Scam Letter(s) from Julia Kamaeva to Paul (UK)

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Hello my dear friend Paul!!!
How are you doing? I hope that all perfectly. I am very happy to receive your letter and to see that you really to be interested in my first letter.
Really it is very interesting to me to learn you more and to study you.
I as would like to tell to you about that that I really lonely woman and I very much would like to have acquaintance to the man for serious relations.
For this purpose I to address in agency of acquaintances and to give them my letter. To me to tell that I can really find the man through their agency and they to allow me a little e-mail. I to choose yours and you are very pleasant for me that to answer my letter. I hope that we can
study more about each other. I to understand that to you is interesting where I to take yours e-mail, but now I can not tell you it precisely because I to not have contact to travel agency, and it to be in Cheboksary, and I to be in Moscow now, and I can receive the visa to your country.
I very much want to have acquaintance with good the man.
I as to have some questions for you.
How there is your life? In what country you live? What city you live?
What you to think about our meeting? You wanted that I could arrive to you during a week?
I hope that this week-end to pass well for you and you to have good mood.
I wish you good day and success.
I wait for your letter.
Your friend Yuliya.

Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Paul!!!
Good day today!!! I as to speak you many thanks for that that you to answer my letter and you want to have a meeting. For me really it is very interesting to look your country and to find worthy work in your country.
I really to want to visit your country to have work in your country and I as I want to find worthy the man for me............ It would be valid very well. And I hope for it.
I to have it is valid to have money to visit your country and I not have only the friend for myself which could to show me your country and to accept me as the friend.
I really to require that that my arrival to the in your country has been prepared also I has arrived in your country already knowing in her though one person.
I think that the your country has the high prices. I think that my money I can remain enough to pay hotel for 2-3 days but if you can find to me a place where I, I can remain together with you approximately for 2 months. I as can and work for you in the house to fulfil money for my habitation. I very much want to visit the your country and I can do any work.
I shall already receive my visa on September, 8 and I can already fly to you on September, 9. I think that it would be very good if I could arrive to you.
But I as to have some questions for you and I hope that you to answer me my questions very soon because it really very important for me.
September, 9 it is good dates of our meeting? Where there is the nearest airport from your house?
I can remain in the in your country for 2-3 days but if you can find a place for me I can remain longer. Please inform where I can remain.
I can buy the ticket in 2 ends, but for purchase of the ticket I should know date of return flight. You inform what is the time want that I remained together with you?

Ok, write to me of more ideas about our meetings. Also send more than your photos if it probably. I send still a photo of me. I wait with impatience of your prompt reply.


Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Paul!!!
How are you? I hope that all goes well and you to have good day today.
I hope that you wait our meeting and you to want to see me very soon.
Today I to go in embassy and to learn more about my visa.
I shall receive really my visa, but it will be only on Monday, it September, 11.
And I can fly to you only September, 12. I hope that it will be good for you and you can meet me.
I shall have Shengen the visa. That is I can fly to any country of Europe.
I can visit your country and then we together could spend time in other country of Europe. I to think that it is very good news, and to make it our meeting is more real.
I kiss you and I wait for your letter now, I hope that you to have good day today and good mood.
Yours Yuliya.

Letter 4

Good morning Paul!!!
It is pleasant for me to receive your prompt reply. How your day today was?
I hope that all goes well. I am happy that we shall to meet, but there can be we can meet on September,9-10? I shall receive the visa on September,8. I think that will be more convenient if I shall fly to you from Moscow not coming back home because the road from Moscow up to my city
takes many money and if to choose date of our meeting after September,9-10 to fly to you to me it is necessary to come back home and then again to go in Moscow because only in Moscow there is the nearest international airport.
If on September,9-10 it is good for you I shall be happy to fly to you on September,9-10! For me this date will be the most convenient for our meeting. Probably you will work, but if it so I think that it will not be a problem for us. Ok, on September,8 I shall receive the visa and I shall have all documents to fly in the your country. The visa is valid during 3 months and I
can remain with you for 2 months if you want. I shall buy the ticket of the plane with adjustable date of return flight from the your country to Russia and I can take flight from the your country to Russia at any time. I can freely move on territory the your country and if we shall decide to take trip far from city I shall be happy to go everywhere where you will take me. For me it is interesting to look beautiful places of your country. The your country and Russia have set of
distinctions. I think that I shall be under constant impression as the small child. I the sociable woman with easy character and outlook on life. I love the noisy companies, but also I like to be in romantic conditions. I think that you have many beautiful places there. I am happy that we shall to meet,
but inform:

1) Whether there can be we on September,9-10?

Ok, write to me a few information on you and more about our meetings. I shall wait for yours soon the answer.

