Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Scheglova to James (USA)

Hi Jim!I was very glad when I has found out your letter in my mail box. It isso nice of you! I was waiting for your letter a lot!!! I at once bringmy apologies for my mistakes in my structure and the last letter. Ilive in city of Cheboksary. As you already could understand, now Iam 24 years. My birthday is March, 2 , 1981. It happens very boringlyto me by one because I have no boyfriend and I have no company tocelebrate this day. I hope that I'll find somebody, speccially for mewho can share this day with me!!! A little bit about me. So as youcould understand me I am almost 25 years old. I have a nice hair notso long and not so short. I have blue eyes as you can see at my pic.My favorite color is red. I love this color very much! Jim, I thinkthat you can agree with me because this color is really great and itis suit for me very much!!! Please write me what is your favoritecolor and why, ok? I was not married. I think first of all I need toknow anything about my man, to spend a lot of time with him and onlythen I think the time will come and I will be able to decide he is forme or not. I hope that you can understand me. Maybe it's not right butI am afraid of making mistakes. I understand that there is no lifewithout mistakes but… Please, try to believe me and to understand me.I would like to know more about your family and to learn a little bitmore in detail about your birth and did the origin of your family havehistorical character? There is in Russia the people love to praisethemselves, but it only on words. Jim, you probably would like tolearn more in detail about my character as I want to know more aboutyour character. I can tell about it only according to mine familiar.When I studied at university, my teacher of the English language spokethat I am too open, simple girl, that someone can take advantage of itin the purposes. I can tell precisely by myself that the sociable andpurposeful woman. I love to be in a circle of the cheerful, cleverfriends. In a circle of the people which I communicate with, I havenot found the man whom would be possible to connect the destiny with.So I am a the teacher at school, I teach Russian. Age of my pupils of13-17 years. I work in female collective, where I hear about marriedlife so many that as though itself married. Each day only also I hearhow someone complains that the husband has not come home or drunk hascome again. It is too hard for me to listen to their groans each day.It is very a pity of my friends and would like to connect the lifewith the man from another country where, to my opinion, is not presentsuch an attitude to the women. It would be desirable to tell somewords about my family. My family consists of four members. It is themom, daddy I and my brother. We have a dog on nickname Rusty. I verymuch love domestic animals, am especial dogs. The daddy works thedriver, the mum doesn't work. I have finished the university someyears ago. Jim, you know that my student's years were the happiest inmy life. And you, Jim, what can you tell me about your student's life?We had cheerful, friendly company which had time simultaneously wellto study and to have a rest. My parents were proud of me as that timeas present time! They said that we could have fun without spirits,cigarettes and especially without drugs. I very seriously treat theseproblems. The world to be rolled not clearly where and it is difficultto tell that against it. A lot of families in the world have mentionedthis problem and they can only be pitied. It would not be desirable tospeak about sad, Jim, probably, do you agree with me? As I alreadywrote in the beginning of the letter I live in small country townCheboksary. Though it and small on the sizes, I very much love tovisit our museums and theatres. Write to me, Jim, please, about yourcity. What is your city and do you like to live there? I speak yourlanguage only a little and I own rules of a spelling. But I would liketo know what do you think about my knowledge of your language. I wantto apologize for mistakes admitted in my letter. I hope that in a nearfuture I shall begin to write more competently. With INTERNET I workalso for the first time. Difficultly something to speak about it, yousee, Jim, you are the first man whom I communicate with the help ofINTERNET. In our country about computers began to speak absolutelyrecently, but nevertheless Russian people aspire to learn this clevermachine. I write the letter to you not from houses. I write you, fromINTERNET CAFE. I can use INTERNET daily; I go in INTERNET CAFE, assoon as I am free off work. I will be with impatience; I will waitforward for your letter. I hope that my photo is pleasant to you. Yournew Russian friend,Sveta.
Letter 2

Hi my dear Jim!!!How are you? I'm fine. I wait for your I very much waited your letter. I hoped, that I very much shall like you. Did you like my photo? It is very a pity to me, that you did not like my photo. It is very a pity to me, that you have not answered my letter. I think, that I have not liked you. I very much want to have correspondence with you. You have very much liked me. I thought, that we can be good friends. I wait for your letter.Sveta.
Letter 3

