Scam letter(s) from Oksana Feschenko to James (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Jim. Thank you very much for you nice letter, and that you choice me from so many another girls.
Let me tell about myself. My name is Oksana, I am 19 years old. I live in Ukraine.
I am student yet, but if I'll finished I'll dentist. I do not have to many spare time, but when I am free I tray to spend this time with my friend and my family. I like foreign languages and speak not so bad English. I like to read, I like music dancing, I dance very good. I like to travel very mach, because I like everything new. I am modest, honest, open and very easy person.
I like cook and do it very well, if you tray it, you will love it, I am sure.
I enjoy my life, the only one thing I miss, this is somebody who was been near.
I wont find right man for married with.
I wont have family very much. I wont married one time and forever. I wont to have **** and enjoy life together. I am believe in love and strong family. If you believe it too, lets start and who know may be we have chance to find our happy life together.
Of course there is long distance but I really hope meet you in one day!
I send you my photo, and really hope you'll like it. Please send me some of you photos, OK.
I wait you letter very much!
With the best wishes to you. Yours Oksana
Letter 2

Hi, sweetheart!
Thank you very much for you lovely letter, You know you children is adorable. i love children very much but yours is to big, I think I can be a real friend with them.
I with plasure give you my info
My name is Feshenko Oksana.
My address is Ostrykova 87-164
Sebastopol 99011
I really miss you and waiting for the day I'll in you arms!
With all my best wishes and lots of love,
Yours forever,
Letter 3

Hi, sweetheart!
Thank you for you kind letters and worm words.
I miss you very much and would like to hear you voice, I can waiting for you call at 10 in Frayday, because my friends finish work late, i so hope that this time is OK for you.
I send you one my photo more and hope you'll like it. I would like to tell you thank you very much for you care, but I have photo, I just can not find a scaner for to send it to you.
I have better idea, can you send me money for the passport that I can start to do it now, and then when you will be ready for me to came, I'll just go to the travel agency and ordr the trip.
I would like to know what do you thinking about that?
I waiting for you letter very much!!!
I wish you have a very good week.
With all my love,
Yours forever,
Letter 4

Hi, sweetheart!
Thank you very much for you letter.
I am so happy to get any news from you!
I miss you and dream about us to be together.
Please make plans about us to be together as soon as you can.
I am really sorry that you proces takes so long time, but i'll waiting and I am pray for you every day.
I believe that you Christmas will wonderful das not mater when you will be.
I am also believe that next Christmas we will selebrate together!
You can use western Union very easy, because there is a lots of western Union offices here, and it will not a problem for me to get the money, i'll orde the passport imidetely, and then when you will fix all you problems we will just make a trip for me and I'll flay to the man i love!!!!
I'll need some sicret number from you after sending the money for to get it here.
I waiting for you letter very much.
With all my best wishes and lots of love to you and all you family.
Yours forever,
Letter 5

Hi, my love!
Thank you very much for you letters, I have got all of it. I have a very good news, i have got the passport ystarday and here is the copy!
I miss you so very much and waiting for the day we will be together!!!!
I am so very happy that you divorsed papers in a work now. I would like to tell you that this is mine so much for me! Please tell me how much time it will takes for you to get the oficial divorsed?
I would like also that you know, it is not so important for me when you will get the paper, it is not chenge my feelings to you.
Please write me when you will be ready for me to came, I really account the days until our meet.
I am sorry I have got you letters to late that speak with you by telephone in Frayday.
I can waiting for you call in this Tuesday 8 pm my time, I so hope it will comfortable for you.
My trip's price is 1050$, and it is including, visa, embassy fee, tickets to Worsaw, and retorn tickets to you country. If you will send me 1100$ it would be great that i have some extra money.
I miss you and waiting for you letter very much.
With all my best wishes and lots of love to you and all you children!
Yours forever,
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