Scam letter(s) from Elena Pleshkova to James (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my stranger. I write you to find unique, With which I can feel myself as the woman and present all best, that is in me And I to give this all best to elite, only for the second half. I believe in destiny And she to give me a gift, probably this gift for you shall I, and for me there will be you. The chance it to drop out to the person only once. Elena
Letter 2

Hi Jim my pleasant stranger. I to search for the special person whom to love me. I to want to have good family. I to have formation of the school teacher. I am engaged in distribution of household chemical goods to a private concern. I think that you can to understand me. I to learn the English language in school, then at university. Now I to go on special rates on the English language. I to like to go in for sports. I to have the category on gymnastics. I to be engaged in gymnastics of 7 years. I to like to listen different music. I to be able to play on a piano. I to not smoke and to not drink alcoholic drinks. I to consider, that the girl should not smoke and drink strong alcoholic drinks.
I to like to prepare for tasty dishes. I to have growth of 172 centimeters and weight of 52 kg.. I to live in city Kazan. my city not so big. I to not have the friend. I now one. But I to want to find the favourite person whom to love me.. But I to not want to live with the person whom to not love me. I to think that you to write to me soon. I shall write to you soon. Good-bye. Yours Elena I in the following letter to send you a photo, I as wait from you a photo!
Letter 3

Hi the my dear friend Jim
It was very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter. For me it is very important to have the person in life that it served me a support and I could help it in all. I very responsibly concern to human attitudes, I to appreciate these attitudes. I very much to hope, that I shall find the person. Which I shall love, completely to trust and to live this person. I in soul the romantic person. Each person to live in this world for what that, or for the person.
Life to have only sense then when you can divide the pleasure, success, grief with other person. It is very important for me. I with the great pleasure receive from you the letter, you see when I to write to you the first letter I hoped to receive from you the answer. The truth your answer was late on time a little, but I am very glad, that yours I have received the letter. I very open person. I have received from you a photo. Also I want to tell you thank. You very amusing and nice person. You have liked me, and for this reason I to write to you. I the polite person, and I to send you the photo, I very much hope, that it will reach you. It is a photo it is made recently. Thank for the letter, and I with huge hope and the big impatience wait from you for the letter.
Yours Elena.
Letter 4

Good morning Jim
I have today fine mood as I have received from To you the letter and it me very much to please. I want to tell, that you are valid to bring to me good mood. Thank you for a compliment. I am sure, that it in all sincerity. Probably in our lifes at the present moment there will be changes which to influence ours with you life further. I little bit romantic person and for me each event which to occur in life to have huge value. You see human life in the general weight is monotonous and occurs imperceptibly for other people which to surround this person and with it, the person ceases to notice small but fine things which with it can occur. And it is terrible, you see life valuable in the event that you can see in this life and small miracles which to occur Jim Believe me, that miracles in life to exist and to this I witness.I yet have not tired you Jim? If still all is good also you interests this letter I shall continue his (smile) When I have written you the first The letter, I was not sure, that I shall receive from you the letter. But now when you have answered, I to see, that I of whom that to interest. I thought of attitudes of people much, and I have certain supervision and conclusions. I want to tell the opinion on attitudes and if it you to interest you to find out my small world which at To me inside (smile) I noticed people which are very lonely, they are lonely in the ideas in the attitude to life and even in feelings. It happens so, that the person to surround many people close to it, the friends familiar, and relatives, but it is lonely, it can not inform these people. About the feelings, ideas and that occurs to it. I so do not want to live, and for this reason I corresponded with people, and I have met you. I I do not want to think in the future, and I do not want to plan, you see we still it is bad to know each other, but it we with you To overcome, you see we with you have opportunity to be closer if we shall want it. I very much want to find the person. With which it will be very good me, and which I shall love and I can look after it, to me it to give a lot of pleasure, you see the man in soul as children, and close people can know about it to this to the man only very much. I am tired to be one and I to search for the person whom I can love and it will love me. I search for harmony and happiness in attitudes between people. I very much hope, that you to understand me.Unfortunately at me it is not so good to turn out to speak on To English and to write to you the letter, I long need to translate it with Russian, on English (smile) it to take away a lot of time, but I to not be upset about it, to me it to bring pleasure. I very much am afraid to be mistaken in the person, but without it I can not find the present the man for myself. I search for the The only thing prince, and I hope, that I shall find. I understand, that you to work much and I want, that you of a coast. You see to me without your letters it will be very sad. A lot of (smile). Life such with which we do its, she depends only on us!!! I very much wait from you for the letter and is ready to answer any your questions! Yours Elena from far and cold Russia!
Letter 5

