Scam Letter(s) from Elena to Michael (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my freind!!!
I the ordinariest girl.
I shall not speak you that that I which you searched.
But if you will write to me I every day shall answer you.
Also can we learn each other on much better.
I the first time communicate on internet. If you asked a question why.
Simply on this site my girlfriend has found the loved.
And I very much hope I too I can find. Also there can be it there will be YOU.
Your structure has very much liked me. And I want to give you mine e-mail.
Here my mail:
I wait for your answer soon.
And very strongly I hope for that that you do not pass me past!!!
Yours on a century Elena!

P.S.: I yet have no photos. But if you will write to me. That is necessary for you of them I shall show.

Letter 2

Hi my new friend Paleo! It is very wonderful, that you did not ignore my letter. You do to me pleasant. For me the main thing that the man is skilful to behave with the girl nobly and gently, as the gentleman that it was possible to rely on him in all. You to me become very interesting guy, I want to continue to correspond with you much more learn(find out) you. I shall continue the story concerning me. I already spoke, that now I live in city of Nikolaevsk, it is 800-900 kms to the east from Moscow. The population is made by 15-16 thousand person. I provide myself with all necessary. I have no any children because I was never married. I very much love children and I want to have children. But if at my loved there will be children from other girl I shall love them and to concern to them as to own because the parent care and caress is necessary for these children. I very kind, tender and gentle girl, with open soul and heart. But I do not love a deceit and if the person of me deceives I do not want to have with it any attitudes more. My mum - the doctor therapy in hospital, soon will leave work on pension. Daddy works as the turner at a factory. At home with us lives dog - "Sam", to it 10 years. I much with it walk. It is a pity, that I can not send you his photo, I do not have his photo. I like to listen to various music, the direction of music is not of great importance for me. The main thing that music was pleasant on hearing though I give the big preference to classical music: from film "Titanic", Celin Dion, Celtic music. I have left musical school in 18 years. Well I play on a guitar. Everyone speak, that at me very good and pleasant voice and consequently when at me I a little bit sing good mood vokal . It is pleasant to me and modern melodious music. When I remain at home one I include the tape recorder to dance under slow music. I dream to dance not one. At me it is a lot of hobbies, if we with you shall continue correspondence I promise to tell about ourselves and about the life much and in detail. And now I search for the man of all my life with which at us would be full mutual understanding. I think, that distinction in the age of has no any value. Love all age are obedient. There can be at us with you something it will turn out??? How you think??? I very much would like, that our letters were not simple words. I am tired from loneliness. I very much would like to begin new life with hope in the future. I want to love and be loved the spouse. If I interest you? I wait for love and understanding! Tell please more in detail about itself and the family. I want to know about YOU as much as possible. About your work, hobbies and lifestyle and.... You really have interested me. Very much I wait for YOUR letters. I wait for your photos!!! Your new friend ELENA (can name me simply LENA).

Letter 3

Hi Paleo ! It again I - elena. How at you mood, how are you doing? Today at us good weather, shines the sun. For me pleasantly when you write to me letters and that you do not detain each time with the answer. I am pleased, that I have directly the friend not in Russia. So it is interesting to correspond with you through such big distance. And letters arrive so quickly, that can not think up a subject for the letter at all. But it is on the contrary good, because I see, that you do not forget me. I recollected, when we have got acquainted with you. Then I did not think, that you will answer my letter, but I hoped for it, both you have answered, and it is excellent. Here in Russia I long searched worthy for the man, but could not find. I met different guys, but all of them rather roughly address with the girl. They are not able to do pleasant, kind and tender. They like to drink much that them then bore home on hands and they do not have any feelings. Tell to me about people where do you live, what they? Inform more concerning city, it the big city? What at you in the country interests, rules of dialogue, orders? And what weather at you? It is very interesting to me because I never was outside of the country. Though I very much like to travel.. It was fine time when we have gathered with friends at night before a fire and sang songs under a guitar. We could sit at a fire all night. IT SO IS FINE TO LOOK AT the FLAME of FIRE. And you love foot tourism and a fire? I want to inform you a little concerning me. As I already spoke you, that I like to dance, I go to a hall of an aerobic. We prepare for various competitions. Recently we have borrowed 3 place in dances in our city. For me it is such pride. I dance a waltz, tango. If you want, I also could learn you to dance, though for this purpose it will be necessary to meet face to face. And between us such distance though all can occur once. Still I am able to prepare, when I was small my mum learned me to prepare for various dishes. My favourite kitchen is American, Russian and French. The truth of the name of dishes I know only from Russian kitchen: a mashed potatoes with fried meat, pel'menis, different salads and many other things. I believe in the god and I visit church once a week. I have no any harmful habits. And you have harmful habits? You trust in the god? Once again many thanks that you have paid to me attention and write to me letters. I shall wait your new letter with impatience. You became interesting to me. With the best regards. elena.

