Scam letter(s) from Julia Popova to Simon (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Simon!
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter.
I live in Russia in the city of Yoshkar-Ola. It is very beautiful and quiet city.
Here there are a lot of trees and parks. The river the Kokchaga there is in my city.
In summer I frequently go to the river with my girlfriends. We take sun baths, we swim and have fun.
Summer is my favourite season. It is warm in our country in summer: the sun shines and I am in a good mood. What is your favourite season?
I was born in March, 26, 1978. I am 26 years old. I have no children and I had never been married.
My full name is Popova Julia. I love sports, nature and to rest in fresh air.
I was born in the city of Kozmodemyansk. When I was at the age of 3 years, I and my parents left for Yoshkar-Ola.
I finished school and graduated from the university. I have higher education in the area of Economics and my specialization is " taxes and the taxation ".
Now I work in a small shop as the seller. It is good, but not a well-paid job.
I always go on foot to get there, because it near to my house. I like to walk, you see it is useful for my health. I care of my health as it is one of the main things for me. Sometimes on days off I and my girlfriends go to keep-fit classes, and then we go to the swimming-pool. It is very useful for my figure. I hope you like my photo.
I live with my parents in the ordinary apartment in Yoshkar-Ola. Unfortunately I do not have the phone and the computer and I am writing to you from the Internet-Cafe.
I want to find the man of my dreams. I want to spend with him the rest of my life. Unfortunately I am disappointed with Russian men and have decided to search for my love through the Internet. I hope, that it is possible. Let's try together to make our life better and more happily. Hope to receive the answer to my letter.
With the best regards, Julia.
Letter 2

Hello my friend Simon.
Thank you for your letter.
It is very pleasant for me to learn you better.
Write more about your hobbies, about your work . I would like to learn you even better. It is very pleasant for me, that I have met you. We with you are similar. We have common character traits.
It seems to me, that we think equally. It very much pleases me. Probably we shall good Friends. The love begins with friendship. I am right???
I want to tell to you more about myself, I think to you it it will be interesting.
I already spoke, that I live With my parents. My mum very good person. She always understands me, gives the necessary councils.I very much love her. She my best girlfriend. And I want, that we shared ideas with you, gave the friend To the friend councils. It will pull together us. I shall write to you only the truth. I think, that the truth is very necessary And our relations. We should trust each other. Without trust we shall not be close to each other.
I have decided to search for my love in the Internet because I could not find the man of my heart in Russia.
The majority of men in Russia do not respect women. They abuse and beat their wives.
I do not want, that it was and with me. I want from mine the man of respect and love.
It is very important for me.
I do not like when the man drinks alcoholic drinks much. After that he becomes malicious and aggressive.
It is important for me, that I the man had good manners and good education. I want, that with him was Cheerfully and interestingly. It seems to me, that you have good character traits and with you it is interesting.
I learned the English language at school and in institute, therefore we will not have big problems in understanding Each other. Earlier I considered, that the English language is not necessary for me and with a reluctance learned it. But now I It is very glad, that has learned to speak and write in English. Now I without effort can understand your letters and To write to you.
I have a hobby: I very much like to play on the piano. In the childhood I went to Musical school and studied to play On the piano. I have love to music. Sometimes, when to me there come friends, I shall sit for a grand piano and I play Him quiet music. My friends like to listen to my music. I hope, that sometime I can To play to you on the piano. You want to listen to my music?
As I very much love animals. Houses I have a cat. It call Kitti. I very much love it, because it very much Kind, beautiful and clever. I give him all my love and caress. Unfortunately I can not have more animals since I live in a small apartment. To me it would like To have houses a dog, a canary and to have an aquarium with small and beautiful fishes. I hope, that sometime at me will be a lot of animal of which I shall care.
My time has approached to the end. In my other letter I shall continue the story about myself.
I very much very much hope to receive your letter tomorrow. Whole.
Your girlfriend Julia.
Letter 3

Hi Simon!
I am glad that I have found you in the Internet?
I wait for your letters with impatience! I am glad that we understand each other so well!
I need in your letters as in oxygen, I wait their each day. Reading your letters I hear your voice I I feel your breath understand each word which you want To me to tell and to me from it it becomes warm on soul!
I dream of that to meet you and to communicate! I dream of gentle kisses.
I want to find the man which would love me and respected, with which I might divide all life! I search for the man with Which I shall feel like cosy!
I dream that we shall look at stars, we shall go to cinema, theatre and other cultural institutions! I also Want to lead with you evening at supper at candles! We are young also we should spend time as we would like also we Should arrange the life! It seems to me that We should communicate more, but I can not at me work!
I want that you have told about the dream, of what you dream? I embrace, and I wish good time rest!
Julia. P.S. I like to observe of stars. We of nothing know about other planets.
I have loved actor he is Russian actor Marat Basharov.
My loved author Dostoevsky, Green, Djuma, Astrid Lindgren.
Letter 4