Letter 5

Hello my friend Paul!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter and I am happy to have it now. Really it is very pleasant for me to read that you want and wait our meeting and that you are ready to support me. To me very pleasantly that you can protect me when I to arrive to you.
And I shall feel that we to have good time together.
You are not absolutely good to understand me. I shall have Shengen visa, and I can arrive to you to London.
You can meet me?
As I already wrote I the lonely woman, and me 26 years. I live and was born in the city of Cheboksary, I live here all my life, and to me very few countries for this time were possible to look, but I hope that I can see more in your country.
I have been given birth in not to the big family and I only have my parents and my sister.
I have no what children, and I when was not for the husband, but I really hope for that that when be in the future I can create my family and to be very happy woman, it really is my biggest dream. I do not search rich for the man for me therefore. That I to not count that this most important in the man. I think that main this respect and honesty, and love of the husband.
The woman - soul of family, in family which the favourite person desired to love, was Long-awaited, which he liked, the family and hastened to the house. It so I think, should Be in family. And on my travel, would be desirable to meet the good man.
I have easy character: I cheerful, kind, interesting.
At school I was very cheerful and very interesting girl, I was fond very much of many kinds sports, and I always very much loved employment sports. My sports a favorite it bascetboll, I really very much love this kind of sports, and I frequently to look it on the TV.
After school, I had training at university of the city of Kazan, it is one of the best
universities in our country, and for me there was a great honor to finish this university and to have worthy work. But in due course I began to understand that in Russia, the respect for this work is not enough and I have decided to try to find work for myself in your country, but it suffered small not success. And here now, I to try to make it is independent, I really very much hope for it.
My work takes from me a lot of time and consequently, I to try to communicate in the free time more with my close people. I carry out a lot of time with my parents and my sister.
She to have the daughter, and her 8 years. She very good girl and I to try to do for her
very much much because it is my unique niece and I very much love her.
We to go to park and on a beach much, our games are very cheerful, and we to understand each other.
I have received a holiday from work till Oktober, 29.
When in me the free time - is not enough, I - go in in cinema, theatre, etc.
I do a meal for me directly. The best way in me appears a potato baked with cheese.
I?? many salads because it is good for my figure.
I love music, but basically it is radio. Basically I love our Russian executors.
But I cannot tell to you, I love what management, I listen to all on the few.
I started to study professional English language several months ago. I love it, and it Very interesting to me. I hope that my English is clear for you and you are good to understand all that I to write to you.
I very much like winter and consequently, I always to choose holiday from work at this time, I to consider that this time in which has many the good moments and consequently I to try to make much at this time.
I hope that my story about itself was interesting to you and you were happy to learn more about me.
Yours pics very good. Please send me more yours pics.
Please if you can that write to me as more about yourself and your life? What the entertainment during your life does you?
Have good morning today, and good mood all the day long, and knowing that our meeting very soon.
I kiss you.
Yours Yuliya.

Letter 6

Hello my lovely Paul!!!
Good morning for you!!! How are you? I am very happy to receive your letter and to hear that all goes well and our meeting will be very fast also we can have our really strong and good love in the future.
Today for me there was really very much not a quiet night because I could not sleep from that that I to think of you and about our meeting. I will be valid to think that it very beautifully. In fact we to not know about us almost that and here we shall already have our meeting.
I very romantic person and I very much like romanticism, I am raised by all beautiful and fine. And consequently I to think that our first meeting should be exclusively only when we shall be together.
I want to have the first romantic supper together, only you and I. Slow and beautiful music somewhere plays and burn candles. We sit also gentle light shines your and my person and we simply look in the face each other. From light of a candle our eyes burn love and it seems to us that it is the most beautiful eyes all over the world. You hold my hand and I speak that you are really happy from that that we together, and I not can believe the happiness about that that we shall together.
The ambassador you take me for a hand we rise also you take me in embraces and we start to dance slowly, looking in the face each other, I think that it really very beautifully when people carry out such beautiful evening together. You as think?
I do not know as you concern to alcohol. I almost when I do not drink alcohol, but I to think that it is very special case and we simply should have red wine because we can relax and speak all about what we only we think. I know that wine will turn a head and we shall simply enjoy love.
Whether I do not know to like you my letter, but I think that I have told to you about my dream, and you as can tell to me about that that you think. I as want to trust that my letter will not frighten you and you will consider this with due understanding because this that that I to think.
I really to not be afraid of you and my heart prompts me that I to find really very good person, I simply to not have good the man here in Russia and consequently I am simply happy that I to have correspondence with you and in the future we shall have our meeting.
I hope that when you to wake up and read this letter. You will be really very happy also you to write to me all that you to think of it.
Have good morning today, and good mood all the day long, and knowing that our meeting very soon.
I kiss you.
Yours Yuliya.

