Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Gavrilenko to Benjamin (France)


Hi you look nice!What do you do? I search man my dream!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 2

We can will meet to Dubai in Moscow to Warsaw as I in the Europe to me was never necessary the Schengen visa which to me it will be heavy I will get therefore offer those places where it will be possible for us to see without problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Russia the Emirates or Poland Choose!!!!!!!!!
Letter 3

I think we can meet in next week!!!!! send me money from Western Union and when Hotel we stay **** or ***** ???Sveta I sorry but i havent pics with lingerie!!!
Letter 4

I can come next week!!!!!!!!
Letter 5

I realy havent pics lingerie!!!! But i can send you my bicini and after 5 oklock OK????!!! I need 1500 bisiness class its from Kiev to Dubai and from Dubai to Kiev!!!!
Letter 6

So you agree or how??? And I can send you later the photo in a bathing suit if next week we really gather there will be that it is necessary to discuss all details!!!!!
Mine adress Ukraine 96012
Street Korjavko 2-27-65
Gavrilenko Svetlana
My phone number 38 0656733397
Letter 7

I need 1470 dollars and 20 dollars for visa its from Kiev to Dubai and from Dubai to Kiev !!! 2 tickets bisiness class so i need 1490 dollars
Letter 8

I answer you all arranges you?!!!
Letter 9

i need 1490 dollars for 2 tickets!!!Sveta
Letter 10

Because i havent REALY I DONT LIE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!I SEND YOU AFTER 4 oklok

Letter 11

You have offered me there will be I to you have told that I finish university and all if there will be the good boy that you will see them are not not !!!!!!!!!!
Letter 12

Here is my pics with bikini !!!!Call me seven oklok evening !We need speak about meeting
Letter 13

I dont send pics because I consider that I and so has sent much!!!!!!!!!! So we MEET OR NOT???? I DO NOT LOVE WHEN to me POWDER BRAINS SO PLEASE it is not necessary TO DO MORE than IT!!!!!! I ANY MORE SHALL not send my PICTURES!!!!!!!
Letter 14

I Havent ALL THAT there was I ALREADY HAVE sent!!!!!!!!! When you will send money and for what number to take tickets????????
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