Scam Letter(s) from Maria Smirnova to JC (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Greetings the my dear and loved husband
Very much and it is very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter I wait for it with impatience When I receive from you letters to me become on soul very much and very pleasantly and joyfully I wait for that moment when I to arrive to the airport and you will meet me with colors and I as the gentle flower to fall in your embraces I of you to a kiss and an exchange and at me for pleasure will sweep tear from eyes These tears will be with happiness I of you like and live without you I can not You even dream me at night When to me on soul I am bad or lonely always you I present that you near to me You to calm and embrace me
My dear husband I lives without you I can not very much and very much on you I miss
I want as it is possible to arrive to you more soon and to be with you I want love and caress
I want you to caress in bed and to embrace
I want you all to kiss and all places on your body
Dear I when I to receive from you letters that me throws in a shiver For pleasure that you to love me
I very much like to read books, like to listen to classical music My dear I have small dream
When I to arrive to you that you of me to bring to myself home and then we shall dance under slow music you will caress slowly me and your hand climbs to me under a jacket and lips will kiss to me a neck
Then you will remove slowly from me a jacket and I from you a shirt We shall kiss also mine a hand slowly to unbutton to you trousers and to caress your firm member
Then you to remove trousers from me and to caress through shorts mine PUSS
I already to begin to become wet from excitation then we shall be completely naked
You to take me on hands and to bear in your bed
And then we there shall merge in a single whole
Your member slowly also it will be pleasant to enter into mine PUSS
We to test many times pleasures and peak of pleasure
When I shall be on peaks I shall shout from pleasure

I to learn if I from you shall be pregnant also we shall do wedding that I can remain with you before birth of the child
When I to arrive to you, I dream that you to show me your sights and to tell about your culture and about traditions and culture
I to prepare frames for Russian national meal
Yes I shall be very much and am very happy when you to send me remittance and I to go in agency and to pay to agency for documents and I to you to write when I shall arrive to you and you of me will be in To meet at the airport
I very much love roses and violets
I to you to tell about our traditions
But it is necessary for me to pay for documents 1000 $ USA If you agree to send me a remittance
That money transfer(translate) to my name and a surname through the Western Union Smirnova Mariya

To specify to me a code of 10 figures which to you to give in bank and the the passport the data
That I very much love you, my future husband!!!!!!!!

I think to you all to explain??????
On it I finish to write the letter I wait for your answer
Your loved and expensive princess Smirnova Mariya



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