Hi the my dear friend Jim
I have received your letter and I have huge pleasure to answer iao him. For me not a usual situation. When I each time to answer your letter, you see I always write you with hope for your answer. When I write you. That in a computer to be your photo and with the help of her I can see you and speak you, that I want to tell and it to express in the letter. I have received your photo, it very much was pleasant to me, you to go in for sports? You so are good to look. You such sports. For me to be of great importance. As you to look, you see a body of the person, it almost that at him inside, his soul and inwardness. I once again want to tell you, that you are very good to look. I still to not understand, what for you to write to me, you see with such the man as you many girls, you very attractive would like to be friends!!! I want to inform you a little about myself. I was not for the husband and I have no children as I search for the man with which to me will be cosy by way of compatibility of our characters. I do not search for the rich, known person with which help I could be at top of riches and glory, for me it is absolutely indifferent. Rich men the hand they offered me a hand live in Russia, but I did not agree and rejected their desires that I was with them. They very callous and empty as persons. They have no moral values, you see at them one on mind, this earning money, and the woman for them, it as a good suit Jim Me from this idea it becomes bad. I try to not have any attitudes with these people. I search for the man with which I shall be happy as the woman, and I can give heat and create a domestic cosiness only for him one, for the most favourite Jim You are exact to receive many letters from Russia from girls, and I to understand them. You see you very nice the man! Recently I have more time after work, and I can write to you the letters more. I wait from you for letters and I hope, that they will come very soon! I are ready to answer any your questions, I do not know why, but I to trust you and to speak with you only fairly! Your woman from cold Russia Elena
Letter 6

Hello my the person about which I to think much Jim. I now on a lunch break and at me now am time to write the letter as in the evening I will have employment in a sports hall and I shall not have time to answer in the evening. I with the great pleasure read your letters and I answer on them. I do not think long what to write to you. As I write you that. That I to have in heart. And heart to speak quickly and in all sincerity, without any hypocrisy and a deceit. I the open person, and from it to have I was a lot of troubles to trust people, but people are very different and it is hard for me to realize, that me deceive, but I to not hold long insult, I To forgive this person. But with this person more never I can communicate. It is very easy for me to communicate with you and though at us With you different cultures, and us with you to divide ocean, but it to not prevent us to understand each other .At me there is a female intuition and she to not deceive me (smile) to me it seems, that I feel your mood and your emotions. All your letters, as you very interesting are interesting to me. I when have written to you the first letter to me it was a little terrible, I was afraid of uncertainty, and did not represent, that such acquaintance on a computer. I was solved on this step as my old familiar from which we went to school many years Back has met in the past of the person which lives on Alaska, there too it is cold as in Russia, and after some correspondence have left there to it. About the beginning on some time, and then on always. I was more in the life did not hear and not Saw such love, they it is simple without mind from each other. Though they were divided with thousand kilometers, but Nevertheless the destiny has given them chance that they have found out, that such the present love, and they used this chance. Now at them two small children, and each day begins with happy morning and (smile) comes to an end at fine night. I know, that this person whom my familiar girl has married, had no big income and had no fine appearance. Except for it, it had only fine soul and desire to love on the present. It is simply fine history which looks as a fairy tale. My dear JimI know one, that for happiness it is necessary to struggle and go to this happiness. I shall not forget a word of the philosopher which has told, that " the road will be mastered going " by That which stands on a place, life without sense lives. It is very terrible. Even comprehension of is terrible that the loneliness with you and a line is not present anybody. I am afraid of it. Unfortunately at me time of a break for dinner comes to an end, and I need to run for work. So, that I very much wait from you for letters, and I hope, that I shall see the letter from you tomorrow in the morning when I shall go for work, and caeao in computer cafe. And morning for me will be fine. With a gentle air kiss which will overcome ocean, and you will reach your cheek, Elena!
Letter 7

