Scam Letter(s) from Olga Antonova to Ivon (Norway)

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Hello this is Olga from dating. I not against to arrive to you and to lead with you holiday. If you can send me of money that I shall be glad to arrive to you. You can make it? I wait for the answer


Letter 2

Dear Ivon I have received your letter. Dear I at me is not present the bank account because rich people have the bank account only. Dear mine I today went to round agency to learn how many there is a trip to you.
They have told that trip to you costs 743 euro. This sum includes tickets aboard the plane, the visa both other documents and tickets up to Moscow. Dear mine in round agency I have explained to them all situation and they have advised that you have sent money for my name and the address through the Westernunion. Dear they have told what information for this purpose is necessary and below I have written to you her:

name: Olga Antonova
City: Kazan
Zip code: 420000
Street: Kirov street
house: 71
apartment: 56

It is my address. Dear mine I would like to arrive to you for a month.
And is farther if we shall grow fond each other I can remain, if you certainly not against. I wait for the answer

With love your Olga

Letter 3

Hello my dear. Why you do not write to me? I very much suffer. I ask write to me!!!

Your Olga

Letter 4

Hello my love Ivon. Dear I do not understand essence of your question. Dear explain that you you want in other words. Really it so is important for you. Dear I love you and I want to be with
you. Unless it is not enough of it.

With love your Olga



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