Letter 4

Hi my dear Paleo ! Today I was included in Internet cafe and accepted your letter. I am very glad to receive from you news. You know that I felt? It was similar, as the whole world has smiled to me. And I wanted to smile to it in the answer. Yes, I really want to kiss and capture this big, mad world because it gives me you. I am grateful to the God that it has helped to find to me you! I - am not lonely more, I can think of you each minute and breathe with you. Today I informed concerning you to relatives. You seem to them very much educated person. Mum has told, that she is pleased, that I have found the friend. She has asked to send attitudes(relations) to you, and has no something against our friendship. I already very strictly estimate our friendship. What you think in this case? I want to inform you, that I in the future would like to have the child but if my future husband will be against it, I shall obey the future husband and if it can not have a lot of children, I shall be, agree to live and without children. The main thing that the person was happy. I do not know, when I marry, but I very much, want it. You very much approach for me and I, I think, that when we shall study each other better, we have chance for a lot of close relations. You for me now the close person and I want to divide with you pleasure and grief. I very positively look, when we shall meet in the closest future. I want to meet you because any letters will not replace a meeting. It is very important, when people will feel each other when they will be together. I so want to feel you about myself and to kiss you! Everyone wants to love and be loved. But not everyone can do it. You see, that people became so iioa?ou game of the actor. When I look at it, I do not want, never to speak with them. I am afraid of it. I am afraid, that I can not find good the person who will be valid the intellectual. From the big letter. Which will not do treachery and disrespect. Which will be kind, fair and true. People can not understand, that sense of all existence only LOVE - LOVE to a nature, LOVE to children, LOVE to the person, LOVE to all world around. And there, where - the love, - does not exist any place for something not clear and false. I very much would like to visit your city and to look at all sights. I want to go with you in cafe or in restaurant. To have with you romantic supper at candles in the evening. Then to go with you under the star sky and to speak about feelings, softly having nestled to to your breast. All this on given time of dream. I very romantic person, but me will be very pleasant to repeat all actually. I did not expect, but it seems to me, that I start to fall in love with you. ... I shall kiss you, and I wait your symbol. With love ELENA.

Letter 5

Hello my dear second half Paleo!!! Hello my dear second half. I am very glad to your letter. You the most sensual the man which I had to meet in life. I do not want you to lose. I understand more and more, that you the man with which I want to build the life. When I read your letters, my mood becomes cheerful despite of small problems. Thank you for it. You very good friend, and even are more... I am very glad, that you can estimate my beauty. I know, that beside we shall be ideal pair. Yesterday we all evening talked to mum about you. Mum speaks that I at last have found the man which is necessary for me. They speak, that want, that we were together and want, that we were happy. My mum experiences for us and wants, that we were together. You do not have lacks my love. As though I wanted to be near to you and to tell you so much pleasant words, but we are divided so much with kilometers. My pleasant, I dream of the man is similar to you. I all day thought of you, and dreamed of a meeting with you. You the man of all my life, and I thank the god because, it has put you on my vital road. It is good, that the god has placed you on my road, and I shall do, utmost to not lose you. I all day thought of you, and dreamed of a meeting with you. I am very pleased, that you would like my arrival. I am completely sure, that if we shall meet, we shall fasten soon our attitudes a marriage. It should be very romantic meeting, a meeting of two half and connection of them. I very much admire with your letters, and your kind intentions. Also I wish, that we " a virtual history " became " a real history. " I wish to have you near to me, and I want to waken you each morning, seeing your delightful smile on your nice face. My heart feels, that this world is created for us and nothing can prevent, to us to meet and to touch hands, feeling gentle touches of our hands. Together with you I wish to have strong and amicable family where the mutual respect dominates, understanding and love. I am sure, that I have liked you as the wife, because I very careful girl and I very good cook. My girlfriends frequently go to me home to eat. Very much it is pleasant to them, as I prepare for a meal. I dream to prepare you for Russian meal. I am sure, that to you will like, as I prepare for a meal! I am in love with you, and I hope, that we can be together fast. Our meeting only in your hands and I hope, that we can make something. I shall learn as to make our meeting. I think you with me agree. Openheartedly and kisses lena

Letter 6

Hello my love Paleo!!!

Hello my love Paleo.!!! I am again glad to read your letter. You the most remarkable person whom I met in the life!!! I talked to my parents concerning our meeting with you my love Paleo.!!! Mum has told me, that if you have found the happiness do not miss it. Parents even release me to you my lovely Paleo., in your country! I learned in transport agency, that I should do(make) for arrival you. To me have told, that all operation with arrival it will be expensive to cost. My parents can not type the full sum. Therefore to me to have to ask you the help. You will help me for arrival you my love Paleo.? If you will help me, I shall learn all precisely and to write to you in the following letter. Also it is necessary for me to know your exact address and the nearest airport that I could buy the ticket aboard the plane. I very much hope for your help and on understanding. I wait soon for our meeting. I so would like soon you to see and strong to embrace. I became happy with you mine Paleo.!!! My dreams become real. My parents and girlfriends are very glad for me. I too am very glad, that to me so have strongly carried, that I have met you, the love. I wish to live with you all stayed life. I very strongly you love mine Paleo. and I hope soon to meet you!!! With impatience I shall wait your fast reply. Yours on one century elena! One million kisses!!!

Letter 7

Greetings my love Paleo.
I understand you so much you deceived.
But you too understand me if I had opportunity to arrive to you Paleo.
I would not ask you to help me but I cannot at me and at ours families are not present money.
On this I also have asked to help me and now I do not know that to me to do in fact you very much I like!!!!
Peep to me that to me to do and as to me to be.
But know I do not want you to lose!!
Yours for century ELENA.



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