Scam Letter(s) from Larisa Vasileva to Terry (USA)

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Letter 1

Privet! It is “Hi!” on Russian, at first I have to say, that I’m Russian, and I live on another part of Ocean now! Not looking on my beautiful appearance. I am very lonely. There is a saying in Russia-not be born beautiful, and born happy. My dream is to find the second half and to devote myself to the creation of family happiness and domestic cosiness. My to nobody given feelings, love and fidelities are waiting for the hour for unique man which is very difficult to meet. Unfortunately, in Russia men are not interested in my private world, my soul-I am lonely and unfortunate in my country. The happiness for the woman when her happy man is happy. I hope, that in such beautiful and great country as America there will be the man which will appreciate my not only external, but also internal richs. OK, if you are able for feelings, I mean REAL feelings, I’ll be happy to get acquainted, and to know you better, of course if the fact, that I live in Russia doesn’t scare you off me, and who know, maybe I’ll find all what I am looking fro in a man in YOU! So, I am waiting for your answer on my address: Sincerely, Larisa.

Letter 2

Dear Terry!

I am very glad to get your letter today, and I have to say, that I'm happy, that I have decided to communicate via Internet, and to learn English, I speak English pretty good, and I hope, that I don't make many mistakes in my letters. It is a very interesting way of communication, and it is rather new for me. But I have to say, that I am not looking for pen-friend, I want to say, that my intentions are very serious, and I look for my second half, and (I hope, if we with my chosen will want it both) future husband (I have never been married before, and I have my own special reasons for it, may be I'll tell to you about it later). I hope you'll understand me, and if it is only the game for you (I don't think so... but...), tell me about it, please, and may be it will be better for us to stop our conversation, because I don't want to hurt myself. I have to say, that I am very interested in you, I want to know you better, and I want to understand you, what kind of man you are... And to decide, was I right or not, when I have written to you.

So, what else I can say... I'm 1 m 71 sm tall, my weight 52 kg. My favorite flowers are orchids, but I'd love when my man brings me flowers, which he picked up, and it doesn't matter what kind of flowers they are. I like tender colors, not red or dark blue, but pink, and pastel tones. I like to watch movies at home, some TV shows of course, and sometimes sport channel, but not often, because I have to say, that watching sport alone is not interesting for me. I like outdoors activity, and of course tourism, but I have no opportunity for it, but I like to walk in the park and to read books, when the weather is good and warm, and I have free time. I live in a small small town of Orekhovo-Zuyevo, it is near Moscow (80 km) By the way, I have never been abroad. I live with mum and daddy in 2 room-apartment on 7-th floor. My father is the invalid (he has a sick heart) he does not work, that is why is is necessary to me to work on two works and to pay rent for an apartment and also buy medicine to my father. But I do not complain, I used to work and help my family in my childhood. I believe that the God will give me sometime happiness to love and to be loved! Well, what else can I tell you...? My hair is light and I have a quiet character. I love the nature, flowers, different music, sports. But especially I like to prepare meat and to bake pies. Unfortunately I don't have a man for which it would be desirable to do. Please, do not play with me, do not damage my feelings! Terry, I am waiting for your answer with impatience!

Your new familiar Larisa.

Letter 3

Dear Terry! Thank you for your photo - that;s really great! Unfortunately it's small,but I guess, that you'll send me a bit bigger one:):)You know,our correspondence is very pleasant to me and you become not indifferent person for me, I think about you much, and I try to imagine our first meeting. Do you think it can sometime happen? For me acquaintance on the Internet is something new and I do not know to what it can result, in fact there is an ocean between us. But... I believe if two persons are really intended for each other, there will not be any barriers on their way! Dear Terry, excuse me that my letters are so short, but I have a lot of work, and services of the Internet Cafe are very expensive for me. I will write you tomorrow, and..... I think about you much!
Yours Larisa.