Hi my dear friend Jim!!!!I am very glad to receive your answer again so soon! It makes mehappy!!! I never was in America. I very much would want to travel,but I have no such opportunity. I very much would want to visitsometime abroad. I never was on a motorcycle. I hope that you canunderstand anything I say. And I hope that I can be frankful with you,Jim, I am very glad, that I have a man whom I can talk frankly to,without lie also of hypocrisy. Our world become more severe, and Ithink, that you agree with me. I can tell you, Jim, everything thatoccurs in my life and I think that you will understand me or evensomething will advise. As you can see at my photo I am not too fat andI am not too slim. My height is 168 cm and my weight is 57 kg. I thinkthat I have a good figure but since my childhood I wanted to be alittle more taller. One day of my childhood I wanted to become a photomodel and then the day after I decided to become just a model. I knowthat there are some difference between these profession. But when Igrew up I decided that it's not so important for me to become a modelor a photo model. I think it's not so constant professions. I can seeRussian girls with can do everything to become a top model but it'snot real. I want to have a real work which I like. But it's hard tofind it especially in Russia. I don't know anything about good work inother countries that is why I just can talk about Russia. I think thatyou of course would like to know why I am here, I mean in theInternet. OK, I'll tell you but only after you. Of course if you askme about it then. Jim, in our country the men like to drink very much.I think that I am not the first girl who say it to you. In Russia aproblem of alcohol in general very big. This problem has touched manyfamilies. Jim, write, that you think in this occasion. I veryseriously treat this problem. I love to have fun, to go in clubs, butthus it is not necessary to drink, it is possible simply to have arest. Maybe that is because our men can't relax without some help ofdrinks, or drugs or maybe something else… I don't know. You knowRussian people like to celebrate holidays. Russia is one of not somany countries which have a lot of holidays. Russian men don't like towork a lot, maybe only somebody. If I am not mistaken we have about100 holidays each year except Saturday and Sunday. We have a lot ofholidays in January, then in February and then in March and in May.And every month we have at least one-two holiday. I think that you canunderstand me. A little about my hobbies. In my free time I like tocarry out on a nature. In years time we frequently with the mum anddad go on our kitchen garden. There we grow different vegetables andberries. It is spoke, that the women in your country do not love todig in ground. Write me about it more in detail and why they don'tlike it, please. I like to swim, I like to cook very much. It help meto settle down. I like to read sometimes. My favorite book is 'Masterand Margaret' by Bulgakov. I hope that you know about this writer andabout this book. I read it at least five times. And every time I readit I understand what is the true love! It's so great!!! Bulgakov didreally describe this feeling, also about the God and other problem inour world and in our life. If you don't read it please read it for me,of course if you want it. I want to tell about my family. Theattitudes in our family for me are ideal. My parents do live togetheralready more than 30 years. Can you imagine that my grandparents had agolden wedding??? They were the best pair in the world and the bestgrandparents for me especially. I loved then very much!!! Mygrandfather learn me a lot of useful things and now I can feel theirhelp in my real life. As I already wrote to you, my daddy works thedriver, but, despite of it is very gentle with my mom, it constantlyspeaks it compliments. My daddy works a lot, but thus never speaksabout it. The life compels so to work. I want for a long time that myparents have visited to have a rest for city. I can see that theystrongly get tired, that of forces they already have not enough, andto leave there is no time the daddy speaks. It tries to do everythingall for us. And for this reason, I always speak to my friends, that myparents are an ideal pair. My brother studies in technical school asthe mechanic. He as well as my daddy will work as the driver or torepair automobiles. To my brother 21 year. Now, when they are wellfamiliar with my family, they speak that at them unearthly love. Inour family it is accepted that when there come the visitors it isnecessary to invite all for a table, I mean to offer a cup of tea orcoffee with candies or cake. And completely not important they came bythe invitation or simply past passed. We consider that the hospitalityis an attribute of good family. What you, Jim, think in this occasion.Jim, tell about your target, what do you like to do, to that devotethe free time. I like to go in cafe with the friends in free off worktime. I love ice-cream and grapes very much. The time goes notappreciably and it is time to me to go for work. I hope to see yourletter, Jim, in my email in the near future. Write to me aboutyourself and family more in detail. Write about your friends. What isyour favorite cuisine? What is your favorite book and anything youwant me to know about yourself. I wait forward the answer, Your friendfrom Russia,Svetlana.
Letter 4