Letter 7

Hello my lovely Paul!!!
How there is your day today? I was very happy to receive your letter, it to do me very happy, I to not know that to me to do now. You can not trust me and think that I silly, but I should tell to you that I simply to fall in love with you. I not when to not meet such good and kind person as you. I to speak you that I to not have such good people in Russia.
Men of Russia, do not want the wife for itself which will have to love the wife and that she waited for their house. For them it is necessary only the doll which should be as model and they want to have her.
I want to have good and amicable family, I want to wait for the husband after work, to prepare for a supper for him and to divide with him all pleasures and troubles. I that woman which am created to have family and to love the husband. I shall like all that you to do and I shall accept all that you to allow me. I to think that the man the owner in the house and the wife should do all that the husband speaks her.
I to be able to prepare very well for fried meat and I to do it for you. I think that you should not search for good restaurant for our the first meeting, I shall like all that you to give me. My favourite color green, I very much like flowers and all vegetation, I very much love our nature.
I to promise you that when we shall have our meeting I shall do by that happy person all over the world. I you to have will promise you that pleasure every day.
Before reception my visa remained two days and then I can fly to you, I cannot wait more to see you, I cannot without you any more.
I shall wait for your letter and the hope to receive the good letter from you tomorrow in the morning. Please write to me more about the plans.
Gentle kisses for you.
Yours Yuliya.

P.S I am never not smoke.

Letter 8

Hello my lovely Paul!!!
Good morning for you!!! How are you? I hope that you to have good day today and it is the beginning of good week-end for you.
Today I to have good day and good mood because I to think of you and our meeting. It really very much to raise me and to do my heart happy.
I am valid when the meeting on the Internet and I earlier had no when to not use sites of acquaintances.
And from it I to become happier because I could meet you, and now I very much to love our mail.
Before reception my visa remains ever less to time, and from it each minute to go more longer, I am in Moscow and I to not know here whom, I to not have friends here, and I to spend my time in loneliness.
I to walk on Moscow and to consider beautiful places of this city, Moscow very beautiful city, and it to have greater history.
Now I would like to tell more about that as there will pass our meeting.
On Monday on September, 12th I to receive my visa, I shall not think that I to have what problems, and I can fly without problems to you.
At once as soon as I to receive my visa, I can go to the airport and select my ticket. I shall have the ticket for September, 13th, that is we shall have our meeting on Tuesday.
I really would like know that you can to meet me and we without problems can find each other.
When I shall arrive to day to you, I shall bear a blue dress, I think that you without problems can to find me.
It would be very good if you could bear the tablet about my name so I without problems can find you.
Today Saturday, and my day will be not so borrowed, I shall think that I to spend all the day long in hotel.
I to understand that you will probably have a meeting with your friends, or the family and consequently, I ask to write more about that as passes your day?
It is really important for me therefore I wish to know more you, and I wish to know more about that what to do you happy?
I wish you good day today and good mood.
Kiss you my love.
For ever yours Yuliya.

Letter 9

Good evening my lovely Paul!!!
How passes your day today? I hope that you to have good day today and good mood. I very much want that this week-end has passed well for you and you were happy.
But I as very much wish to trust in that that you to think of me every minute. I very much would like that I was in your heart.
Please to answer me if I in your heart? You to think of me now.
I really will be to be trusted that our attitudes are very opened also we can love each other. I to think that it should please each person. I when was not so is happy, as I am happy now.
I to think about our meeting, and each moment I to think that it should be very fast.
Today not so good weather in Moscow, it had the sun, but air already cold and people here already to carry an easy jacket.
In this my letter I would like to tell to you about my parents.
I hope that it interestingly for you?
My mother and my father to live their all life in Russia, they were born in village under the name "VICTORY", it is very old village, I as to be born here.
My mother to work its all life as the veterinary, it is very interesting work. When to me there were 7 years, I very much liked to come on its work, and to see as it to help animals, it is very useful work, I to think that animals to love my mother.
I am very similar on my mother on character, I as well as it very courageous, but the kind and gentle woman.
I spoke with my mother about my trip to your country, and it was happy know that I can to visit other country. When my mother was young, it could not go to other country because there was a Communism, and it forbade to visit other countries.
I hope that you to understand me.
My mother to think, that we could find our love, it to trust in my happiness.
My father, its all life to work as the tractor operator, its work to do bread for our country. It was very dear person to the USSR, but now its life is broken also it is very sick now. But I to love my father.
I hope that my letter to like you. I very much wish to be opened for you. I want that you saw all my life, I to think that we should speak more about our life, it to allow us to learn each other.
I very much want that I liked you.
I want that you though loved me not much............. My heart very much to wish to love and be favourite.
I to understand that we should see each other................Then probably TO LOVE.
I to trust in you and our meeting.
Please to write to me it is more about itself? And your life?
About yours parents?
I very much wish to know you................. I to think you the good person.......... I to trust you.
I kiss you also wait for your letter.
For ever yours Yuliya.