Hi my dear Simon!
How was your day? What is the weather in your wonderful city?
I am glad to see your letter today, I wait for your letters with big impatience.
Your letters bring me happiness and make me smile.
I know you not very good yet, but nevertheless I understand each your word, which you want to tell me. And these words make me feel good and the sun shines a little bit brighter!
I am very glad that I could find you in the Internet, it seems to me that it is destiny! We are alike a little, but it seems to me that I have known you for a very long time! In my opinion you are that man I was searching, but it seems to me it is so early to speak about it.
I am searching for the man who will understand me and take care of me, who will be easy to communicate with, whom I could trust completely! He should be frank, clever, careful and with good sense of humour! I have been searching such man in Russia for a long time, but unfortunately I could not find him. The majority of the men in Russia think only of ***, but I need more than just have *** with the man of my dreams, I want love, the big human love.
I want to fall asleep seeing before myself the face of the loved person, I want to wake up near to him. I want to meet dawn with my love, to whisper him that I love him and to embrace him gently! I want to ask you a very interesting question, and I think that you will be pleased to answer it! What is love for you??? How do you understand that you are in love with a woman? It seems to me that love is when you are thinking of a person all the time and only about him/her. You can't concentrate while doing things, can't hear what you are told. When you cry at night about him silently, and try to do anything not to refuse in anything to the loved person!
I can tell you for sure that I feel a very big and sincere sympathy to you, and I am more than sure that this sympathy may become love soon! That love I am dreaming of!
What do you feel for me? What are you thinking or dreaming of when you are writing me? Do you think of me and how often? I want to finish the letter with the best regards to you.
I want you to have good sweet dreams!
With kisses, Julia.
Letter 5

Greetings my dear Simon!
It is fine to see your letter on my computer, it does me happy!
I receive energy, force and vivacity when I read your letters, I understand that where that In other country there is second half of me. Though we also are on distance Thousand kilometers but the destiny all the same will connect us, and we shall thank together her!
But while simply dream and I do not know it what to make that it became a reality, You may know? Many Russian women live with Russian men because of money, I not such, I want to find the love, the half from which I can live to the death! The person which actually me to which I might open secrets would be necessary for me. One well-known philosopher has told: " What to like it is impossible for something to like it is necessary completely that is To love each particle of the person " and I want to love as and to receive mutual feelings. I want that for us with you each day the sun that birds sang to us songs about love shined And we shall overlook about all terrestrial problems!
As I want you to embrace and on your ****** to nestle, all heat the to give and to desires to give in!
You for me only one on all light desired, you for me all. You for me the sun in the sky, You for me as a drink of air and without you to me are not present life. I do not know as to tell you it in eyes, but it is important for me.
If I had one desire as in a fairy tale, I would wish to be with you beside and that We not when have not left, it is my dream, and it may sometime happen! I sincerely believe in it! I want to ask you and it would be pleasant to receive the answer!
What you feel under the attitude to me, what you feel when I write you?
I want to receive answers on these questions, and I ask be not afraid speak with me, open to me the soul.Your Julia!!! P.S. I want to be a part of you!!!
Send the regards to your parents!
I shall miss you.
Letter 6

Hi my dear Simon!
How at you an affair and how mood? As you are going to carry out(spend) Weekend? How your relatives?
I have received your letter and am very glad that you have written to me...
I was very good myself I feel also my mum send the regards to you...
She is very glad that we with you are copied.
I think that you very good person and I shall be very glad, if Our attitudes will proceed and be increased...
You want it?
I would like to know more about you and to know who you such inside...
It is very important for me to know your private world of what you think.
To create that - that general, it is necessary for 2 people In the first to learn to trust each other to rely and trust...
I very much would want to learn about your plans in the future, about your family...
You have parents? How many him of years? How they feel themselves?
It is very interesting to me to study about you and I shall tell to you about myself..
But we should be patient to each other because at me is not present Always opportunities to answer your letters. I very much would want to have At itself at home the computer, but this very expensive pleasure for me.
But there was time when I was going to buy the computer, but suddenly was ill My mum and me was necessary to put the saved up money to treatment Mums and so I could not get the computer...
I very fair girl.. Me mum from the childhood learned to be fair and To love people... She spoke me that if who - that will throw on you a stone, You throw to him down. Let he thinks, that you not such as he.
At me very big feeling of conscience.. Even if I that - shall make that not so, That I can not sleep at night, I all time think of the mistake....
My lovely, I very much want that you told to me about yourself more in detail, because It is very important for me.... I should know all about you....
I certainly, very much would like with you to speak by the phone but while at me is not present Such opportunity. I have no the phone, but I would ask for you number of yours The phone in case. I would like to hear your sweet voice very much.
On a voice it is possible to understand much.. The voice at the person may be artful or fair, And as may be mixed, but listening to a voice of the person you understand much...
My friend, I think that you treat to me fairly, because I very vulnerable girl.
I very much want that between us was not that - that ne?uoiiai and mistrust, because if Between us there will be no trust from it will fail that. You understand me....
I want to tell you that it not the Internet game and I with you quite seriously....
If you think that I simply sit here to play games with you that You very much are mistaken, my dear...
I want that our attitudes and our love was pure and sincere. I do not want to demand From you that you may not make that, but I think that you can open to me soul, As I want ?you to you the soul and I should know that to whom I can entrust myself and The future further. You agree with me my dear? I hope that have not confused you this letter, but you should understand me...
I shall wait from you for soon big and full letter my lovely...
I think that you will understand me and at us all will be good....
Your girlfriend Julia.
Letter 7

