Scam letter(s) from Irina Kosova to James (USA)

Letter 1

Hello,James! You can't even imagine how happy was having recieved your letter.I didn't hope you would answer so soon.Now I am definitely sure that I've chosen the right way as for looking a soulmate through the Internet. You wish to learn more about me.Certainly it's natural of you. My full name is Irina but my parents and friends call me Irusia. I am twenty-four.I adore my age,because I consider that it's the best period in my life to make choice what to do further.I know that now my greatest desire is to meet a man who will become my true friend and even a soulmate.I hope you feel the same. I am a dark-haired girl with hazel eyes.I am slim and rather attractive.My height is 165cm.Frankly speaking,I have never had problems with getting aquainted with men.But I am that person who consider that quantity doesn't mean quality.I don't want to say that I have met all the men in the world,but looking back on my relationships with my former boyfriend I came to the conclusion that the reason is his age. In my opinion,a man should be older than a woman to make a good pair. The young men I have met were not serious and reliable,they are not ready for serious relations yet.I hope you will understand what I mean. Perhaps you want to know why I decided to use Internet for looking for a soulmate. Actually it was not an easy step for me.But I live in not a big city and that's why I don't have a good opportunity to meet my only one,because I'm a student yet and I spend lots of time over textbooks and exercisebooks.This is why I have written my letter. So I am simply dying to hear from you soon.By the way,what did you mean saying about commitments.Explain,please.Write me back,I'm waiting. With love, Irina
Letter 2

Hello,my dear James! Today I am in good mood because I've recieved your letter.How are you doing?I hope that everything is ok. Thanks a lot for your story.I really appreciate your frankness. Dear,I must confess that I do not know English well enough to communicate without an interpreter's help.That's why,honey,I have to use the service of a firm which specializes in translating different sorts of papers.I tell about it for you not to get offended if I don't answer at once.But this problem is really temporary because I am going to learn English very soon.My dear james,now I'd like to tell you a bit about myself.As I havealready told you,I am a student at a teachers' training institute .Itis my last year at the institute,because I'm a student of the fifthcourse.I live with my parents and my junior sister in Lugansk,Ukraine.I am fond of children,I like to watch them very much.I've alwaysdreamt of having my own family with a loving husband and not less thantwo kids-a boy and a girl.I go in for gymnastics,it helps to keep my body perfect.I know thatit's not the main that attract people in me but I am sure that everywoman must have perfect body to desirable for her man.The doors of myheart are open to him. I wish to give him all mytenderness,warmth,passion and love.I want to confess him my hiddenwishes,to see him and hear his voice every day and night.You know Ihave never told anybody about this.But I feel free and natural withyou.I have told the things that nobody knows about me-not my parents,my close friends.I trust you and hope you will understand me.Please,write me what do you feel while reading my letters.Hope to hearfrom you soon.With love,Irina
Letter 3

Hello,my dear James!Last night I had a wonderful dream. Can you imagine whom I saw init?No doubt,it was you. Do you know what we were doing? I saw us on abeautiful beach .We were walking on the warm sand,watching the sea andlistening to the seagulls. You were whispering me somethingtenderly.we were so happy.My darling,it was the best dream I've everhad.I did not want to wake up in the morning.But the alarm-clock angand I had to get up.What did you see in your dreams last night?Dear,thank you for your letters.Today when I came to the agency theytold me that there were a lot of good news for me and gave yourletters to me.I could not believe my eyes.I must say that mytranslator did a good work .But nevertheless,I hope that very soon Iwill be able to understand this poems in English myself.You made me alot of inspiration for the whole day.Thanks a lot.I am glad you liked my photo.By the way,it was taken about three yearsago. But,nevertheless,I don't think my appearence is the onlydistinguishing feature of mine.I like to communicate with clever,well-educated and interesting people.And I must tell you withoutexiggaration that a lot of people consider me an interesting person todeal with.I have lots of friends and like to spend time withthem.Also,I'm interested in everything new and have a lot of differenthobbies.I adore reading,listening to music ,watching films.At theinstitute my favourite subject is World literature. I have read theworks of the most outstanding writers.But my favourite are 'A farewell to arms'by Heminguay and 'TheCitadel'by Cronin . Also I enjoy reading the works of O'Henry andJames Joice.Among modern singers I prefer listening to Pink and CelineDion.Also I like classical music very much. My favourite composer isMozart , I've always dreamt of vising Austria and his birthplacesomewhere.By the way,I have musical education.I have graduated fromthe music school and can play the piano.Perhaps it's not so interesting for you but I guess that you want toknow more about me as I wonder what kind of person you are.It's ofinteresting for me to know more and more about you. Don't think I'mtoo inquisitive.I want to know about as much as possible.Tell me aboutthe way you live.Everything will be of great interest for me.Write mesoon.I'm waiting for your reply. Whith love,your Irina
Letter 4

Dear sir,We were glad to inform Irina that you decided to continue your correspondence.Here is the information about the procedure of our work:1)a man sends his e-mail to his girl;2)we translate it into Russian or Ukrainian;3)the girl receives the printed letter and answers it;4)after it she brings her letter to our agency,we translateit into English and print it; 5)then we type it and send to you.These are the prices of our services:one letter-4 USD:-translating-2 USD;-printing-1 USD;-Internet-1 USDAdditional services:-scanning a photo-2 USD;-printing a photo-3 USDIf you wish you can use our "unlimited services".They include:1)translating(without photos)-130 USD a month and 255 USD per two months;2)translating(with photos and printing the letters)-180 USD a month;-350 USD per two monthsAlso our agency provides the services of translating phone calls.Its price is 5 USD per 10 minutes.Every time when your account is over ,we will send you a detailed report of your expences.You may send the money by Western Union.The name of the reciever -Irina Kosova Address -5,Great Patriotic War Heroes' Square Lugansk Ukraine 91016For sending the money you may use your credit card.You may also send your payments on the web site:www.westernunion.comWe hope for the successful cooperation.Sinserely yours,the manager of 'Intertranslationservice'Vladimir Tokarev
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