Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Scheglova to S. H. (USA)

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Hello my friend!!!
I saw your letter. I am very glad that I was written by such person as you I want to tell about me directly:
I live in city of Ioshkar Ola , in Russia.
Here it is a lot of women and not enough many men, I the cheerful woman with common sense of humor.
I have been given birth in this city, and all my life has passed here My age - 25 years,
My height - 5 ' 5, and my weight - 130 pounds.
I am separate. I have no children.
I do not smoke and I do not drink, never used drugs.
I care of my appearance and mine health.
I live with my mum, my father has died, when I was 9 years
I have no any brothers or sisters, I the only child in family
My mum has lifted one and raised me.
I was the diligent schoolgirl at school, I liked to study and study the unknown person Most of all I was interested in a history, algebra, chemistry and the English language I grew loving English language from 5-th class, I even have gone on additional rates The English language.
My teacher has praised me, and comic spoke, that I the given birth American
After school, I have arrived to studying in Architectural - building Academy.
I have studied the Project of an architectural environment, Economy and management in
The enterprises and Management.
I like to listen to various music, melodious, romantic ballads, certainly about
Love, but I find very interesting also other kinds of music.
I adore the literature, you love the literature?
You listen what music?
I dream of my own family, my beloved husband.
I think, that our purposes coincide.
I also want to learn about your private life
Let's try to learn each other better and give, try this chance.
I am going to close my letter, but I hope to receive your answer soon, I write to me more
About you it is direct also all you would like to divide with me. I would be very pleased to
Receive your letter again.

Oksana !

Letter 2

Greetings my friend.
I was happy to receive your letter again!
It has lifted my mood very much.
I like to write to you letters, and I would like to write to you as it is possible more often,
But I have no ability to do it as I have no a computer and phone of the house.
I write to you from computer Cafe of the Internet so to not be upset if I shall not be
Answer at once, the Internet of cafe can be closed.
My English is good It is a little
My date of a birth on September, 15th, 1978
My eyes blue
Mine favourite spirits (Wiski)
My favourite executor of music (Sveta)
Earlier I had a cat called it Marta
But it was already old!
I very much am interested in you.
I search for serious mutual relations, and I wish to create happy family.
I love a life, I love the whole world, I believe, that there are no bad people.
All people are good in their own way, they only have various keys, and I
Attempt to find them.
Everyone has their own feelings, and each of them is free to make irrespectively
It wants, while it does not damage someone.
People work to earn for the foodstuffs, and to earn, to have someone, to divide it with it,
I think, that a life, giving to us it is a lot of opportunities and it is silly to not use
Whether them not so?
But only one thing cannot be changed: we are people, we cannot be lonely.
Everything, that we have made so, we should divide. Also has no value is a life
Experience, piece of bread or the whole life.
There is a legend, that as soon as the God created an essence, but once that essence
Solved, that it was more strongly, better and more wisely.
For such God of a mistake has divided it on two parts in the woman and the man. From now on
The people looking them own half who belong only them.
I have dream to find mine, and to feel me lonely. It sounds similarly to a
Dream. But I am assured, that wishes are carried out, if you want them to very.
I have desire which will be understood, to have someone to be close to near to it.
I like to laugh, and it is pleasant to me when others laugh. I love to warm-up in gymnastics.
And though I was not in gymnastics during, I believe that a sound body
Advances healthy opinion and strong sense itself value.
I like to travel very much. I never was abroad before.
I dream to find my love and to be happy together.
Has no value for me where my love - from, the main thing, should love,
Care, correspond each other and be happy together.
Unless you do not think so?
I am real specific that I want in the man, but I have real strong
Belief about marriage and family.
I think, that really matters - the one who the person - inside.
I want, that the person was intellectual and alive with sensation of humour.
I have a hobby to prepare various dishes. I like to find new instructions
From cookery and to surprise friends.
They always loved my dishes. My favourite dish the baked hen with garlic. It
Favourite all my friends.
It - very much pity which you cannot try it. But I am assured, that it would be
Pleasant to you also.
You can tell to me more about your life? I would like to see more than your photos.
I like to speak, much, and to want someone, that I can hold intellectual
Conversation with to all one o'clock in the morning.
I think, that we have good chance to know each other better...
Spring - my loved season, I like to look, how the nature comes to the senses after winter.
What weather in you now?
I think, that after it you will know letters more about me.
I believe, that the main love in my life will still arrive, the god will help me with it.
Tell to me more about itself, that you like to listen that to your loved dish,
That your loved film, that else music.
It is my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, but this way has similarly to me
I shall look forward to hearing from you and not be timid to ask, please, me something you
Be interested.
P/S: the Age has no for me what value
The most important is what person

Yours Oksana.

Letter 3

Hello my friend
today good weather the sun shining.
But I have all the same come in internet cafe.
I decided to write to you a pair of words that you did not think,
that I forget you.
Simply I now had a free time and I with pleasure write you this letter.
In general to write to you letters and to read yours it very pleasantly.
I receive from it pleasure.
Probably we may meet and consequently at me very good mood!!!
At you now morning.
I think, that when you receive my letter you in the morning will smile.
Well please smile.:-))
Ur!!!!, have smiled.:-))
I wish you very good day and more happiness.
I want that you today all time smiled.
That today for you sang birds and that today at you all your affairs turned out very well!!!
You should understand that I not always have
a free time to write to you letters. I try to write to a is more often.
Yours Julia.



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