Hello my sweet angel Simon!!!!!
I am indefinitely glad to receive from you new ieunii!!!!
How you lovely??? At me all is good!!! I feel the happy person.
I already for a long time did not test this feeling. And you probably understand why.
From the moment of the beginning of our correspondence something in me has changed I again began to be pleased lifes.
It is possible to tell you have returned me to life and now I do not think any more that all hopelessly!!!
I again believe in sincere feelings I believe in kindness and love! You the wizard which has cured me.
Lovely mine from this moment I only yours and only yours. I already of anybody do not think except for you!!!
All my fears gradually leave and are replaced with a warm feeling to you.
Loved if the destiny of us will reduce also we shall be together that I promises that always I shall be a line and always I shall support you.
And there should be people which like each other should be together both in mountain and in pleasure.
It is a pledge of happy family, and the family needs to be valued!!!
As I already spoke this most important to you. Family for me something the greater than relations between two people.
Now I can tell that you arrange me on all parameters.
You are beautiful also you clever as you are very kind!! That I search for this that in the person!!
That I searched for all I have found in you! I hope that you too have found that that searched in me.
I not an ideal but I very much want to like you because I every day think of you more and more and all I fall in love with you more.
You may tell that it not probably! But then I do not know as still it is possible to explain that that I see only your image before eyes.
Also I think only of you each day. What it if not love???
I even itself am afraid of the feelings slightly, I am afraid because I think that probably you not so concern to me as I to you.
I shall be quiet then when you will tell me that you feel to me.
When you will tell that I really something mean for you.
This such remarkable feeling to know that someone at the other edge(territory) of the ground loves you and requires you.
Let even you do not see this person but you feel him.
And even distance not a problem because I from its part would make all to be with my loved person.
Though sometimes it not in my forces the help also is necessary. But I think love it also mutual aid.
I at once can see to ae the person to concern to me. If he aspires to me to aspire to see me a beside that it means that he has feeling to me.
Loved I think that to me is time to finish this letter!
I would not like it to do but it is time to me to go.
I shall wait your answer with the big impatience.
It is important for me to know that you think of that that I have written!
Gently whole you and strong I embrace.
Send the regards to your family from me.
With love o respect yours Julia.
Letter 8

Greetings my love Simon!
I am glad that again I see your letter! It does me happy, And I become joyful and cheerful during all day! Your letters, Have a lot of pleasure and love, let I know the English language not so well, But I understand each word, each point and a point written by you!
When I write letters I am opened before you completely, I want that also you Understood me! And I know that you understand me!
I am very glad, I thank destiny for that that it has reduced me with you, For that that I have found such sensitive, fair and even very beautiful the man, Let and on such huge distance! But I think that this distance is possible To pass if you love persons. You think as?
When you love persons, you are ready to jump with happiness, as the child, You are glad to each minute of the life!
Also I can tell fairly, that to me occurs too most since that day as I write you! I think that it is love, and want to open to you completely, I.e. I want to tell that I love you!!!
In the man I appreciate honesty, ingenuity and kindness! And all these You have qualities, and I am happy to this!
I want to know that you appreciate in the woman? And whether I have these qualities? As I want to know, whether you believe in love at first sight?
Whether there was to you something similar?
These questions, are very important for me, and I want that you have given them big Attention. Well?
I think that I know about you everything, but it not so, and I aspire to learn you, Completely! I want to know as you start the day, that you eat for breakfast, As passes your working day as you have a rest and as your day comes to an end!
Sometimes I think of our meeting, I present as we shall be together.
Also I see us walking on narrow streets, silent and quiet city, I see us going for a drive on a boat, and you to me speak " I love you "!
Oh, as I want it! What you think of it?
I want to finish the letter with good and warm wishes in your address.
I want that your day has passed successfully! Your Julia.
Letter 9