Hi my dear friend Jim!!!I was very glad to get your letter so soon. Thank you very much foryour letter. It makes my day better!!! I wanted to ask you do you likeflowers? And what kind of flowers do you like? I like of course roses.You know that they said the rose is the queen of all flowers. I agreewith it. Besides roses I like field flowers such as ox-eye daisy, bluecornflower, little flowers (sorry I don't know names of flowers). ButI don't like carnation at all. I think that it's a bad flower and itbrings misery. Maybe I am wrong. My grandmother liked this flower verymuch but she was the happiest woman in the world!!! Do you want toknow what I want to get? I want to get 99 or 101 small roses the nextday after my wedding. It would be the best present from man I willlove! My teacher on English has told me when I studied in theuniversity that her husband gave her the same present on her birthday.Of course she guess about it but she thought that her husband gave herthis present a little different way. She thought that it will be onlypetals of roses laying around the bad. Anyway she was very happy! Lookand can you tell me what is the best present you were given? Of courseif you want to tell it. And what would be the best present for yourbirthday? I really want to know that! You know, Jim, I didn't tell youone thing, I am curious! Maybe you are surprised but I want you toknow that! Thanks for your photo. It very much was pleasant to me. Iwas very glad to receive it from you. At you very beautiful eyes. Ihave some question for you. Please write me back with your answers,ok?1.Do you lie, maybe sometimes?2.Do you trust me?3.Can you understand me in any situation?4.Have you a girlfriend?5.Can youafall in love with me?6.Can you have only one woman for the rest of your life?7.Please, can you send me your photo with your smile?8.Are you strong?9.are you determined?10.Can you cook?11.Are you afraid of life problems?12.Can you share your bed and your house with only one woman?13.Can you live without alcohol drinks?14.Do you want a serious relations with me?Ok, I think that is all for now. So, Jim, now you can read myopinion about this question. What I am looking in a man:1.without lie, 2.with trust, 3.wih understanding, 4.without other girlfriend, 5.with strong passion to me, 6.with sexual interest only to me, 7.with nice smile, 8.strong, 9.determined, 10.who can help me sometimes to cook, 11.who doesn't afraid of problems, 12.who can share with me our bed, our flat or house, 13.i don't like alcohol, 14.i don't care about smoking but I don't like when man drink a lot.Something about me you should know.I don't smoke at all. I tried to smoke as every kid when I was about 15 years old and I don't like it. I like romance. I have a new look of life. I think you can understand me. But I don't understand how a man can love two girls or more at one time. Love is one and it's real love. I don't want to tell you about my last love with one Russian man because it hurt me a lot and for a long time. I wanted to trust but I couldn't do it. It is unpleasant to me to recollect it. I think that is all for now, Jim. I will wait forward your photos and your answers for my questions.Truly yours,Sveta.
Letter 5

Hello my dear Jim!How are you? How are you doing there? I am ok here. Thank you for yourquick answer to me. I was very glad again and again! That is greatthat we have correspondence to each other! And most of all I like thatwe know more and more about each other! I understand, that on theInternet it is a lot of deceit. But why you suspect me of a deceit inthe first letter? From your letters I have some imagination aboutyour person. You are very interesting, serious and good man! I wantyour business will always be fine. If you need some help from my sideyou can ask it or tell me what I can do for you. I will do my best tomake you happy! Maybe it's the destiny that we found each other. It'sgreat!!! Jim, I am writing you my letter during bad weather outsidethis window. But I know that you think of me and it makes me to becomewarm! It's cold here. Today was a good working day. Jim, thank youvery much for your answers. I like them all. I hope that you weretruly with me answering my questions. And now I know that you canunderstand everything I say to you. It's good to have a man who canunderstand me all. By the way I wanted to ask you one thing. Do youbelieve in destiny. I mean have you ever attend a soothsayer? I havenever do it but my mother many years ago (about 5 or 6 years ago) wentto one nice lady (she was soothsayer, she was about 70 years old, shehad no kids and she lived alone near Cheboksary-city (country side),friends of my mother attended her before and she never lied them). Somy mother is very curious and she decided to go there. This woman toldher a lot of interesting things and my mother was surprised becausethis woman guess almost everything about her Past. And soothsayer saidto my mother about her future life. She told her that I find mypresent work and she told her in what age I will marry. Do you thinkit is interesting to tell you? But my mother still doesn't want totell me about it. That soothsayer told that my mother doesn't have tosay about it to anybody… That is all story. I just want to know do youbelieve in soothsayer or do you think that every man make his owndestiny by his self? Answer, Jim please, ok? How is your day going? Iknow that we have some difference in time. So in some hours I shouldgo sleeping and you should go home from your work. I wish I were therewith you… Ok, now I would better go. I hope I'll see your lettertomorrow in my mailbox, my dear Jim. Already miss you… Wait to hearfrom you soon, Jim. Bye!Best wishes, Sveta.
Letter 6