Hi my most dear and long-awaited person from the far and beautiful country Jim
I have received your letter, and I want to tell you many thanks, that you me to appreciate. When I have submitted the announcement to that moment on acquaintance and have placed the photo to me many letters began to come, I am simple I do not know, that to me with them to do (smile) But of all those new people which want to get acquainted with me, I choose only the one address, this address only yours, sometimes to me difficultly find it from for a plenty of letters .But I can not to answer only one question which I to set to itself. That you with me have made, that I feel necessity for that you were with me a beside, and I am constant only with me (smile) to write to you and only to you as I have made for myself a choice. I certainly would not like, that it was erroneous, but nevertheless certainly the risk always is, but this risk is, that I can be mistaken and waste time, but at this moment, I understand, that if I am not mistaken, I have found the unique person with whom I shall be happy. At this moment when I think of it me to overflow emotions. It is equal to that I have found that long, very long searched. It Jim To refer to simply and clearly in all languages of the world "happiness" I much to think of that, my familiar which has left on paradise of the ground where in one year of a cold, and heat it is not enough a plenty. I speak about Alaska. It is possible to explain it only to one, these people on the present are happy. I am very glad for them. I have found out, how it is possible for us to meet, as my familiar which now on Alaska, has left the same way for USA as to Russia it is more complex to drive, than it to leave. I at the end of December will have holiday on work during 60 days, this holiday for two years which I have worked in firm. I do not know, how you to look, what I to come to you? As in Russia in this period of time it is very cold and it is a little dangerous. I to ask your opinion? I never was in USA and if it is fair to me simply on aaonee very interestingly to see your country (smile)
Jim I am very thorough in attitudes and at me is certain Principles which I never shall recede. I believe, that if the person likes, it will be true., I never to I know, that when the person to change once it to change still. I do not want the attitude with the person who is guided only by animal instincts. I never to dare To change, and never to forgive. I am brought up in strict frameworks of family customs. I to answer this question directly, probably you this answer to enter into confusion, but is fair. I present. That you for the person. You to have moral principles and it for me the most important. For me to matter your past which too to have an effect for your attitude to people and their acts. At the present moment I want, that you I was. You have gained me. That is very rare to be to me. I want you as my elect. I at the answer to this question to be guided Only the opinion and your moral principles. I understand, that it is necessary for continuation of ours with you of attitudes to have a meeting, but this meeting depends only on a financial position. As the meeting costs money and for me not small. In time at me to exist the opportunity to meet you during the nearest two months, as at me There will be a holiday in the near future. I understand, that ours with you attitudes from formal dialogue to pass in very personal. I want to tell, that I feel your presence by a number as I want that you were with me. If I to like, I to love only one person. I a constant and the one-woman man. If you will be with me I shall not give you of an occasion even to think of change, as it for me a question of principle. I want that you to know, that I want you that you were only mine. If you agree to it. That we with you shall create family happiness about which to write books, but at us with you There will be a happy history which we shall write together. I do not hurry in the attitude, but also I do not try our attitudes to hold, I am given will to which destiny is grateful for ours with you a meeting. Now I need to go home as I after work and already was a lot of time.
Only yours on always Elena.
Letter 8

Hi My dear Jim
I always am is very pleasantly surprised with each your letter. You the not ordinary person, You very interesting, I each time read your letters, and in each letter I find new to myself, That you to write in the letters, and I think, what exactly that, you want to tell me. I to understand From your letters, that you to not love loneliness, me loneliness to frighten and I do not like to remain one.I having read your letter, I understand, that it is interesting to communicate with you and be able to support the company,I want to find out, you love jokes? When the person to be on a nature the person has a rest, such sensation, that the soul is free. To me to like when I stand on seacoast, and the salty wind irons a body and when a wind to be confused in hair this simply unforgettable sensation. I try to look at things which to occur to me and with other people on the other hand, you see when look at things Only on the one hand, to become boringly from monotony. Life flies very promptly and we need to do in this world much,That we in old age could open an album from photos having looked on the moments from life to go through and test these exciting moments anew. I the person the one-woman man, it mean, that if I love one person I it to like on the present and I to not forgive to it change, and I to not suppose change, I want only one and for ever. I jealous but fair (smile) If the person to not be jealous, but the person speaks that It likes, this person to deceive. I am very serious to concern to the person which I to choose and to not throw it in difficult situations.You see life becomes valuable only in that case when you can share all difficulties and pleasures together with the person loved. At such situations people is very strong to approach and become a single whole. In life of people it is a lot of accidents, all life consists of accidents.And she is interesting by it. I to speak it to you to that I to not trust that is possible to get acquainted on a computer, but I to do a step On a meeting to the happiness. To me to write it is a lot of people and it is hard to choose one, but I to make for myself a choice and I to write only to you.It is accident whether or not, I do not know. I have made for myself the decision you to me to like and for me it enough, you see I to find out you and you all It is more to like me. I do not have many photo, for me to do by a photo to have the certain difficulty, but those photos which I to have, I to direct you. I am very glad to each your letter and a photo. You on a photo to look in very good form, I and thought, that you to look as you are! I very much wait for your following letter, you see it for me to be appointment, very romantic! I want to inform you, that I to trust you, I do not know, that with me you to do, but I know, that I can trust you.I certainly very much would like to be with you at date of gratitude, I heard, that it is very good holiday, with good traditions.When the holiday is connected to a good history it to get special sense. When I write the letter I feel, that I to write to the person to which to test the warm feelings. I was very pleasant for me also each time with huge pleasure to transfer you the ideas and reflections, through a computer.I liked your armchair, very original (smile) it your loved ? (Smile) I shall find out tomorrow, that it is necessary for me to arrive to you. For me this travel to you, will be the most fine and unforgettable adventure for us. I think, that it is not casual. To help us the God, and at us with you all will turn out. P.S Jim at you such beautiful smile. She very much is pleasant to me! Yours Elena
Letter 9