Good afternoon my love Simone!
I am glad that again I see your letter, it is pleasure for me!
Today I saw fine dream, I think to you it is pleasant!
To me has dreamed as we with you have met to Tahiti, All over again we laid with you on seacoast, and kissed, The sun shined and it was very hot!
Later we send on a discoteque, and there danced!
It is difficult for me to describe this dream in words, But I think that you have understood me!
I have woken up with good feeling of pleasure, you see I was near to you you embraced me and spoke gentle Words! As I want that such dreams dreamed me each day!
You see dreams in which I am present!?
I so want to see you alive, I think that it sometime happen But for this purpose!
My dear I want to ask you a pair of questions, I think that I shall receive on it the positive answer!
You will not be having forgiven if I shall go in travel agency, And even I shall find out cost of trip up to your country?
Now I shall consult on you on any problem. Well?
I trust you, and I know that you will give me good advice!
I want to find out cost of trip up to your country.
Also may the general efforts we can meet! What you think of it?
I love you, and I speak you it in all sincerity, And to this I want to be near to you!
I shall finish the letter, and I shall wait tomorrow yours!
Yours, and only your Julia.
Letter 10

Hello my sweet heart Simon!
Lovely my I was so am happy to receive from you the letter today!!!!!
At me even has intercepted breath when I have your letters in my box.
I was so much compliments never received from anybody. It is so much heat so much love I is simple oa? from your words.
I can not be far from you I more be unable to sustain this torture.
I so would like you to tell so much much that in letters it to not be laid.
Ah why we so far apart and I do not know as it is possible to overcome this distance.
If it was simply possible to close eyes and having opened them again to appear near to you.
I would give all for this miracle. But such we will not need to do something to connect our hearts.
But what as we are able to do it?
If I might I tomorrow sat aboard the plane and have flied to you!!!!! And you would meet me at the airport probably with colors and a smile.
In one instant I would feel your strong embraces!!! I would give a floor of life to appear in your warm hands.
Lovely, pleasure mine, sweet mine tell that to me to do?
I can not more without you!!! I love you you love me if we shall not be together I shall die!!!
In the street already darkens also to me it becomes slightly sad.
Ah how many love and passion!!! She is distributed to me all more and more.
Sweet mine we need to connect our hearts and our hands.
We should be together. But how it to make?
Ah if all was so simply.
I simply would like to sit aboard the plane and to fly to you in spite of on anything. My mum too understands that because of money I can not visit you. She too is slightly upset. But it is most of all bad to me. I even had idea to sell any things to collect though a few money to trip. But mum of me has dissuaded.
Sweet I that to us to do as us to merge in one dance of love?
I at all do not know that you can make for me.
To me I was inconvenient to ask you about something has received good education from mum.
And I itself can not ask about what people.
Dear I only can learn the ticket up to you how many will to cost. Sweet mine why we would not live beside I already for a long time was near to you. We for a long time would enjoy our mutual love. It so beautifully sounds but it so it is difficult to achieve.
I can not hide any more that that I very much want you to see I wanted to talk to you on this theme.
But why that was afraid to be refused.
But I at last was solved and have told you all that at me on soul. Eternally it is impossible to write each other letters continuation is necessary. I was simple already physically I can not far from you. I certainly shall understand if you will tell that this fast decision.
But I can tell one that I am ready to this I and I want it. Probably even that before us there will be some a problem but I am ready to solve them.
I am ready to make all for our meeting.
I am slightly embarrassed but lovely I very much would want to meet you soon. Yes I want to ask you you want to meet me in the person shortly????
It is important for me because I very much love you and for me am intolerable to be far from you.
In general I loved mine want to visit you to your country and to begin to build our future with you????
To you probably it is interesting why to me so difficultly to offer you it?? I to you shall answer me very difficultly to you it to speak because if to me to go to you that it it will be very expensive to cost for me.
And I understand that fact that I itself can not pay all my trip to you. And I should hope only for your help.
But I as understand that for you it too probably difficultly.
And you at all are not obliged to pay my trip. And in general my education does not allow me to insist on it.
And on the other hand I so want to be near to you!!!
In general my lovely and sweet peach I very much want to meet you and your help in it is very necessary for me.
I hope that you do not take offence at me lovely.
I operate from the cleanest and sincere promptings. You are necessary for me only and all other is formality.
I nothing am excited except for you with my prince!!!! Probably I even live now only for the sake of you and if I you shall lose that I shall die.
And I want to live that is I do not want you to lose and I hope I shall not lose never!!!!!
I know that it is really serious step a meeting!!! But it is very important for us I thinks.
I loved on it want to finish this letter!
I shall wait the answer soon lovely.
Understand that all that is written in this letter very sincerely and very seriously.
I love you gently kiss and I embrace!
Yours Julia!
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