Hello my dear Jim!I am very happy that you write me! It makes me feel that you need me,that you think of me. Jim, I know that you have a dream (becauseevery person in the world has his own dream). I don't want to make youtell me about it but if you want go on. Of course i have one dream,maybe when you know about it you will think that it's strange. I don'tknow, maybe it is but it's my own dream and that's all. I'll tell youabout my dream only after you. I want to know your dream first andthen i'll tell you mine. I want to be sure that you won't think that iam crazy. Dear Jim, write me your letter or though a little note. Iwant to know that you need me and that you think of me. It makes myday better! But first of all you should think about your work, thenabout your family and only then about me. So i think i should bettergo now for work. By the way, you today have dreamed me. I do notremember what my dream was, but I am precisely sure, that you havedreamed me. I have woken up and tried to recollect what my dream was,but and has not recollected. We today have very much a sunny day.What weather at you? Thinking of you, wait to hear from you as you canwrite me, sincerely, kisses and hugs.Sveta.
Letter 7

Hello my dear Jim!I am so happy that I have your answer to every my letter! I think ofyou every day, all nights, every moment!!! I can't live without yourletter, I need your letters every day! Maybe it's too early to talkabout it but I am already talking! I really need her letters everyday! Please, believe me, my dear Jim! With every letter we know moreand more about each other. And I like you more and more! Now you arethe important part of my lonely life! I have dream as well as allwomen. I want to have loving husband that he understood and loved me.I want to have children and I want that he did not overlook about myBirthday. I think, that at all women of dream identical. How areyou there? I miss you very much! I am so proud of myself that I haveso wonderful man! It is YOU!!! Today I went to one woman. She is 56years old. She has a daughter who lives now in Germany with yourhusband. He is from small town in Germany. I don't know how to writeit in English. I didn't know that there is a chance to marry someone.You know there are a lot of bride agencies in Russia. And a lot ofRussian girls attend them. And you know most of them marry foreignmen. One girl had correspondence with one man from the USA. The girlwas 30 years old and he told that he is 35 years old. He sent her alot of nice photos. And in some time he decided to come to Russia totake her to his country. She said 'ok, honey, I will wait for you'.When he came she was in shock! He was not 35 but he was all 60 yearsold. So he lied to her. I hope that you will not ever lie to me. It'svery important thing for me and I know it's important for you. Behonest with me, please. Now I'd better go. I have to go home todayearly. I miss you very much so, please, write me as soon as possible.Always yours and only yoursKisses,Sveta.PS: Write please to me your home address, a full name and a phone number.I shall try to cause you sometime. My full name Svetlana Scheglova. My address: Cheboksary, Russia, street Ashmarina, 85-12, 428014.
Letter 8

Hello my dear Jim!!!How are you? At me all is fine. In the street very fine weather. The sun shines. It would be desirable to spend time as much as possible outside of a house. I like to walk on park. There very fresh air. You like to walk on fresh air? This hobby. I try to be as much as possible time for fresh air because it is very useful for health.Also I very much love fruit, is especial apples. It is my most favourite fruit. Can you write the letter to me in which you tell as much as possible about itself and about your hobbies? I with impatience wait for your letter.Sveta.
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