Hi Jim my most sweet and dear person whom I know such not in the usual image. I have received your letter and it for me as a holiday, you see I am sure, that we are created the friend for the friend, and now in my soul only notes which to sound and form music of love. Ours with you love. Hi my gentle and careful Jim For me the best gift of any day this reception from you the letter. Each morning I to wake up with I think About that I probably shall see From you the letter and from it at me on soul to become very warmly. I want to inform you, that YOU MINE Dear HAS TAKEN HOLD of MY HEART Which very much for a long time to not test such feelings. If my feelings can be named love, they Such. I can not describe The feelings as I will not have not enough lexicon that them to you to describe. To me it is valid not You suffice. I thought much About ours with you attitudes. That we with you have found that each other, I am sure, that this very big Achievement. If I to not test such feelings to you I never would believe, that it is possible To have love on a computer. I each time with huge pleasure to read your letters and is especial To peer in Your photos. For me each campaign in cafe this appointment to you. Me to not leave this feeling.But you do not think, that I to test such feelings to To computer (smile) I only yours my dear Jim I think, that we with you are very similar. To exist only present and the future which it is filled with all That fine, that only you to wish. Only you and anybody to not do any more your happiness.I certainly can help to decorate to you your happiness if you want my assistance. If yes,That I was necessary to bring the contribution to your business. I of you To assure, that at us with you it to turn out to build general The happiness (smile) But in this happiness constructed by us will not be places for long also loneliness.I with you completely agree. That when the person likes, all problems which are created, they Have no huge value in life, and they it is easy to be overcome, as life to pass very much Quickly,And problems are unworthy, that on them to spend a plenty of time. This time It should be spent for the pleasant moments. About which it will be possible to recollect and go through Again in old age(Smile) Life never happens only smooth, it is impossible to be sure, that difficulty of us to not visit,I think, what exactly from the overcome difficulties Life to become more interestingly. In it each time to appear all new sense. It from area of philosophy,but I love life, in its new variant, so In my life to appear you. It for me a gift of life. I am happy. My loving Jim I to not accept in the life of dear gifts and the big expenses for from men.I have got used to hope in life only on The forces as I did not want to be obliged to men than that. If I had money I would not speak about them with you,I would find out your address and Has bought the ticket aboard the plane up to you my dear Jim And when I to arrive to your city,I have called you, and I would meet you in cafe. It Rather unusually. And you would not have doubts on the account of me and my feelings. I thus to do to you pleasant. But unfortunately I do not have such opportunity, but I am sure, that the person which very much wants, necessarily will I today am very tired after work. And I need to go home to sleep. I tomorrow since morning shall find out all. That it is necessary to arrive to you my loved.So as I shall find out, I at once shall inform to you, that I have found out since morning about that as to us you to meet. I shall wish you kind morning, you see at you already ooi?i, and at us night and I shall sleep while you will work. I tomorrow since morning shall work, and you to sleep. Funny (smile) With the best wishes, and with the most gentle kiss. Only your unique, the beloved Elena
Letter 10

