you see what happened My heart is crying and it is hurt I am not lucky with men. When I find somebody good at last he offers me his friendship Or just leave for somebody else I do not want to think abou t this and do not want to compare you with them You are better much better then all the men I knew before I feel this I am sorry I will try to write you. Yours,
Natasha PS: I am Lion
Letter 6

Dear Sir, We want to inform you that Natalia is a client of translating firm "INTER" with this notification She use all our services which include: translating letters, access to the Internet and scanning/printing photos Her current account was closed And she is not able to settle her account at the moment Natalia is still interested in you and in your further communication If you are also interesting in her we can provide you all essential information concerning our services and prices Respectfully,
Principal of Translating Firm "INTER"
Nikolay Poznansky
Letter 7

Dear Sir, Thank you for keeping in touch with us. Here is the information about our services: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- translation of a standard letter = 2 USD;
access to the Internet = 1 USD;
printing a letter = 1 USD;
taxes = 1 USD; --------------------- ---------------------
Total cost = 5 USD;
There are some additional services that we provide: scanning a photo - 2 USD;
printing a photo - 3 USD; We give two thrifty tariffs to our clients: ------------------------------------------- - "Unlimited" - translation services are provided without any limitations, scanning or printing photos are not included in. -------------------------------------------
Total cost of one month use = 150 USD;
------------------------------------------- - "Unlimited-PLUS" - translation services are provided without any limitations, scanning or printing photos are included in. -------------------------------------------
Total cost of one month use = 200 USD;
------------------------------------------- You can send payment through the WESTERN UNION SYSTEM You have to indicate your respondent's name, Natalia Krivoplyasova, in the form and our country, Ukraine Then inform us in a letter with the following information: money transfer control number and the amount of money sent As soon as your respondent gets the payment and fills up the account it will be possible to receive your letters and write you responses We have one common system of the Western Union in Lugansk and your respondent c an receive money in any bank One of the bank's addresses is Leninskogo Komsomola, 3, Lugansk, 91000 Ukraine When your account is running out we will send you a balance letter with the detailed report of your expenses We are open for all your suggestions Respectfully,
Principal of Translating Firm "INTER"
Nikolay Poznansky
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