Letter 4

My sweet Terry! How are you? I am great! I swam a lot, went for a drive on a boat, drink country milk and breathed clean air. It is a pity that you were not with me!!! I imagined that we swam beside and then we sit on bank, having embraced and we dream about our future. But.... You are so far and it makes me very sad. I do not know what is happening with me, I have never had such feelings! I never thought that it is possible to fall in love with the help of Internet, but it happened..... And I do not know what should I do with my feeling!? Terry, please, write what do you think about it, do you think of an opportunity of our meeting!? If I am only a pen-pal for you, write to me about it, I do not want hurt myself. Now I need to be have patiences and to wait for your answer.

Only yours Larisa

Letter 5

My honey Terry!!!

I'm very glad, that you want to know more about me. I wrote to you, that I was not married, and my last relations have finished 2 years ago. Do you want to know why?! My boyfriend was very rich, and spoilt. He did not see woman in me, he did not interest my inner world (as all men in Russia). We have such phrase - "To live, like the bird in a gold cage", and I don't want to live like this bird. I want that man, which will be loved by me, could estimate my love, my care about him. Terry, I can say, that there is not so many interesting things in my life here, but the most important thing, that there was nothing, that I could shame in my past. I live honest and decent life, and I hope, that my life will change to the best in future, and many of my hopes I connect with you, my sweet Terry. I look on your picture very often, and I dream about our meeting. You look so strong on picture, and you are attractive.
We can be the great couple! Don't you think so?:):)

Letter 6

My dear, really very dear for me Terry! I'm very glad to receive your letter. It seems to me that you are a very good man. And I also think that we should meet, because in case we don't see each other in person, It'll be really impossible for us to find out whether we suit each other or not. We need to be away from everyone alone,to hold our arms together, to look into eyes of each other, I guess, we'll be a perfect couple, my dear Terry.
I have found my love! It is you, Terry! I want to come, and to be with you, together. I don't want to be alone any more, I dream to feel your love and care! Is it really all goes so fast? Not so long time ago we did not know each other, and I need you so much now! You even can't imagine, how much my mother and my girlfriends glad for me. I visited them yesterday in the evening, and we, with my friends dreamed about, how they see off me on the plain to you, honey. Terry, I have went to travel agency, and I have found out, what I need to be able to come to you. At first I'll have to get visa. And I have to say, that I have 2 ways: first, it is if I'll try to get visa by my own powers, I have to go to Moscow at first, and wait for giving my documents there (I have to pay there some money, only to enter to Embassy!), I have to do it about the week, because so many people want to go to USA from Russia, next I have to wait about 2 may be 14 months (!!!) for my visa, and I can be dismissed by Embassy without any reasons! And the second way, I can use help of travel agency, which can get visa without problem, they'll do it about 2 or 3 weeks(if will lucky that less)! But I have to reserve and pre-pay for tickets there, and pay for some charges for visa (it is about 300 - 350 dollars, and I have this money).The visa which going to be made for me is the visa B2-the tourist visa, and it's given for 3 months and in case we decide to get married each other I'll be allowed to stay with you forever. And I must to say, that prices on tickets are simply huge for me, they cost approximately so much how many I earn in one year(1230$).( it includes two-way tickets and airport tax) The second ticket is with the open date, so in case you don't like me it'll possible for me to come back right that day. I have money, but it is not enough for me to buy it. I'm sad of this fact, but I'll try to do something, because I want to see you so much, that nobody can imagine! P.S. WON'T LET THE OCEAN BE A BARRIER BETWEEN US!!!
Yours Larisa.

Letter 7

Mr. Terry Eslinger,
we want to let you know that Ms. Larisa Vasil'eva is making a visa to USA, she also arranging the tickets from Moscow to Aberdeen in our agency "Compas". Her visa will be ready during the week . This visa may be used until the 23th of December, if the owner of the visa will get married before this time, she will be allowed to stay in USA forever. Remember, the time of the visa is limited. If you wish to see Ms. Larisa Vasil'eva you need to send the missing part of the tickets' price (800 $) on this week. We can arrange the clear date of arriving after the whole price is paid, after that we will send you the copy of the tickets. You can send money to the our travel agent's name: Valeriya Yermakova, her address is: Moscow, Preobrazhenskaya St., 5/7 - 117. For the understood reasons we are working with the cash money, so the most comfortable way of sending money is Western Union.
General Director A.V. Nikolayev.



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