Hi my loved Jim I informed you, that you to own my heart which to be broken off from earlier not known feeling which Is mysterious to refer to as love. I under force of this feeling, was directed to cafe after work, with huge hope, that you will write to me. I was very much excited, that my hopes were justified. THANK MY LOVED. I knew, and felt, that it is necessary to me To check up a mail. I know, that you always near to me. Thank for a compliment and pleasant words, I try always to be in the form, In good condition. Now I have stimulus to look even better,you see I very much want to be most beautiful, only for you my loved. I shall be Most beautifully women who were at you (smile) you can estimate each centimeter of my body when I shall be with you, I shall enjoy yours. I am sure, that ours with you feelings will be incomparably fine (smile) I already I dream of it!!! I do not know as at you it to turn out, but it was possible to you To wake in me desire to be very close with you. What you do with me? (Smile) we are very similar to you also I should think of you. When my ideas are not occupied with work I to think of you. My loved Jim I never accepted money and dear gifts from men, it was my law. I did it to not be obliged to men and that they could not Then to speak, that I should do, that they want!!! I never went on it I have the advantage which at me nobody will take away It my law. Thus I managed to be always myself, And I always had the opinion in any society as I was not dependent not on whose opinion.I think, that you to understand me. I never thought, that my destiny will be such, that I meet the man of the dream on the other doomsday.If I had money I simply would arrive to you as I have not got used to ask money men. As I of it never did.My loved Jim I very much want, that you understood. That it is not pleasant for me to ask you money, and most of all I do not want to bring to you care, which You will burden. But as at us with you one purpose we with you aspire to unit ours with you hearts and to use a gift of destiny. As Such to us in life of chance any more will not be. I so think.Now my loved, I only yours and I LOVE YOU. I can not do without your help. I want to be with you and I want to be only yours. About these things speak only in all sincerity and only to loved, I think you understand me. That we with you were lucky enough, which we have deserved, I should accept from you money, and I of them shall take part from you as ours with you feelings are mutual also we we want only happiness. I understand, that you to pay charges for payment of my stay, I want to tell you thank. I found out as it is safely possible to receive money, it is possible to do it through the Western union. This service in Russia is popular and many branches are open. I found out in tour agency, about the order of purchase of the visa in USA The total sum turns out 1150 $ it is simply huge sum. My loved Jim I can pay 350 $ I understand, that it is absolutely small The sum, and it is simply a shame to me to speak about it. To tell the truth, me it is simply awkward, as I feel, that I can not pay all sum, this feeling of me is simple to humiliate. My loved Jim To you i?aa?ony to pay 800 $ it is simply huge The sum,I do not know, you to me can help to pay my charges whether or not, I simply do not know, as I simply am afraid to ask about it, you see if we with you can not pay the given charges I am simple to lose you. I am fair with you, and I do not want to lose the person of the dream. For me money have no value. But they to matter in a question of ours with you of a meeting and the further happiness. I am afraid to find out. That you can not collect money. I found out, why the visa to cost 550 $ to me To explain , that it goes in fund of USA and Russia. I to pay to two countries, and it is such law.If I to pay all sum at once me to do the visa for three weeks, and to me the tour agency at once to reserve tickets, and I to arrive to you. Only I need to know in what airport to me to arrive? All the most fine and light at us with you Ahead. But only after I to arrive to you. And from this idea to me it is sad. We with you to experience such moments in life which to not experience the majority of people on the ground for all life. We with you have found each other and we deserve each other. Our feelings to not deceive us and they speak us, that we with you on a correct way. I to speak you about it as to me all over again on the present it was terrible, I did not know, that will be then, but now I know, that I was conducted with destiny Which wanted, that we with you have met also we you have met and we have continuation of our happiness. I even am afraid to think, what us to overflow feelings when we shall meet you. It will be that that unique and fine, we with you to be given completely to our feelings and we shall float on To the fast river of happiness, huge happiness. I simply it can not wait and I try to present it. My loved Jim I was not enough time write you this letter after work and it is time to me to go home As already very much late. I very much want to be with you and all my ideas only about you. I shall wait for your letter, and in the following letter, I to answer all your questions. Only your and madly loving the favourite, yours Elena P.S All my ideas this that. That at me has accumulated to you for all years of my life. I have met the man of the dream, and all my love only to you My LOVED Jim!!! My soul to be broken off that I can give you the tenderness and care! Unfortunately I do not have wings of an angel which could transfer me through ocean, but I sincerely hope. That we shall find with you a way to be together Elena.
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