Letter 10

Hello my love Paul!!!
Good morning for you my love!!! I was really very happy to receive your letter and it to do me the happiest woman all over the world, I to not know now as to me to wait our meeting. I have bad dream because I cannot sleep, I think of you and about that that I really shall be happy only with you. I to see your picture and I to see in your eyes that you which that person I searched for all life and I could not find it in Russia, and now when we to have our correspondence I to understand that I is happy.
I would like to clear up in that that I am in Moscow now and I wait my visa here, I should go tomorrow in embassy and receive my visa.
As I already to write to you I to be in Moscow and I it is necessary to go in the Internet of
cafe to write to you, I to not have a computer in my hotel and I should speak with you only when I to go in cafe.
In Cheboksary I live with my parents and my parents to see your picture and they to speak that they not against that that I to find more adult the man for myself. To me to speak that the main thing is love.
I think that if we really shall love each other when we shall meet that I should undertake trip to Russia only to prolong my visa, and then perhaps we could have our family and to be happy together.
I hope that you to understand all that I to write to you and now you only to wait our meeting, I very much wait for tomorrow's day, I can receive my visa, I will think that this fine time.
I have today excursion on Moscow and it was valid very interestingly for me. I visit last time Moscow in 1995 and I was still very young girl, since then Moscow has very strongly changed. New buildings of shops are constructed many, people began what that others, all where that hasten and run. Everyone is engaged in the business. I had an opportunity today study the Red area, all who when or was in Moscow necessarily comes here and walks here. As people visit Lenin's mausoleum. If you know this person the leader of our people and his body is stored as a mummy with many years. Every year his body dries out also it become ever less and less. It want bury, but why that do not do it.
When I walk today on Moscow I thought about our meeting much, and thought of that as we can as study your city and you will show me sights of the city. It is very interesting to study another's city and look new places. I very much want our meeting and I think that we shall spend very good time together.
Please write me what cities and the countries you visited earlier and what city is your most favourite city? You like to visit other countries?
Please write me more your and the life? Tell me that you like and what is your hobby?
It really is very interesting me and I frequently think of you and I want know you better.
Write to me more about that as has passed your day.
I kiss you and I wait for your letter.
Yours Yuliya.

Letter 11

Good morning my Lovely Paul!!!
I have good news and bad news. I think, that I shall begin with good.
Today I received the visa, and now I have everything to fly to you. Bad news it I had problem at the airport. After reception visa I have gone to buy ticket of the plane up to UK, but in a cash department to me have told, that I can not fly in UK because as visitor I should have with me directly 1500 euro.
They have told, that this safety operates UK and to pass customs house it are necessary to have 1500 euro.
I did not understand about that they speak and has gone to administration the airport. In administration of the airport to me have told that to pass the customs house it is necessary to have this money. They speak me it only it is necessary to have it with itself to pass customs house. Not spend.
But to me have told, that these rules work for all and they do not presume to me in UK if I shall not have with me directly this money. I do not know what to make. It's very difficult situation
and your help is necessary for me. The justification, that I have problems, but it very difficult way to fly to you was. I never feel while was might expect these problems. Please tell me what to make?
The ticket of the plane there will not be any problems, I have checked up flights there is a place in the plane, that I might fly to you tomorrow but to me - necessary 1500 euro to fly to
you. But I need 1500 euro, that I pass in customs house. I will return this money for you at airport!!! I understand, that it a lot of money and I do not know, that you are capable, that the help to me with it.
This money to me are necessary to have with themselves and when I arrive to to you I shall give you this money. I only should have it with itself in a pocket.
My heart belongs to you. I know, that it is destiny. I am filled with emotions now.
Lovely, to me have told, that the best way to send money is Western Union.
That you might transfer this help to me you should know:

1) My full name - YULIYA KAMAEVA
2) My full address - Russia, Cheboksary.
That I might receive money I should know:

1) Your full name
2) Your full address
3) MTCN is a confidential code which to you will give after transfer of money.

I think, that it will work.
Please write to me as soon as possible. I hope that you are not ill-intentioned on me. I never collided with these problems.
I wait your answer.
Yours Yuliya



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