Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Timofeeva to Al (USA)

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Letter 1

I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I do not know other languages. Thanks you for very good words in my address. YOU very good person, you have liked me. It will be pleasant for me to see your photos, but do not overlook to make these photos in the sizes similar to my photos. I shall not tell to you the recipe of preparation BORSCH is a military secret:). YOU like to do babies, it is good. I too like it to do, but I think, that about it we with you shall talk later.Today I have met the girlfriend and have told to her that I correspond with you. She has been very much surprised to this. I till now cannot believe, that I write letters to the person whom the country lives in another. I have sister, she is more senior than me for 6 years. Her name is Svetlana. She to me has advised to get acquainted with the man through the Internet. She is disturbed very much with my destiny. Even sometimes it seems to me that my life of her disturbs than me more:) . I to you shall a little tell about the family. I live with mine mum. My mum works in library. My father has died two years ago. I very much loved it and till now after him I miss. I with mine the daddy had very much good relations, for me he was as the friend. I already wrote to you, that I have sister. She lives from us far. She is married and she has child. I very much love children. When the sister comes with the child to us on a visit, I like to play with him. Small children this happiness. My sister has advised me one month ago to start to study a computer. I do not have house of the computer. For ours family it is very expensive to buy a computer. In yours the country probably at everyone the family is a computer? I go to the Internet of cafe. It is certainly very inconvenient for me because it is necessary to go far and it is necessary to pay for it of money. A computer, it is very convenient, I correspond through the Internet with the sister. I wrote to you that she lives in the other city. To me with her to correspond more cheaply, than to call to her, as at us very bad telecommunication. I while very slowly type, and I should spend a lot of time to write to you the letter. I already wrote to you, that I live in city which is in very beautiful place. You know, that our country very big. I cannot tell, that I was in all places of our country, but I travelled much. Our country very beautiful and various. I certainly was not to Siberia:), on Kamchatka and Ural because it is very far. Now I certainly do not travel, because on it time is necessary, and at me him is not present. I on it shall finish the letter. I wait for your letter. Tatyana.



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